In her fullness she came,
bursting from the nowhere – the now-here from within me,
immediate, radiantly in her full dancing form she shone before me.
Enticingly she drew me to know her,
experience her shifting light forms.
Deeper and deeper she sang me into her woman,
her womb of life experience .
Manifest me! Manifest me! she cried out loud.
Experience me! Experience me! she sang out loud.
Burn for me! Die for me! Do not let go! she screamed.
Until it is done, when you and I are One.
What could I do but hold her tight in my burning arms of passion,
until she and I burned no more.
As quickly as she came,
She disappeared.
Did she ever exist?
Was I just dreaming?


There are so many paradoxes in the attraction of man and woman. Perhaps you can gleam them shining through this poem. For this attraction has behind it the powers and forces of the universe. You cannot help yourselves, man and woman - you are nature, attracted to and enchanted by the otherness of your polar opposite. The pull to know each other, as the pure masculine and the pure feminine, already within the very essence of your being, the beauty and wonder of reality beyond form and the potential to manifest this as your life together in One–ness. This is the magnet that is attracting you to each other, to be fully in the pure knowingness of what you are beyond egoity and give constantly new form to the love you are realising within your attraction, as you are both pulled to be freed in and by the heart from all norms, values, religions, spiritual paths, all science and knowledge.

This is absolutely unavoidable in realising your true nature as the embodiment of divine man and divine woman. The pain is in transcending these norms without distraction and hesitation. All norms must be totally surrendered into the openness of what this newness of love, this continued deepening of newness of love reveals.

This is the drama that we all fear, feel and know when the first ‘taste’ of love’s goldenness ( that that is already in union) has been drowned by our selfish self-consideration, that constantly arises when we have not understood that our attraction to each other was not for ourselves as egoic characters but for the transformation and embodied wholeness of what the masculine and feminine already are as their true nature, their golden identity beyond egoity.

Man and woman are already One in the deep, the Whole of nature itself, manifesting in two aspects of the One.

Wholeheartedly living this knowledge (that they are One) and embracing “the drama” in and as whatever form it manifests in, makes an end to the old drama of man and woman, much of which is unconsciously indulged in. Man and woman within their attraction have to learn to bow down to each other within the heart and cease deluding themselves, playing hiding games, pretending they are not responsible for the drama and furthermore not responsible for manifesting love on the earth.