It is the Heart that brings the planet alive. Nothing else!
From the Heart, innovation takes place.
From the Heart, starvation ends.
From the Heart, there is no need for explanation of anything.
From the Heart, everyone comes into the fruition of their Power of Love.
Only from the Heart!

The Invitation

The B Prior Heart Group is an opportunity to be ongoingly immersed and actively engaged in B’s Teaching.

Join a global community of awakening hearts on this journey that is Life itself, an adventure of ever deepening discovery, self-transformation, transcendence and evolution. 

Together we co-create a life that overflows with Love, Purpose and True Meaning from which the whole of humanity can grow and thrive.

What you are knowing in the Presence of a Realised Master is your own Knowing but it flowers in the Presence of One who is fully realised in that.

The Offering ~ Receive:

  • B’s satsang audio recordings from New Zealand and global tours throughout the year.*

  • 25% off Virtual Retreats and Online Retreats.

  • 25% off one One on One Skype Session per year with B (subject to B’s availability).

  • Active engagement with the 'B Prior Heart Share Community' on Facebook which provides recent videos, Soundcloud clips, quotes and written pieces.
Annual Membership
$330 AUD/yr
Monthly Membership
$30 AUD/mth
NOTE: A paypal account is required for subscriptions.

*Whether B is at home in New Zealand or traveling the globe, he gives talks and seminars ongoingly. You will receive the audio mp3 files via email with downloadable links. There is also an option to receive these recordings direct to Google Drive (you need to provide us with a gmail email address). Recordings are distributed soon after the session takes place.

Wherever two or more are gathered is a field of the highest potentiality. When two or more are gathered, I commune, communicate and create what ‘I Am’.