Article Published in Common Ground Magazine in 2013

Is there anything more mysterious or thrilling in life than an intimate attraction? An unexpected moment of fateful recognition, a sense that every movement of your life has led you here, to this very place, to this very person...

Our intimate attraction is essentially a divine one and has a profound purpose. The purpose or the pull to be together in love and intimacy is a calling; a divine magnet that propels us beyond our individuality into the heart of who we really are. From the deepest place, true attraction is about the Love of God or Source within each other and in all things. It is utterly sacred and a place of universal alchemy.

What really is at play in our intimacy, whatever our sexual orientation may be is the eternal dance of the Masculine and Feminine Principles, Yin and Yang . Pure and unchanging Divine Principles that appear as two but in the deepest place are already One. As men and women, we are an expression of the Masculine and Feminine Principles and their eternal presence weaves our lives and our partnerships in unfathomable ways.

To engage this eternal dance within your relationship is to align your intimacy with a higher purpose. Your sacred union and partnership becomes as true tantric tradition proposes, your path to Self- Realization.
For most people, their attraction for each other is rooted in unconscious conditioning. The current norm is a conditional love that serves the basic egoic purpose of keeping things as they are: safe and secure.  We have created a culture where we limit our relationships to the known, the profane; through being familiar with one another, through keeping consciousness and its forms the same.

We want great love, but will we allow our lives to change? We seek real union but set boundaries of how that is to look like. We wish for true, unconditional love but it has to be ‘on our terms’. We play the game that all our parents’, parents’, parents have played. It is the paradox of our time!

We do know of the depth and magnitude that lies dormant beneath the shallow waters of our relating, we hear the divine promise of Love’s call but do not come along for the fear of losing the familiar life we know. Everyone has to go through and live this patterned way of personal attraction until they come to the realisation that there can be no real fulfillment or meaning in an intimate relationship that is born of a need to maintain mental, emotional and physical security.

Great Love does not fit the mold! Great Love is ever-new, ever-now. Great Love caresses the Unknown. Great Love implies change and transformation. It takes us to the edge and beyond of who we believe ourselves to be and beckons us into the endless possibility of what we can become. That is why it is so thrilling! Your love and your depth lie in the unfamiliar, in the meeting of the unknown inside yourself and inside the other. In other words; you will be letting go of the known, the tangible, reaching for that that as yet has not been touched, that that is not tangible; there is just a knowingness.

When we are really attracted, we are ready to change our lives! We are ready to launch into the Unknown. It is as if the other pulls out in us an adventure of loving and daring we didn’t even know existed within ourselves. This creates a fire that naturally burns away our limitations, opening a new horizon of higher levels of Masculine and Feminine power. When such a love comes, we lose our definitions of who we are, how love looks and where it is going. All we know is the roaring power of the true current of our life – we are, new, real and vibrantly alive!

This kind of intimacy will evolve you beyond your wildest imagination; your intimacy then becomes a dance that reflects the immediacy of the love play of the cosmos, a dance that gives form, here on earth to the awesome depth of the Masculine and endless Light and openness of the Feminine.
You will have to take some daring steps!

In real intimacy between man and woman, a man must learn to master his mind’s movement, being fully present in this moment, liberating his consciousness from his old habits, doubts and fears passed down from his father’s father’s father. He learns how to fully claim his woman, his love, reaching into the depth of her soul with his immovable presence.

In this, the Masculine Principle is a power that enables a man to fully embrace a woman, penetrate her with his real loving, invite her to open as living Love.  To ‘take a woman on’ is inviting her on a journey beyond himself and herself. He must hold steadfast in his consciousness as he is challenged by her patterning, her subconscious conditioning; her darkness. He must allow the challenges that arise, to change him, to turn him into a man of strength and nobility. As he holds her, she knows she can trust him, the depth he is entering and integrating.
In a sacred union, a woman must learn how to trust the calling of her True Self as Love, to engage the moment in deep and utter surrender. She must go beyond the guarding of her heart, to fall wide open as universal Love embodied.  She recognizes that the light she sees in him is the light of her own real consciousness. She has to trust that he is the masculine half of her Self, no matter what takes place. She learns to burn for this love, to keep stepping towards it no matter how challenging it gets.

A man and woman who are willing to constantly die for great Love, will change the face of this earth.  They form a bond of putting their love of a deeper place, their love of Truth or Source FIRST! They journey beyond this earth in their lovemaking bringing with them profound love that truly serves All.