The invitation of true attraction to transform the communication and the forms of love – in other words, how we experience our lives together - to bring down a higher and higher place within ourselves.

Where I come from, what draws a man of deepening truth to a woman is her opening to love. When he is drawn to her he sees her beyond the place she can currently reach herself. He sees her as the light of love and often he sees her in a place that she cannot see herself in. He sees her brighter than her own experience. This is called evolution or profound loving.

He is actually serving the feminine by seeing where she is in a deeper place, that I suggest until she grows and deepens to know this love herself, she cannot reach. When a man who is beginning to awaken to his innermost core and divine essence really sees her - and the mirror of that is the feminine attraction firstly as the Earth, then the embodiment as a woman - it is a light that catches him. If it is a real connection - I call it God connection - he is seeing at a level that has not manifested in her experience yet. His ability is to see what she cannot see and to enter that place firstly with his consciousness, to enter that consciously as himself. There is a frequency in that and she begins to feel or know she has been seen.

When woman has been seen in the place I am speaking of, she knows she has been seen by God, the deep. Also on being seen - if the attraction is a profoundly real attraction, a true calling - there is the possibility of this attraction being manifest as an intimate partnership in the love of the profound. When she is seen from the real attraction of masculine to feminine a God connection is made - in other words that light has come down. That is the flow of the profound light of truth with the potential to manifest as a sacred intimate connection of such a profound nature it will definitely change the shape of both the man and the woman’s lives. It will have you redefining who you are. It will have you looking to see who you are on an entirely new level.

What you will discover is that you do not know who you are when this kind of love comes. There is not a definition that can point to where this love is going but there is a pull within this love that is so real and bright and warming. To me this is absolutely essential on this Earth – this love match from a divine place.