There is no such thing as a man and woman when the love light that I am speaking of is met. When love’s light meets it is the end of man and woman. In that moment there is no man and woman. There is profoundly masculine consciousness that pervades the universe and has nothing in it and there is the feminine consciousness of all that is - the light of love, multi dimensional forms of love. She is everywhere.

So when man and woman are attracted - and it is a real attraction – that moment is the end of a linear man or woman. The immediacy of love’s light is all pervading stillness and consciousness. I man, I woman am That in a single moment; I am in the experience of totality in a single flash. That is why it is so beautiful, so attractive and freeing - because I have been freed of being a man or a woman. Suddenly I am the eternal consciousness of the masculine and feminine; I am free.

Then we make this very silly mistake; we identify with our body-mind unit as men and women. Then we look ignorantly into our body-mind identity and we say ‘Can I do this; can I actually do this?’ We try to go back to that place and it is not available anymore. It is not there and we have to pretend it is there. That is the beginning of our adulterous behaviour. Instead of being completely given to that meeting, we pull back and we want that place we met in for ourselves, for our known self-structure.

We make that light fit our self; we control and manipulate it. The tendency is this; man moves it or screws it with the mind; woman moves it and grooves it with her emotion. We become control experts. You can either play that game you played many times before or you can give that one up immediately. Instead of saying to yourself ‘What would it cost me to go there with this woman?’ and then working out the cost, you could just say ‘I do not care what the cost is; I am going there because this is real’. It is like a golden string pulling you and where it is pulling you, you cannot go with your mind.