To heal your heart, to heal the heart of your woman, to heal the heart of man, to heal the heart of this earth you cannot move in the same consciousness that created the distortion, the separation.

You have to move in a new consciousness with a new energy and a new power.

To bring that about you have to cease functioning from belonging to this world, belonging to the self, your self. You have to belong to what you KNOW is True.

I suggest you smile about it. Smile!  Belong to what you know is True.

As you belong to what you know is true you will be able to meet all beings, all people... even your painful lover or mother or father or boss or whoever it is who you believe is ruining your life!

You’ll be able to meet them in their Being with your Being.

This is not a slow process - it’s very quick, in fact it’s a quickening process!

The more you come from this place, the more you open up your original nature in your own Awareness, in your own Consciousness.

Here’s the rub: to do what I am speaking of, to move into the new you will need ALL of your real sexuality; ALL of your real energy. I am not speaking about sexuality just rooted in your root chakra, I am talking about sexuality as the whole of your  embodiment. You will need it ALL. You need everything that you are. While you confine your sexuality to just ‘down there’ then that’s about it in your sexuality, you confined yourself and your sexuality.

Your sexuality belongs everywhere in your entire body because your deeper sexuality is the movement of your heart creating heart-forms of what you’re entering into. Your self can’t understand this and those people who you speak to that are still identified with their self can’t understand this either.

All that anyone can really know and understand, if you’re really true with this and if you are a warrior of Love and Truth is; meet anyone in their heart.  They can understand that.  Everything else then follows; the transformation of self, the opening of the heart, the meeting and honouring each other in pure Being and in Truth. The contemplation of the possibilities of every man on this planet, every woman on this planet – manifesting their love as a continuum of human experience is possible.