There isn’t a woman alive that is not searching for genuine love in her attraction to man. ‘She’ knows ‘He’ is here, behind the scenes of all the bodies...but when is ‘He’ going to manifest and how does she become available to that awesome power of the pure masculine. How does she open to the depth of the pure feminine?

And he, man, sees her and breathes her everywhere in existence. Is he man enough and real enough to awaken himself and herself from the dream of narcissism? How does he discover his authority, his depth? How does he become the power to reach the pure feminine? How do they both begin to dance the one dance of One Love on four legs and radically set their hearts free?

Our deepest nature, our true authentic state is full of love and endless freedom. For most men and women their attraction for each other is full of unconscious conditioning.

Every man and woman has to go through and live this patterned way of personal attraction full of romantic notions, until they discover (if they ever do) that there is no real fulfilment or meaning in intimate relationship that is based on mental, emotional and physical security.

Simply because the energy ‘made’ in this kind of limited exchange breeds pain, fear, doubt and neediness, in short separation from each other and from source.

When as men and women we realise we have had enough of this kind of limiting experience of partnership, we may be ready for something quite different. The attraction between man and woman is essentially a divine one, a potential manifest mirror of what already is in the deep where the pure masculine and feminine are already one, one with Love, one with Self.

Within the pull to be together as intimate partners are all the ‘tools’ and ‘ways’ to bring about a radical change of consciousness and activity as men and women drawn to a higher and deeper intimacy and purpose of sharing together, being together. It is here that we discover how to descend into our own being and be at home with our own love. From this place we learn to make real ecstatic love together.

It is discovered that intelligently devoting ourselves to the God essence within each other in the play of our union and purposefully ceasing to identify through patterning, to each other and to ourselves, that we begin to embody more of our original joy, our original face .

This is done through selfless giving to Love’s purpose beyond our egoic agendas, a commitment to remain open as Love no matter what is moving through. We learn to realign our intimacy with the deeper truth, that the masculine and feminine attraction is rooted in the realisation of Self and its only purpose within existence is to embody conscious Love and living Truth -to be fully who we really are.

Often we look at the ‘one we say we love ‘and wonder what the hell we are doing with them. Or we fall into a pattern of un-love and don’t ‘feel’ good enough within the partnership. We could stay as closed as we have ever been, as our contraction strangles and asphyxiates our knowing of Love. Or we can choose to remember Love’s purpose, the core of our attraction, which is to love beyond our egoity, to give beyond our limited self and create a space where man can practice being the depth of universal consciousness through bringing his full attention into everything he does, and woman can practice being radiantly open as Love’s light itself , no matter what her patterned emotions are instructing her to feel.

He learns to master his mind’s movement and being fully present in this moment as this moment, liberating his consciousness from his and his father’s father’s old habits doubts and fears. In this he learns how to fully claim his woman, his love, reaching into the depth of her soul with his immovable presence. A space where woman can fully embrace the rising up of her past pain without closure as she discovers she can trust her man’s ever deepening presence of consciousness. This is the power of the pure eternal masculine, that forever holds her and that has never left her no matter what she has gone through, and that eternally points her in the direction of her own universal Love.

She learns how to trust the calling of her true Self to engage the moment in deep and utter surrender. To go beyond the guarding of her heart and fall wide open as that that gives life and form to the universe.

Conversely they may both discover they can fall through their making of Love and grasp the seeds of reality (universal potentials) that are waiting for them in the deep, which hold the power to manifest a life of meaning and purpose together on the earth for all beings. This is the rarest of realisations in the play of man and woman in this moment in time as they are still very much engaged in egoic relationship that does not have the power to descend into the deep where these seeds are embedded.

What we have been reading about here is an attraction that goes beyond the current norm. One that is dedicated to the radical transformation of humanity through the masculine and feminine magnetism, where their union becomes ‘a way’ of realisation of the Self through the death of the ego and the dedication of the Love made toward further growth and understanding of the universe as themselves.

This kind of loving reveals to the partners the deep mystery of existence and embodiment and the worlds of light beyond, that are interwoven within the evolutionary purpose of the earth and its intelligence: US! – man and woman, the so called guardians of the earth.

So much more than mere sexuality is hidden within the pull of intimacy, it holds the innermost secrets of life. The attraction to woman’s body, the entering into her vagina, the penetration into her womb is an ancient rite to discover the secrets of the cosmos that has been clouded by the selfish concerns of an egoic life. 

edited from an article published in Conscious Living magazine, Australia