What do you exist for? Do you exist for your higher nature and its revelations within the deep of one’s self; its revelations in the flow from the deep out into yourself, your person and your environment as an expression?

What do you exist for? Do you exist for the higher? How much do you exist for the higher? The moment you acknowledge the higher, up comes the apparent lower; the moment you exist for the higher, up comes the lower. It is right there. That is so that “I” consciousness can see myself; I can see who I am; I can see what I have become; I can see where I am going and I can see what there is to transform.

I am not speaking of transforming from an egoic self position, with all its self-concerns – that is the patterning that comes up. I am speaking from a realised point in all of you, a point of existence, where we begin to see what we exist for; we begin to learn about the universe; we begin to learn about life; we begin to learn about the weave of life, about the wax of life, the rub of life, the edge of life and the ups and downs.

Who is learning? Consciousness is learning as an apparent someone, as an expansion of someone’s consciousness knowing its self. What that leads to is another place inside of yourself which has no need to learn; it knows it is It. For as we begin to acknowledge what we exist for, that acknowledgement takes us to the point of creation, to the authentic Self that knows what it is doing. Then we become reacquainted with our real Self that knows what we exist for.

Of course if we exist for our limited comfort, if we exist to keep everything as it is, we do not access who we are on the deepest level; it simply is not available. We do not have the energy or the frequency to climb to that height. That is obviously in you, because it is what you are on the deepest level, but what I experience and what I am teaching is this: here in this formless inner world we can look into this world of form and exist for truth - therefore you see the form anew – it does not matter who or what it is; you see the form anew.

The moment you exist for truth, the moment you exist for the highest in you, form not only becomes transparent it becomes reformed from the place that you are inspired to reach in your innermost. It is changed; forms literally change by where you see from, by how you function and where you function from; form is changed.

I see that most human beings go throughout their day living on a time line. They really believe everything existed before this moment; they believe everything has a past in it. As so-called intelligent beings we gather past information about everything – even our love relationships begin to build up past information. We literally are viewing through past information; we believe in it and we respond or react to that past information - hence no real change in the growth of the heart, or the growth of light takes place; hence no real growth of our humanness because we constantly view life through the past. That past accumulation builds up inside and builds up in relationship with apparent others - where the apparent others really are no other than yourself. Really it is a divine relationship taking place; once we drop away from seeing everything in the past.

So what is the answer to not collecting past? What is the answer to begin to see everything in divine reflection and in divine form and in divine essence? It is very easy. It is just a question of whether we will live from pure honesty to what the depth of your innermost reveals in the moment. When I catch myself being familiar, when I catch myself literally reading the space through mind, through patterning, the key is to access the place of mystery within.