I am going to speak about what I call ‘Great Sex, Great Love & Great Death’, about what it is that attracts us as men and women to each other and what it is that attracts us ‘as Consciousness’ to incarnate.

 We all have a Knowing-ness of ‘more than what we are living’ in our experience of life, because we have identified ourselves with the body-mind. We limit ourselves and we create boundaries and filters around our heart that protect us from the immediate experience of Real Life.

When you are called to live as God, when you hear the calling to live a full passionate life and the calling to truly meet in your attraction as men and women you are going to have more than just one broken heart.

Most people are trying to save their heart by being very familiar with their sense of self.  We don’t cross our own boundaries or the boundaries of our family or culture and therefore all we ever attract to ourselves is the familiar, the known. We seek the safety of what we know but actually the familiar is a battleground inside and outside. Like the fight between man and woman for instance, believing they are separate and not ‘one’ already.

In Truth man and woman are the divine principles of the Godhead. Man and woman being the principle of the pure Masculine and the pure Feminine.  Actually it is not ‘men and women’ that are pulled together- that is on a lower level of human experience.

What is really drawn in the attraction between men and women is the Masculine and the Feminine principle that already is One Consciousness.

Where I come from the Feminine principle is form and energy equaling love and the Masculine principle is profound consciousness, awareness and direction.
It is like in the Infinity Symbol: ∞ ,where form runs into the unseen consciousness and the unseen consciousness runs into form.  It is a flow of consciousness that is neither form nor formlessness.

It is One and it can be experienced in a relationship as God in Love with itself as man and woman.

This is literally the descending of Godhood as the masculine principle and the feminine principle into the human heart, uniting a man and a woman together at the core. This is the Supreme Love we are all destined to experience and integrate in our human life. 

In Truth this is all that is happening behind ‘the fight’, yet it seems to be the hardest thing to unite man and woman at core, where they are no longer separate selves but One Being, One Love.

This is because in the calling to meet in the heart, men and women are transcending all history and past, having to let go of all the filters and boundaries that protect their heart and body mind. 

Until this truly begins to happen, they only pretend that they are ‘being Love’ together. They know they are not because there is no real fulfillment in it.  There is no bond of Love that is felt and known profoundly deep. It is still man doing his familiar thing and woman doing her familiar thing.

As long as we as men and women continue to play limited roles together the world remains stale and insane… We experience lack because we lack the connectedness of our heart brought into our relationships. We settle for far less than why we came to this earth and we know it. 

We have come to transform consciousness, to bring more light of consciousness into the earth, to continuously change the forms that we create within our relationships and our societies. 

If we attract each other just to stay the same, the world will stay the same, but when our attraction is to manifest the Real Life of Love we begin to free the whole of humanity.


What is it that stops man from fully penetrating woman with his heart and his being? What is it that stops woman from fully opening to man, being the masculine principle? It is simply fear, the fear of a broken heart, the fear of the Unknown, of the loss of the familiar.  But the whole point of the attraction is to bring the unseen into the seen!

Man’s attraction to form is to bring the profound into the heart, bring it into a vaster place of Love, a vaster power of light and energy as a woman.  To bring his heart into her body he has to be prepared for the struggle that he is going to encounter. Initially everything is very bright and beautiful but after the honeymoon period comes the ‘emptying out’.  Only in the release of the old conditioning in the body, the emptying out of our familiarity, are we ready to be filled up with more Love.  

Both man’s body and woman’s body are the power and energy of the Feminine. All bodies belong to woman but the consciousness belongs to man.
When a man is really drawn in attraction to a woman’s heart, not from his ego but from his heart, what she is so thrilled about is the new light and embodiment that happens for her.

This is because the unseen Him has entered her consciousness. There is the beginning of a union and the light of the Masculine begins to empty out the old forms of the Feminine.  This occurs in both man’s body and woman’s body. Old patterning is emptied out, making space for a different kind of relationship; a space where the unseen begins to have form.


Great Sex is the truth that the whole manifest universe is the Feminine true body. This is what man really wants to meet in woman: the whole of the universe embodied.  SHE is the one he truly finds gorgeous and beautiful and he sees and knows HER when he is really attracted. But he must woe that up to the surface and as he calls it to the surface all the old conditioning spills out.  This process actually begins to break open even their families’ patterning, their friends’ patterning and the patterning of their societies. That is Great Love! 

Great Love is the realisation that when a man takes on a woman, he is actually taking on the whole universe and when a woman takes on a man she is taking on the Whole in consciousness. The calling is to make the masculine consciousness purer and the feminine consciousness purer. To live for this and only for this is Great Death.  It takes the willingness to go through ‘the eye of the needle’, the willingness to remain aware and conscious and fully heart given, no matter the cost.  

In most of our relationships we don’t go through the eye of the needle because it is too painful for us or it upsets our life. Then True Life awaits on the other side, because we have not taken each other through into God.

Our psyche is full of conditionality around how all this should look.  You have to go beyond that conditionality and that means you must learn to really give your heart. Your heart must be given and that means constant death to who you as a man, and you as a woman, think you are.

When you really presence yourself in this, then a man’s eyes alone can open a woman’s heart; his breath alone can open her body to a greater body. The more she opens into the New, the more she gifts him that power and her richness of heart. Life changes completely.

Other spheres and other levels of the universe open up in such a Love as man and woman open to God or their own true hearts together. There is the recognition of One Love and One Body and yet they remain individual; united in themselves and united as a man and woman in bodies. They know no past in their  responses to ‘Now’; they respond purely from their own Godhood.  
THIS is God having a relationship as man and woman’.