A 2018 collection of excerpts in which B speaks on sexuality, man & woman and the possibility of true transformation and awakening in intimacy. If you are interested in this subject - make sure to get a copy of his book ' Love Without Duality'


Tuscany Retreat  2018

"Sexuality is the power to manifest where Awareness is coming from in each and every moment. "

"The Masculine and Feminine principles seek each other in form and if they find you worthy, they will enter the dharma of your relatedness."

“In the true direct making of Love, which is the manifestation and the living of the universe, your light of Awareness has entrance into the mystery of the universe and into the deeply unseen.”

" In the East both Shiva and Shakti are in a ring of fire. This is to show that there is nothing else but transformation happening and the unveiling of deeper realities."  

You are not 'someone' seeing, you are Consciousness seeing and knowing, aware. From where you see from energy moves to form the Seeing and Knowing. THAT is sexuality."

"With the light of our first intelligence as Awareness we KNOW that only Love is being made in the manifestation of the universe. Everything else is a lie or a distortion of an unenlightened mind and an unenlightened nervous system or body." 

"When She moves, everyone knows She moves."

"The body is a forming in the stream of Knowing. Your ability to stream what is deeper requires the full opening of your sexuality to your heart and within your own awareness."  

"Everything speaks the language of The Beloved if you look deep enough."

"All your intimacies come to a single intimacy. That intimacy is the realisation of Love and the realisation that Love moves from Truth." 

 Man & Woman - "The real loving starts when the honeymoon is over, in the dissolving of the illusion that I was ever separate."

"The body-mind is designed to, at some point, completely open, for it is made of light, the light of Awareness."


Sexuality matches The Movement of Being

 Within this apparent human experience sexuality matches the movement of being true to Being. 

Notice how somewhere in your mind you are still keeping sexuality down in the root chakra because that is the only place you are going to control experience. If that energy comes up above the navel, there is no longer any control of the experience of energy or sexuality.  

The very ability to give expression to What I Am as a being, is through pure energy or sexuality moved as one with the Beingness I am communing and communicating. You will experience that communication as the full embodiment of Being Now. When Awareness (You and I) is true to Knowing or Being, sexuality or pure energy is the total embodiment of Pure Being. That is the cosmic body.    

Sexuality then is no longer condemned down to the lower survival centre, it is moved into total expression of the Divine. This is what is actually here, appearing as the cosmos. The dance of this, manifesting the Divine. 

When we then speak together we don't confine energy or consciousness to survival. Within this openness the embodiment of the Divine or the Pure is not in some hoped for future, it is communed, moved and made real NOW. Your whole body hears, knows and expresses the Truth. 

The moment Awareness, up on the level of body, self and person is true to the core of Being, the very energy that makes creation possible moves in alignment with the truth of Being. Responding to Being moves energy to manifest what Being is in form. 

Within any moment, which is NOW, that  you apprehend the deeper Knowing and it has all your attention, this deeper Knowing streams as a movement in your body. The body then is an emergence of the Deep or the Unseen. Now, when you speak to another there is a conveyance of that emergence of Being knowing forming . It is always Now. In that moment you are knowing the embodiment of what you know to be true and it is YOU. 

 It has nothing to do with sex. With intimacy? Oh yes!  Embodied? Oh yes...The moment of embodiment IS the expression of the deeper. There is flowering within the Consciousness and flowering within the body. It is a garden! You realise there is no separation. 


Sexuality Moved By Your Being

Sexuality isn't actually a 'root chakra thing' . It is a 'heart chakra thing'. Energy or sexuality moves cleanly by Being. Whilst one thinks one is a self, energy or sexuality will move for your self. Most people are making a problem of this, because they don't understand what is taking place. When you move by Knowing, that is the light of your being and then sexuality or pure energy forms the movement of Pure Being. In the body that moves and manifests in one movement but in many different spheres. 

When sexuality, moved by your being,  enters the mind by way of the heart, then your mind will open up to the entire cosmos and your mind will be filled with true light and form. You know, when you see the many little spirals on Buddha's head in statues ? I wonder if Buddha ever mentioned that that is the Feminine Principle spiralling out of his Heart-Mind.


Intimacy Is Not 'Sexual Relationship', Intimacy Is A Call Of Union In Being   

A full conversation with woman with beautiful passages about sexuality, the cosmos, true relatedness, the Masculine and Feminine and what making Love truly is. 

Q: I have been so touched in how you are speaking about sexuality and there is a profound yearning for a sexual relationship that is mature.

B: Then if it truly is, it wont be a sexual relationship. Intimacy is not 'sexual relationship'. Intimacy is a call of union in Being.  In this, one's attention is not towards sexuality as being separate from what called you to meet another. Otherwise, if you think it is 'sexual intimacy' you will have an agenda, so you will need sex. If it is an intimate call of your being, sex won’t enter the arena, only the sweetness you are discovering in Being together.  

In the sweetness of discovering Being together, power or pure sexuality will move. It moves towards the attention you are in your Being, or the attention you are giving to your self. It is exactly how the manifest universe is working right Now. 

From No-where or Awareness, Light emerges. It is the Light of Awareness. Some call it the Self. It is ‘I’, I who am listening to these words right now. Then, without splitting or duality it splits into Consciousness and pure energy - both one with Supreme Intelligence. The entire cosmos arises out of that movement. Pure Energy manifests pure Consciousness and pure Consciousness knows pure forming. There is no separate sense of self.

Whether we believe to be a man or a woman, whilst we have form and our awareness moves towards the truth of our being, pure energy fills our awareness in our body. She rises to fill the body with the pure knowing of consciousness. That is pure sexuality moving. It happens in just seeing the birds, the knowing of 'bird'...Instantly energy fills up the body and the heart, the consciousness instantly deepens, expands and is forming. Instantly the body is full of consciousness, full of energy or fullness. 

When as Awareness your seeing and knowing matches your Being, pure energy or pure sexuality fills up the body. That is the union of Consciousness and Energy. This is what in India is called Shiva and Shakti. I don't speak of it in this way so much as it tends to be conceptualised and produces too many images for those that are going beyond image..

You are not 'someone seeing ' you are Consciousness seeing and knowing and aware. From where you see from, energy moves to form the Seeing and Knowing. THAT is sexuality.

If you are seeing and knowing from a limited sense of self and if you Awareness have not been enlightening your sense of self as to What You Are,  then the moment is formed by past sexuality, which is the same as saying 'past experience'. Whilst you place your attention only in the experience of your self but you are knowing That that is a little deeper, your old ways will go wild within your body-mind awareness. Simply because where you put your attention energy flows. We are not taught that energy is sexuality. We are so conditioned as to what sexuality is. It is the power to manifest where Awareness is coming from in each and every moment. 

When Awareness, appearing as a man or woman, is responding to the deeper Knowing, then sexuality moves to the frequency of that Knowing. She dances it and it is pure and real.  She fills up the entire body-mind intelligence with the Love that She Is. It can happen that She appears to be residing at the root chakra but She doesn't, She will come up from the ground. She, sexuality. She is not a woman. It is said that She needs Consciousness here, where apparently He resides - He, Consciousness itself.  She will come up and there is Union and the expression of that Union is the cosmos. 

Q: I meet such fear around this as I am listening... 

B: This is because you take yourself to be a particular woman. She is not a particular woman, He is not a particular man and neither are there men women. The closest you can get is to point to their mystery is 'pure masculine consciousness, pure feminine consciousness' but that is The Self. 

You have identified with this level of conditionality not realising that its condition is to form what you are being and that's it. If you are forming that you are a particular woman it is going to form in a deep way that you are just this particular woman. 

Your sexuality is really your innate ability to create what you are as a being. because within you are neither a man nor a woman, you are The Self and that even goes deeper. 

If we move up from that you are the pure Yin and Yang and the moment you move, both masculine and feminine power, energy and consciousness is manifesting the universe. As that keeps flowing out (without duality) of where It comes from, there is the manifestation of what appears to be a man and woman. Although this power of Love can find itself in two men or two women.

Your fear is your need to control your energy to suit the images you have created your self around. If your love of the Deep or your love of God is for man, then as long as you hold on to those images, you will draw shallow man. You have to see how ridiculous that is because where 'I Am' there is no such thing as a shallow man. But there is a play of it because he has judged himself so much. 

You will bring a man to you that won't stretch you beyond your current comfort zones and if he does you will make sure he doesn't and if he still does, you will make sure he doesn't do it again and if he still does, you will really bring the animal out and have a go at eating him. And if he still does....at some point you stop: 'What is this man? " and in that moment you will see him for what He is beyond the man. He is your Love, He is Consciousness itself.

In some way you are testing, whether you can ‘stand’ within his consciousness, inside of YOU and whether you can completely allow everything to fall away in his company. Maybe you will reveal to him, which is you inside, that he is this living possibility.

He is not really outside, he is inside. If he believes he is outside you will help him get inside somehow , however that comes, because you are both over wanting and needing this. You are called to discover what you deeply are in the relatedness until your sexuality raises the roof and the whole universe knows Love has just been made. Because in the true direct making of Love, which is the manifestation and the living of the universe, your light of Awareness now has entrance into the mystery of the universe and into the deeply unseen. That is what the making of Love is, embodied.

Your fear is losing your comfort zone. Who would you be without all that 'knitting' going on? Your fear is that you will go beyond your boundary and disappear into pure Consciousness. He will disappear into being No-body. Somehow there is a profundity at work, making two One. Then you will explore what this making of Love truly is and what You Are right Here, right Now.  You will be lost in the New. 

If you are not, levels of struggle will appear in your sexuality, which basically means your creativity. You won't know how to move anymore and you will seek the past to rest your head in but you won't stay there for very long IF you are truly called.  Your fear is also that you have been hurt by someone but you haven't actually been hurt, you have just mistaken you to be a woman and mistaken a man to be a man. Yo have not gone to the root of your Calling together. 

This is why in the East both Shiva and Shakti are in a ring of fire because there is nothing but transformation happening and the unveiling of deeper realities. Living and fully known between you who are now One without a plural. It is the rarest realisation.  

Q: Thank you. This is very tender...and you have described perfectly what has been happening in these last years

B: Let's look now , let's not look in the past years. How is your sexuality moving right now as you listen?

Q: What I am feeling is a greater rootedness , opening and a coming down into the body. There is activation in the hands and feet and yes particularly in the feet. 

B: That's it is it? So it's not moving all along in every cell of the body ?

Q: Yes of course!

B: It's not really 'of course' unless you say it. Why did you choose to to put it 'here' and there' and in isolated places in a controlled manner?  Is it because if it came all the way through your body you would have no control anymore? But then your sexuality might fill the entire Universe, because it does!'

To realise this and be in balance in that in this apparent humanness, your sexuality won't be that old stuff you have been taught. It is new energy constantly filling up the body from the response of what is deep. It's like a big YES to What Is. 

Q: For me even to speak of this without any shame and with ease is wonderful. It is natural..

B: You as a person have shame there. She is not lit up.  She is not moving through the walls, the ceiling, the lights, every body. When She moves everyone knows She moves. When Seeing and Knowing sees and knows ..find out how that is.....What I am pointing to is that as humans as Awareness with the light of our first intelligence, we know that only Love is being made in the manifestation of the universe. Everything else is a lie or a distortion of an unenlightened mind and an unenlightened nervous system or body. 

This is not a problem. Shame must be allowed to move through without our name on it . Guilt, without your name on it. You judge yourself and in that you judge another and everything remains the same, the same, the same. Instead of creating the Deep you just create the same images.   

We are still speaking about sexuality are we not? 

You KNOW when you have made Love,  all your friends know when you have made Love,  your colleagues at work know that you have made Love and the birds sing that you have made Love and the sun shines that you have made Love because that changes everything here. Until even breathing, is making Love, hearing the birds, is making Love. Until just your Seeing is making Love. You will just be a flow of the making of Love and your body is the streaming of this Love moving.

Then you won't hold back in this life, which is holding back your sexuality and your consciousness, locked in past experience. Then in every moment, for you, the whole body will be open. Deeper levels of Her mystery will be revealed and deeper levels of His mystery will be revealed.  Amongst all of that the past is allowed to dissolve, to move and come home without any interruption, because its no longer your guide. Your guide is pure Awareness seeing and knowing, and thats what you respond to.'

That moves new energies, new consciousness and new power. Healing then is quite natural. You don't heal your past by doing anything with it. It heals by you being one with your Being. So if there is agony within you right now or discomfort or difficulty - you are the fullness. What is seeing and knowing is not somebody. They are pictures is within your body-mind. You Are that One. 


Relate From And As The Deep

Remain in and respond to the Deep. This is the same as saying: address and relate to this life, to your intimate partner, your family, your friends from and as the depth amongst all the conditioned concepts of how you should act, behave and move. This movement of depth which is moving Now as Light transforms the sense of self and you experience a match of Being up in the level of your self .  

You discover that there is nothing but intimacy here. It seems like that kind of intimacy threatens your known familiar sense of self. Threatened with so much intimacy one may experience a contraction inside. Maybe one, maybe two, maybe several but the contraction is 'holding' this moment of experience and discovering what it is. One could say like a meditation or contemplation. The contraction is a door to a deeper interior and although the mind might go crazy and the emotions might be chaotic and there is a real disturbance in how you would like to relate but you cannot help how that relating is happening, there is an initiation into a deeper door of reality.

Because the deeper reality cannot come up into form that is not as open.The known cannot mix with the unknown. The raising up of the self, the opening of mind beyond concept, that is the un-mixing. Something real is taking place. You may want to move away from that but you will return. The body-mind is designed to at some point completely open for it is made of light, the light of Awareness.


Thailand Sessions 2018

"When man and woman come together they're going to lose their self identity. If they're not, it is not profound Love. Things undo when you truly come together, very deep things that you didn't even know were still there. This will happen."

 "The Masculine and Feminine principles are seeking each other in form, right now in this moment in every breath, to meet each other in the deep."


Man & Woman - One Movement, One Being Manifesting Only In This Moment

The reflection between man and woman goes far deeper than just 'a man and a woman'. There are deeper levels of our Being endeavouring to come up to give expression to true Union. So that a masculine and a feminine form, a man's body and a woman's body can be One Movement of One Being manifesting only in that moment.

Such a manifestation of such a Love will empty out who we once believed we were. How we are as a man, how we are as a woman. A deeper connection with another is designed to empty out the limited idea of who we are, that we can reach into the 'other' as beings beyond our own sense of self, beyond the other's sense of self. That is what Love is, the willingness not to stay the same as our father's fathers and mother's mothers, not to identify through thoughts and feelings of the past but through the light of this moment.

For instance a man can see you deeper than you see your self and if he is willing to go there, his willingness to go there is going to undo his limitation, it is going to undo his old way. It works the other way too, that if you see a man in the light of his heart, in the light of your heart then that is going to undo you too. Most of us are not so  willing to go there because we are going to get radically changed and there is nothing much to hold onto. All one can do is merge into that Calling and that is not easy because you are going to go through the eye of a needle. 

To truly come into deeper union with another you will be called to go beyond your sense of self. Both of you will have to go beyond how your mind tells you what you are inside and out. 


Woman's Magic

A woman has a particular magic - she has this magic, whether she knows it or not, that can get right into a man's interior and turn it inside out. Just with a glance she can do her work in his heart and she doesn't really know this mystery is activated in her and it will go to where it needs to go to . In a very similar manner that is what happens when a man reaches beyond a woman's surface level. Really it is this invitation for both to move into this deeper alignment with why they were called together.

It is scary and it can be difficult and much undoing takes place. It is not all roses and romance. I am not saying there is no Love that opens up, yes there is Love and there are moments of Love that are beyond anyone's wildest expectation as the body opens, as the heart opens, the mind opens and as our humanness opens beyond, to where the Masculine and Feminine are already one. But once that enters there is another stage of undoing that begins to happen. 


Man &  Woman -  No Such Thing As Spiritual Relationship

Q (woman): I came because I was interested in relationships and so far I heard you speak a lot about the relationship to one’s Being but would you like to share with us something about spiritual relationships? 

B: The moment you said ‘spiritual relationships’, I become uninterested because where I come from there is no such thing as a ‘spiritual’ relationship. None whatsoever. That is just another concept. The moment you create a ‘spiritual relationship’ you are creating separation because really, there is only Here and Now. In the Here and Now what seems deeply true in your heart is one with what you deeply are and in being one with what you deeply are, your level of self, if doesn't match that yet, will struggle.

Your heart will close and this is actually a good sign that you are doing well because it presents the opportunity to really see what you are going to belong to? Are you going to belong to the struggle that might say:"This man is not for me"? Your mind and your feeling tell you: “This man is not for me.” but your heart says "Oh yes he is, stay with him!" What are you going to stay with, what your heart says or what your body-mind says ? Are you going to be true to the patterning of the level of woman you believe you are or are you going to be true to what your Being really is? If you do, this will make you an entirely different form of woman.  If you belong to this deeper level, this is going to challenge all the patterns inherent in the make up of the body-mind of you as a woman or him as a man. What are you going to belong to?

If you stay true to your heart, unfailingly, even though it doesn't feel good and even though it maybe doesn't look so good outside and all your friends say: “You're crazy being with him.." If you can dismiss all of that, totally and utterly and be true to what you know at the level of the heart, then you are entering the purity of your Being. You are entering the pure Consciousness that You Are prior to all this. This will raise up the woman that you are. You will be a different kind of woman and your mystery will start to unfold in the eyes and heart of the man you are with.

You may not know this, but as a woman, without you doing anything, your mystery is at work within the man's heart, within the man's body and within his mind. It's already at work. You are not doing anything but it is just happening. If he really has seen you, truly seen You beyond your capacity to know you, then that is going to be a pretty good relationship and it is going to move a great deal until there comes some form of of balance. If he cannot see you beyond you, there is actually no point being together.  

It really is for you to be true to your deepest level of Being, not to any mental, emotional ideas or anything anyone could possibly say. It is to return to the Source to know ‘He’, prior to body-mind, to know ‘Her’, prior to body-mind for the masculine and feminine principle seek each other in form and if they find you worthy then they will enter the dharma of your relatedness.

If you are truly awakening to God, whatever that is for you, if you are truly loving the Beloved, then that is what you seek to know in a relatedness with another body for that makes your body one body. Two bodies but one embodiment, two hearts but one Knowing, two lights but one Singularity. If you want to realise deeply what you are with another, you must merge so deeply that everything that is unrelated or an illusion will come out. You face it and you dissolve it together until there is no fight left in you. When there is no fight left in you, you will realise The Self.

You may realise what some call Shiva, he may realise what some call Shakti. It is realised ‘here’ (in B) in the Love of woman as God, the divine Shakti, the Bhagawati came out of a woman and said: " There is no Jane , there is only ‘I’, and I will unite you with this Love for I am your Beloved" . It is possible for a woman to realise the Bhagawat or the principle of the Masculine, both being one with Pure Self or Consciousness, for the Bhagawat and the Bhagawati, the Masculine and the Feminine principle ARE One Self. They just appear on this level to be two. 

If your calling is to meet the principle of the Masculine as the light of God, if truly you want that, then you will be practicing total openness to what your heart knows within any relatedness with man that your heart brings. It will always cause the death of who you once thought you were on the level of self. You start to die to the belief that you are a separate sense of woman. You will face and be challenged by your own illusion that you are a particular woman. You will face that as he will face his illusion that he is a particular man.

It is still a rare kind of God realisation. It is more rare to have the realisation of the Masculine and Feminine principle within another that you are drawn to, than it is to Self-realise. There are far more people Self-realised than there are men or women that have realise the Bhagawati or the Bhagawat, the principles of the Masculine and Feminine.

But yes, you CAN realise God, if that is the word that touches your heart, with another that is prepared to totally self empty with each breath.  Then this is a faster path, although it is pathless, than endeavouring to sit in a cave and realise your Self. 


She is Making His Body Of Her Will

Man can realise pure emptiness. Pure emptiness isn't so empty. Pure emptiness is all of Pure Awareness or Pure Consciousness. If he completely surrenders all identification with his body-mind, he can realise that he is That. Then he may realise that from nowhere within the black comes light and that light is the light of Self and it fills up his perception. As it fills up his perception, right there, he can realise the light of the Feminine Principle. 

It is quite rare for a man to realise the Feminine - I don't mean a man meets her, I mean the consciousness of the Masculine meets the light of the Feminine but then it has to end up in some form of man that can speak it and by this time he realises he is not actually the man that experienced it. Now the man's body is the embodiment of that realisation.

This is “She” making his body of Her will. Her will is to bring the Masculine all the way into form. That is Her enticement. She wants Shiva totally in Her body, does She not ? 


Is There Only One Divine Masculine?

Q: So, as the Divine Feminine you speak of is there only one Divine Masculine waiting for me as a woman?

B: In Essence there is only one. How that manifests for you on this level, let your Essence bring it along.  In this what appears to be a sexual play, in other words the calling to be together as man and woman you have to discover whether it is sexual in terms of 'needing something for your self' or whether you are beginning to discover that sexuality is not located at the root chakra, that it is actually the light of the heart and there is nothing you could possibly know in existence that is not made of pure sexuality. Every choice you ever make, you Awareness, whilst you have a body, is a movement of pure energy and pure consciousness that manifests the experience of where you are now coming from.

How many men you might have to experience or women you might have to experience to discover this I don't know. You might have many experiences with man or with woman but eventually if you really stay awake amongst that, you will find out there is only One.

If you are trying to fulfil your self instead of fulfilling your deeper belonging to your Being at the level of your heart, you are fooling yourself and sexual games will never match the light of your heart.  When you belong to your heart, which is the seat of your Being, there is pure sexuality and one becomes the pure movement of pure Being and pure sexuality. It the same energy that is manifesting the cosmos because the same energy in Consciousness that is manifesting the cosmos is manifesting each and everyone of us in this Here and Now moment. 


You Want The Actuality Of Love, Not The Object Of Love

Whether you are objectifying a man or a woman or any 'thing', you have to return that man, that woman or that thing in your consciousness by no longer objectifying. The object only points to the Subject of the light of the Feminine and the light of the Masculine.

When you cease being familiar with you, with your self in the bathroom mirror and stop being familiar with the one who you are drawn to, you will enter the non-objective state of Love. That is what you really want. You don't want the objects of Love, you want the actuality of Love, which is God or Truth. It is very rare for that to arrive on this planet but it is what this planet is meant for, the non-objective manifestation of Shakti and Shiva, the Bhagawati and the Bhagawat, the feminine and masculine principle.  No trace of time, no trace of self, that is the pure Masculine and Feminine. To have this in an apparent form is what this planet is meant for; the divining of the form from what you man and woman actually are in Essence. It will cost you all that you believed was for you as a separate sense of self. It is no little thing to realise so deeply.

You want direct and immediate experience, which is beyond separation. This why you would ever come to any kind of Tantra calling with another, because not only do you want to realise God, you want God actually in your arms, actually on your lips, actually inside your body - actually embodied. You want to manifest that so that you realise that the formless and the form are the same One. 


India Retreat Sessions  - 2018

Man And Woman

Q: Can you expand on the meeting of man and woman. I hear you usually speak this...

B: I haven't spoken of this in Aeons! Let's look at what is first, man and woman is what is last, they just keep putting themselves first. When you say "I hear you speak of ...", right there you can enter a deeper frequency direct as Knowing. If you are hearing, hearing is made of the Knowing. It looks like you are hearing through a brain or through somebody with experience but hearing is made of the Knowing, sight is made of the Knowing and taste is made of the Knowing - all the elements  are made of Knowing. Prior to the elements I Am, knowing I Am.

Anything that you hear is made of the Knowing. Stay with that, then anything that 'someone over here' (B) seems to say that matches the heart of your Knowing is not 'someone over here' knowing. It is Knowing knowing and that is Oneness moving. The field rises because the Knower-sphere is the Knowing knowing, hearing it knows and everything rises up. That's the transformation of self into a movement of Being. 

It is essential for this to be first, otherwise we end up putting what is last, first.  

Man and woman do not come into this until the Beingness of what is man or the Beingness of what is woman is already entering this. The light of the Knowing and the light of Knowing being lived, being drunk, being walked, spoken, formed.That light of knowing raises up an apparent man but it raises up the consciousness. That apparent Knowing raises up the woman. Then there is man and woman, who are not actually man and woman. They are awakening on the level of Being and awakening on the level of Being and uniting in the level of Being - Consciousness and Energy . When bright Consciousness and bright Energy get together you have the building of a Oneness relationship. You have a building of a union that is already taking place in the deep.

But you have to be clear about this because that kind of connection is going to empty out this idea that you are a man or a woman. It will go right to the belief that you are a man that exists in time, that you are a woman that exists in time. It will go right to that belief and it will undo the pockets of holding on to likes and dislikes as a man or a woman. It will empty them. 

So often we may be called or experience another in the light of our Awareness, in the light of the heart, but hey what about the whole of humanity in that immediate experience of Being? But we just bring that down to man and woman.So then you are called beyond this idea of man or woman, therefore you will go beyond the ideal of man and woman.  That's an emptying out of a contracted belief and this has to look a certain conditioned way to work. Because if you made a connection in the deeper communion of Being, you already transcended the idea that you're man and woman. You met in the profundity of Being - Consciousness, Energy, brightness - already one. That's a state of Love but it's a Love that doesn't belong to a sense of self. It belongs to a movement of Being and the birth of the Being in every moment that is becoming. But never does it enter linear time. That's the mind's idea that makes an image of this meeting as a man and a woman. So there is this union of that that is already One. All the ideas of what it is to be a woman, all the ideas of what it is to be a man, all the ideas of what it is to be together are going to be a nice big funeral pyre!

Your old way is to get out of that fire. Your new way is to stay in it, because all that can burn is only cause and effect. Images in the mind, images of imagination in the feeling sense, conditionality, that's all that can burn. Burning away the condition to make way for the unconditional union, streaming from that place arriving in the heart, the body, the meeting, the right condition - emptiness. Emptied of the belief I was ever a particular woman, ever a particular man. Then you are right Here right Now - infinite Awareness as woman, infinite Awareness as man.. or are you simply infinite Knowing knowing. And there can be this wonderful meeting and transference of Being, but it will bring up all the conditions you imposed on any form of relatedness. 

But the opportunity to realise the depth of such a meeting, without putting conditions on it and most definitely without control,  is rare, bacause the belonging to the knowing of Being and what it brings forth is your very love and if two can share that same knowledge and Knowing they can become one Love as One Body, expressing the infinite nature of aware Knowing. They can mirror to each other in a living knowledge of what they're deeply entering, which is more than sense perception. They enter the mystery revealing the mystery. 

Any name given to that, any plummet down is identification with linear time. You will need to go through that and not bail out of that or turn away from that invitation to clear that level through the burning of what you once believed in. But you're really seated in the Knowing. You have to be really deeply clear about this. Because she will bring to him his nightmare of separation. She will bring it to him. She will lay it on his plate. She will bring all the forms that are causes and effects. You are given those for she has believed in those too.  But if he has really seen her in the light of his bright Awareness and her inner dance of mystery, then she will definitely empty out all causes and effects for she is none other than what He is as the Feminine Principle of a cosmic reality. You need to,as Awareness, meet the causes and effects in this body-mind, because they will spill out of his and they will show him what he loves. Does he love her in the depth of the Beingness that he knows he saw her in the light of his own Awareness or does he need something from her, want something from her ?

 If he is called to the light that he saw connected in his own heart, he will die for that and basically that's what happens. And she will die for that meeting if she as aware knowing that has touched the depth of where he now comes from. Then she will practice staying open and self emptying and it will cost her all her self images, it will cost him all his self images. And sometimes they want to get out of this, sometimes they will want to run and they will say: "I am out of here! But really they don't want to be out of Here- infinite space, this Now, the eternal possibility of forming the relatedness from what is already One. That's their yearning, to know God in true forms of living loving Oneness. The mind will say: "This isn't working." but our heart will say: "Yes it is ! It is absolutely working!" You cannot let go of such a love. It keeps calling you and calling you:" Die for me, die for me ! Die for that that is true!" But it is never going to be for your self. It will be for the union point within, where energy and consciousness move to the tune of realisers realising. 


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