She is teaching you to go without using your normal navigational system of ego and of mind. She is teaching you to navigate with your heart light, your soul light. That is why you have to keep descending even though there is no sight. That is what she teaches you.

Often man would rather take her body and her sexuality than endeavour to enter her soul light. We haven’t been taught who she is. We haven’t been taught that the very light that attracted her to men endeavouring to be conscious, has a price. The price is always our ego. It refines us and it redefines us. Who we attract as men and women is redefining who we are by refining who we are. That is what actually takes place. We are actually in a God relationship redefining, refining who we are to awaken in new place. The light that we saw with each other begins to be our actual manifest form and experience; we have access into the light that we experience when we are willing to go into that place. It is like we are blindfolded - in that we do not know how this is going to look.

So we have to give up our egoic pretences and fears that arise and say ‘navigate this way, navigate that way’ as an emotional pattern. We don’t do that; we practice divine relationship and navigate through truth and love together, not out of familiarity. We begin to tune into the heart and soul of each other as God consciousness and not to need our parent’s and ex-lover’s references anymore. We are referencing ourselves in a profoundly real place and that is the dawning of a new relationship of human beings.