When all structures disappear, the real space of you still is. The real you is not dependent on a structure, but humanity has twisted that. Humanity creates structures and then works within them and identifies with them. The new humanity will not do that. The new humanity will be the force or the power of one Self, creating structures and flowing through them. Currently humanity does this in unconscious identification.

In anyone who has this deep yearning to know God inside and inside of life, something very fundamental begins to take place. In the discovery of God, structures begin to dissolve or fall away and it may feel like everything is collapsing in on you. But what are collapsing in on you are all the old structures that you as consciousness created to know yourself through and then identified with.

When a real touch of God comes along, when there is an opening it doesn’t need a structure. It touches you with no structure and it is that no structure place that is the real you. You feel freed because something has touched you that you recognise is free, because it has no structure. If reality touched you inside you would turn into what it is in an instant. In that everything falls apart or is instantly dissolved.

Only the real can make everything complete here, only your being can make everything complete here. Nothing else can. Here is our current distraction and distortion as human beings. We seek fulfilment with ourselves and with others. We try to get God through a structure as a structure.

We are endeavouring to meet others in relationship, to have a heart meeting place with another. We do this carrying our structures towards that meeting, so we can’t meet the space of the other because we are heading to the other with a structured pillar of brick and steel.

We can’t meet anything Real in this universe whilst we are identifying with any structure, because it is the structure that causes an obstruction of a true and direct opening to what is here.

Every human being is involved in this, because when the real does open up in one, the innermost completeness that we are inside flows into the vacated space of a separate sense of self and in that moment there is completeness inside a structure called a human being.

Our dilemma is to cease functioning out of a structure whilst still moving in the structure of the human form. You can be unidentified with the human form but completely loving it, you must love it. If you don’t love the structure you have created, you cannot love the universe which is a manifest structure.

When this occurs you cannot connect with beings that are living from higher reality within this universe, (which are  higher aspects of oneself) because our structures of un-love hold us back.

That place where we come out of is already free. We must come out of and make our choices from that place. This takes nothing short of a revolution in relationships, a revolution, a love revolution of our self. We would then have to love the structure of humanity and of our human body being, from the place of our God-self, from the place of Reality.