When we look at The Form Reality Practice, we are really looking at daily life. The manner in which we are open and awake within the practice, we begin to know the streaming. We begin to know the sensation of it, the energy of it, the light of it and then the depth of it. The Knowing isn’t ‘someone’. You have gone from relative association with experience up on the surface body as a person trying to do and get something in a mental, emotional, physical self, into the metaphysical, the physics of this, just as you do in deep dreamless sleep.

Within the practice of The Form, you will discover you come deeper away from the relative into the directness of Being Aware. You come upon the energies, the consciousness and the depths of the non-relative, even into Non-Being.

You come through all of this, You as Awareness and ‘all this’ is made of Awareness. Awareness moves, it manifests in this Now. This level of intelligence makes you believe that this form has past but what it has is Presence. It is made of Presence. It is all light, held together by Awareness.

Whilst as Awareness we still have form, we are discovering all light is form at different frequencies on this level. Patterning makes the stars possible, the planets, the earth, the body. We begin to see and know each other beyond the pattern. We begin to meet in Being, and as we meet in Being, what begins to fall away is our objective love, our subjective love, our objects of pain being the subject of that pain. All that begins to fall away, begins to collapse. You will experience this collapse very, very intimately because you are the intimacy of Being. You will experience all the patterns collapse back into that intimacy, but mind projects that collapse as a difficulty and a problem that should not be happening.

The tectonic plates of this body-mind will be moving to manifest a new light-form of that that you are entering. The metaphysical up into the biological changes. It doesn’t just adapt to a situation in the way it used to adapt. No, this is a complete change, rather like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly. You cannot stop half-way. You just can’t. You want to burst out of that metaphysical old shell that is gestating at greater depths, but you can’t. You will be bubbling in this cocoon and part of you is still the old place believing you are ‘someone’. The moment you stop, the mind won’t like that you no longer give energy to any of this. You will come into a great No-thing. Your old ways, your mind will get totally bored in being No-thing because it wants control. All the control will collapse. You will stop struggling, although it gets quite terrible as you just let everything collapse. Now you will be in the depths of that cocoon of potential.

In that collapse, there are new openings. Those openings are not huge or big. Everyone wants that. No, those openings are teeny tiny little bits. Stay in that little bit and let that little bit have all of you. Then you will realise all you wanted to ever do was rest. You didn’t want to ‘do’. You want to rest because that rest is pure openness, your pure nobody-ness, and that is what you love. From that, Light moves and Awareness moves through that openness and finds what It Is deeply, and new life appears. It is the return. It is You as Awareness returning, through it all, amongst it all, returning. See that you long for return. Then you will give up this concern for this appearance of self.

Right Now, right Here, as Awareness explore this inner landscape of Being. Explore it, come into it. It is not that it is all Light really. It is that it is all Reality. Really! Then what one was deeply knowing is in change in the metaphysical, the prior-to.

I am not proposing that ‘someone’ is doing this. I am not proposing that you need to understand this. Understanding comes once the Knowing has life, when one lives the Knowing. As you begin to live the Knowing, you will go through everything that we just spoke of. Up on the surface it seems to be a process but what You Are is not a process. You are wholeness revealing You to You. Really though, it is the Self realising Itself, Light realising the Light. It is really all about that. When you lose yourself, you will realise your Self, Awareness. That is how it is.

Life is moving and bringing this about quite naturally in the very cells of manifesting through the Calling into Aware Being, the return of what went out coming Home. And it is showing up every single moment you breathe, showing up in everything.

Are you called to unveil what You Are amongst all the images as they collapse into the emptiness of what You deeply Are? Then your body, as an identification, is already in the cemetery and the symmetry of life is moving, doing and manifesting the awakening.

Crete 2018 Sessions