The present moment is a lie. There is no such thing as the present moment. There is Presence and there no such thing as moments because in truth there is no such thing as time in the present moment. Find time in the present moment. You won't find it. You will only find time if you use your mind and dig up and experience that your mind tells you is before this moment and you link that belief to this event of experience which is Now. So then there is this event, which is clearly Now.

This is real because we are clearly here now and then there is this other Now, in some other moment of time, which is distance between two events. So you have to go into your memory to make a past event real, but it will have no Reality because it is just an image. The only Reality it has is the one you make of it and make it a powerful image that mixes and determines this only instant there is, which is Now and makes you believe that there is a future to get away from this moment, because the two don't mix . The past image and the experience of what really is Now. So between two events is a measurement. That distance we call time. It is all very conceptual if we look at it. The concept 'time' only refers to the ability as Consciousness to reflect or know images. Those images are not made of time. Those images are made of Consciousness, not time. Through belief we make those images about a 'me' that also doesn't exist for  clearly I Am I, not a 'me'. Through that belief then, I endorse the belief that between this event and another event is a measurement and then I turn that measurement into 'like or dislike'. "I don't like this moment I preferred the previous one." and that's a lie. In other words it is not Truth.  We build up a separate sense of self, through that belief. 

The ‘present moment’ is actually a New Age invention. If you don't invent a present moment, then there is only Presence. Presence is the Love everyone seeks either in the past or the future. But it is only Now and Now doesn't need a past and future because it is already full of Love, full of Presence. We can look in the past but you will have to go into where you imprinted the idea of past and experience. You will have to go into your television set, which is your mind. If there is a series you are watching , like Star Trek, go over to the TV or to your computer and see if you can find that past episode in the TV. You won't find it there. You will have to go to a storage facility where you can pull up the past, a seeming other episode and you will have to then bring it in to what is Presence, not the present moment. Go and find Star Trek in your TV. You will needs some device that  is able to draw that event out of memory. That's what the brain does but your brain is not actually made for that. It's made for Presence, the streaming of Love which is the Presence.

 When you get to see this, that there is only this Now, then clearly if there is Now only and not the present moment, you won’t find a past to reference this Presence to and you won’t find a future to head towards, to become present in, for you are already IT! Only from this Presence is life fully lived, then Presence streams the Now and that is Love or fullness, where everything is actually shining and working and there is no need to reference past or future as an identification of someone. Then the body mind is a streaming of Now and in the streaming of Now there is only a full living life and actually no such thing as death. There is no future to head towards and no past to look back on. Now you are really realising Now is Eternity. And it is not 'someone being in the Now. There is only this Now shining as all of us. 

This idea..of 'present moment' makes Presence float as if it is a ship on a big ocean. Presence is not floating ..Presence is real and it is Now and it is the One who is listening to these words... 

19 April 2019 - Ohinetahi Community , New Zealand