The belief that you had experience yesterday is the creation of time. The creation of time creates thought. We can only think in time, from an image of an experience that has already passed. You are encoding patterns with the idea that you are ‘someone’ who had a past. You begin to obscure the reality of this level of existence, which is a level of Being forming, with images of someone that doesn't actually exist. That is thought. For thought to exist you need to believe in time.

You, Awareness in Being, takes a picture, a photographic memory that you existed in the past in a certain way. You put your name on that image. You need space and time to perform certain actions that then belong to a ‘somebody’. You obscure the glory of what Being is, That that I Am. That is the very pain and suffering everyone on the planet experiences, until they stop. Once you stop it, is rather like a train coming to a sudden halt. Once you stop, all the carriages begin to collapse into each other. All the images, the carriages of times, of distances, of past collapse. All beings that come to this sphere of humanity have to deal with this at some point or another - the belief that all the imprints or the conditionalities of this level concern you, but they are no concern of yours.

You are taught that you should be concerned about them. So you get concerned by the images that you performed a certain action and others performed certain actions and that there are actions for and actions against you as a separate entity. Your mind cannot do anything but think about your self-image. That is thought and thought exists in a linear dimension of make-believe time. What happens is that all these images pile up in the brain. They are all patterns encoded with the belief there is ‘someone’ that created and needs to keep moving the image of a 'me' that doesn't actually exist.

Thought lands you in the belief that you are ‘someone’ with encodements of past experiences that are solid in a linear form and if you don't think about them, the train will stop. When the train stops, all the thoughts and all the images collide and all the energy that those imprints are made of come to one point. That is the pressure we feel in our daily lives.

We are taught to maintain the self-image that we are ‘someone’ here. We are taught to keep thinking about the past. We are also taught to think about the future, so we can get away from the past and build new self-images. We continue to give ancestry to all beings that come of the fear of not being Eternal Consciousness itself.

We are all held in the belief that we are ‘somebodies’, self-images thinking and moved by the idea “I had a past.” This is tremendous energy of imagination. This is why your brain will not be silent until you realise What You Are. To realise What You Are, you will need to STOP.

You cannot stop thinking but you can, as Knowing-Awareness cease relating to thought. That is the stopping of the train. Often in our lives the train stops by someone leaving us, becoming ill, dying. Some event at some point or other stops the train. That event has come about through your greater intelligence awakening itself. These events make Consciousness self-reflect.

When we bring our awareness directly to the light of Knowing, the train slows down. All the energy of the past comes up in thoughts, feelings and situations that we electro-magnetically create to sustain a self-centre. There is an overload in our nervous system. What we tend to do with this overload is invent a new person to have a better future, invent a bigger, faster train carrying more passengers of images.

If you just stop, the train might not even crash. You might realise it was never really there. It was simply a thought of a 'me'. In that moment, which is only ever Now, there is glory because the one who is listening to these words is that very glory. It doesn't need space, doesn't need time, doesn't need a name, doesn't need things. All this simply arrives in the glory for this is a glorious life!

New Zealand Retreat 2018