A short piece from a day seminar with B in Japan -   Excerpt & Audio

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Let me show you an unusual dream... It is called your life. 'All this' is an unusual dream. One day you will wake up from this dream - maybe Now! Whenever it will be, it will always be 'Now'.

If you can only wake up 'Now', then 'Now' must be timeless Awareness. Now! And if you can only wake up 'Now', you must be timeless. Your dream is that you are of time, but you are not. You are timeless.  If you can only wake up 'Now', then you must be the Now. 'Now' is pure timeless Awareness. See that you are 'Now'. You are not a movement of time forward or backward. You are the Now in which time seems to appear.

When you believe you are in time, you are late. When you believe you are of time, in time, you locate yourself as a body. When you try to go beyond time, you locate yourself in a body. Whenever you try to do something, you always locate yourself in a body, in a space, in time. You will be limited. Whenever you think about someone doing something, you locate yourself in a time, in an identity, in confinement.

When we dance The Form we are giving up softly, gently, open heartedly any 'trying to do something'. Maybe, if you can see 'Who This Is’, I bring you into enjoyment. In enjoyment you expand, in enjoyment you disappear to limitation and in enjoyment you evolve very fast. 

All our fears are only locatable in time. Think about that and you will be moving in time. If you know that, that is timeless aware Knowing. Timeless Awareness knows. I keep finding ways to come into your timelessness so that you can know and see that you are eternal. Recognise, in any moment of deep dreamless sleep, you do not exist as a body, as a time person. You are Pure Awareness Knowing. You might think this will make you unintelligent but it will actually bring your intelligence on a supreme vertical level. Then the mind and the machine called 'the brain' becomes a servant and not a master. It becomes a beloved servant of the Heart.

What I am sharing with you is the basis of The Form and its practice and its deepening understanding, because in the practice I will not allow you to become robots. In the practice, I will call you to become masters. That is the only reason I teach, to return your power to you, to show you that you can grow your ability to move, manifest and self-master.

We are here to live a timelessly full life of radiance, a fearless life of pure heart radiance.

Time begins and ends, begins and ends. That is fear. Yet in your heart you know the Universe and its manifestation...WOW!! It continues to grow and evolve. The Universe doesn't fear, the Universe is You.

When you no longer identify with time, it doesn't mean you will be late for an appointment. It doesn't mean 'I don't have to meet you on time'. It doesn't mean 'I mustn't get to work on time’. It doesn't mean 'I can't get to my tennis match on time'. This is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that you are not ruled or governed by time. You are its Master and its Maker. 

Be joyous about that, because the moment time doesn't rule you, it works for you! This is sacred and holy, so that all beings can be free, not bound by time. Then the river of Love, which is the Pure Consciousness, moves the river of time without fear, pain or suffering. Very beneficial for all beings to be free. 

In fearless timelessness, you are able to bring all your light potential. See, what I am pointing to is you cannot do the letting go of time. That is you being time-bound. I have been showing you the answer to this, it is so simple that you will forget it ... Then maybe I will come and remind you or the wind will blow you open to remember. The answer is a quiet heart.  A soft, quiet, open heart masters all times, all spaces, all experiences. 

A quiet heart can move throughout the Universe unafraid and full to serve all beings. 

When you come and recognise the smallest quietest place in your heart, that small quietness is enormous! You must stay with it, listen to it, relax in it. You must speak from it, breathe from it, meet each other from it and meet the experience of each moment from it. That spaciousness is your true nature, Pure Consciousness, Pure Love is right there and that is 'What You Are'. 

I am not asking you as a person to go and find it. I am saying, take your awareness there, it is You. You do this when you go to deep dreamless sleep.

The patterned mind is a million distractions. You can walk amongst the million distractions without being distracted because in essence you are the power of the Universe and Beyond. 

When I teach you The Form, I also help you to relax. Relaxing calls 'What You Are' -- Pure Awareness, Pure Consciousness -- Home through your heart. You become awakened in the qualities of timeless Awareness knowing it is knowing itself.

It doesn't look like it but we are together for all Eternity. Are we going to enjoy ourselves? Do we need any distractions or do we want to find the golden heart, always? Of course, we do.

So then as we enter the quiet soft opening of the heart, a thousand distractions that we covered our heart with, because we fear pain, will show up. Most people don't understand this because they identify with their distractions as their identity. Recognise your distractions and you will recognise your purity.

Recognise the false and you will recognise the Real, because it is You. 

Listen to the audio clip

D4 S1 - Tokyo July 2017