Excerpt from a skype conversation with B - July 2017

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Q: We have been speaking about disturbance...

B: Disturbance is is a very, very beautiful instrument ...

Q: For me the disturbance is in that 'I know' but how to bring That that I know is 'higher' into this physical realm, into form -  form being my everyday life ? 

B: Who is going to bring that into everyday life?

Q: I am

B: Who is this I that am? Is its name Elena?

Q: No, but how to bring it into Elena, through Elena..

B: Is there somebody there called Elena? 

Q: No not really ...

B: Ok,  that's one out of the way then ...'Not really', which means Elena is not in Reality. That's what you mean by 'not really'. When you say ' not really' you mean it is an illusion . It is not Reality... 

Does the Deep need a name?

Q: No

B: Does the Deep play a game? 

Q: No

B: Are you sure?  If the Deep is not playing a game then what's playing? 

If we are to further our conversation and if you are to move the evolution of your surface form and evolve what you are, then you can't look at anything as 'somebody'. You have to see 'somebody' is part of the game, because otherwise you will be constantly drawing conclusions. Because as a self that's all you do. You draw conclusions: "If I do this, this will happen. If I just say that, this will happen.  Oh, this person is doing that , that person is doing this. " They are all conclusions, that's not Reality. You have to come from a place that is already done, already complete. Like Jesus when he recognised "Thy Will is Done ", which means, the deeper realities are already complete. That's why when you have  deep experience there is nothing to do , because you are complete. There is a sense of completeness that is not on the surface. You cannot action that completeness as your name, as your past , as somebody. You cannot action the Truth as a somebody. You cannot move That that is already complete as any being that has a history or a future. It won't move. It's an illusion!

That means everything begins to fall out of your hands as something that you can grasp or hold onto, as having  any real value, because it's just like clouds. It passes away. Suddenly what you will find is 'What you are' does not pass away. Then you can bring to the surface what does not pass away, even though the forms of it will pass away. You did that from the moment of seeming birth. You knew this is passing away, this form but You are not. 

When you had a really good experience , when you had a really good day, is it the images of the day that stay with you or is it that that opened amongst all those moving images?

Q: That that opened...

B: Then that must be You - the deeper level of You - so that you can know You, see You, form You. If you hold onto the images as any form of real information, you need to keep using existence as a memory card, but you're not a memory card or memory bank. You have no need of a memory, no need of a card. Just the being of what you are that opened the goodness of the day.

All the images are just what gives form to what you are as the light of Awareness, streaming this level of forming. Let go of all the images, Stop reading the information card on the screen. If you read the information card, all the images will come up on the screen, your screen , your mind. If you don't read the information the only thing that will be screened is the true forms of your light streaming this moment of Reality. 

See all the forms of information, not about the information of those forms identified through a past, but as the deeper levels of the light of your heart streaming up, forming the moment, even having its own hands , its own body its own mouth,  its own eyes , its own  feet. That information is a movement of your Awareness having instant forming. In that instant forming it doesn't just form the body-mind levels of a 'someone', it also forms the movements of the deeper levels as seeming 'other' forms. It is so that you discover your greater abilities as conscious Awareness on the deeper levels, through how you move those deeper levels up into relatedness on the surface, whether it is between seeming others or whether it is how you move the moment or how you use a thing. All This is You knowing You - What You Are, what the "I" is. 

This is how you are moving the greater ability of your greater Awareness and then it has forms and you are able to touch it, smell it, move it and behold the miracle that all the forms are not separate from your consciousness. They ARE your consciousness forming. If you make them separate or make others separate you become separate as Knowing from the Source of you,  separate from other forms.  Whilst everything is a flux of light and energy, all forming deeper levels of reality as inter-relationships between people, places, plants, trees, stars and planets. The greater hand of this movement literally moves the universe and now Your hand can be the greater hand of that greater place of your own presence. 

Move the universe in your relationships. That universe doesn't have time in it. Time is the linear effect of how quickly you can move as a subject to an object or to another at the speed of your primal Consciousness. If it's not at the speed of your primal Consciousness, then there will be a gap between the Knowing what you are, what the other is or what a thing is. That creates time space and distance. If there is no distance in You knowing You, then there will be no distance in how you are knowing 'apparent other'; there will be no time between you, which is the same as saying no karma. 

Karma is yours . It is not someone else's or something others have given you. It is how you have created relationships outside of you, because you are not having the relationship inside of you. Then there is distance. Your mind will translate that distance as difficulty, problem and disturbance . It is because you have distanced What You Are from what you are doing , what you're moving and what you have as a self. 

When you transform that energy directly by having a movement as a beings and not seeing other or past, you become the immediacy of the light of Awareness. Then you discover:" My God, I am complete and 'all this' is complete."There is no need for completion on the surface. That is the lie. It is complete inside. What needs completion on the surface is to move what is inside, outside.  But you cannot do that as a self, so you have to be selfless.

The moment you have this idea that there is completeness inside but you can move what is complete, outside, you separate the knowing of completeness inside from the movement of that completeness outside. You make  yourself other. That's cause and effect . If there is completeness inside then move that completeness in all you do and say outside. Recognise the completeness, There is no need of completion outside, that's a body-mind brain idea. The completeness is only of You,Consciousness itself relating to its original completeness- all the way out.

If you are finding that there is not completion outside, it is because you prefer the relationship of your self to the relationship of your inner completeness. You're dividing. 

Your self is just a piece of clay. It only obeys the program you put into it. It will only do what you have programmed it to do . It will only see what you've programmed it to see. It will only feel what you've programmed it to feel. It It will only relate to what you programmed it to relate to. It is innocent. You are the one that has to change the programming of the clay by having the first relationship to your spaciousness, your direct Knowing of completeness already within. No one can make you lack in completeness. It is your own lack o the outside because you  are valuing what your self says and not what your inner completion knows.

Value your self and its habits more than you know the completeness inside and your self will never mirror to you the completeness that it is already made in... just as when you were a baby.

17 July 2017 - skype call to community in New Zealand

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