From a Livestream with B  -   Excerpt

Q: How can I unlisten to old stories without denying or refusing them?

B: In any moment of the day what you think you are seeing is not what is actually on offer. What you think you are in the experience of is not about a ‘somebody’, it is not about another and not about what you are doing. It is entirely about where you are coming from in this ‘doing-ness’.

At the heart level, every moment of the day is about being utterly available to hear and see what you hear and see but also to be broken at any level that does not match your new knowing and to let that level break instead of protecting it in any way whatsoever with a story.

It is not about what you do or where you are on this planet; it is about where you are in You.

You are endeavoring to convey the deeper levels you are awakening to and be broken by any level of self that does not match your deeper awakening. You will never betray your deeper awakening because it will not feel good for you or another or change how you live your life.

It is really about being available to be broken at the level that does not match your deepening in what you are now moving into in your Being. Anything that you are holding together as a story impedes this level being You at the level of human form. It cannot be You.

Be broken in anything. To be broken means that the deeper level now has access to that level of forming and forms. If Consciousness is sincerely for and really interested in the deeper level, then we cannot betray that deeper level because we want to keep ourselves comfortable - mentally, emotionally, socially, psychologically or in any other way.

That is the way of healing. Then the deeper level, which is a flow of Pure Being, transforms and heals the level that is now broken.  In a single movement of the deeper level having that brokenness, you are New!

If you think about that, you hold back from it. You as Awareness hold back. If you look in your daily life, you are holding back from being broken and you keep yourself together in the same ‘old ’ with a suspect future by maintaining stories through an identification with the belief that you are ‘somebody’, when you are actually wonderfully ‘nobody’.

In that moment of brokenness, the new level moves and has instant form, instant being, instant depth and a way of presence that is a continuum of openness.

You will be knowing there is no ‘other’. You will be conveying the deeper levels of truth and forming that level.

Be available to be broken. Often we can have an invitation to be honest and broken but in the world as it is, you will be fixing that brokenness very quickly and getting back to your old way. But what if something happens on this planet that you could not fix your old way? Have that kind of attitude. Love brokenness because it reveals the depth of your love and you find a new movement of Being that moves you.

It is not a question of trust. It is a question of really hearing the Calling of your own Being. We have this capacity to hide the brokenness and just pull up more pictures rather than stay true to the deeper knowing and unfolding.

When you are truly broken, which really means truly surrendered, in that moment of brokenness the Deep opens up and you know no other. Instead of fixing the brokenness, you have a wide-open depth of expanse of ‘nothing’ happening.

The surface form, the electromagnetic system, is being moved into a deeper movement of conception, of conceiving that this is more than personal experience and it comes up into the Being-ness that is a ‘nobody’ appearing as you or I.

Brokenness is not what we believe it is. It is going beyond the electromagnetic system of our body-mind identity, going deeper than the pictures in our brains, in our bodies and in our circuitry of humanness, diving under the radar of self-protection. In this movement, we touch on an honest openness to not use any energy to hold back from the unknown. Anything could happen and it would be Goodness moving, because we are not ‘somebody’. In that moment, all the pictures and stories in your body-mind are in immediate change. That is actually happening in you and I right now.

Everything is happening under the surface, deeper than your normal familiar way of knowing and being but you are protecting the unknown level of you to come up.

Yet this is what you want because it is the fruit and gorgeousness of your heart manifesting, non-separate from others, an invitation for all to Be this. In the circuitry of our mystery, our love forms and it is You and I as We.

In this manner, brokenness goes under the radar of your self story and protection but it gives what you are as Awareness a new power of openness and a pristine movement of the deeper level that you are entering that moves and manifests as you or I or us.

In that, there is no fear of ‘other’ anymore because we are so conjoined in the conveyance of what we deeply are. The forms on the surface are forming like buds and fruits on a tree, just by being true and not fixing the brokenness.

There will be much brokenness as you truly awaken. Instead of patching the feeling that the images of you will change, dive under the radar. That is exactly what you want because that is where your freedom is and that moves up to the surface and even changes the cells in a different glow of Being.

It does not necessarily mean that the place where you live changes, although it might. It does not mean that your partner changes, although he or she might. It does not mean that your diet changes. It just means you have reconfigured this moment of existence in every cell of your body and every cell of your experience is reconfigured from the deeper place through the brokenness.

If you allow brokenness in the manner of awakening I am pointing to, you are going to know a whole Being manifesting.  You will not be experiencing brokenness. You will be in the experience of the flow of your goldenness, your goodness with no beginning and no end.

The electromagnetic circuitry of the Heart and the nervous system is the constant manifestation of that union of Belonging. That’s the HOW. The HOW is to allow the brokenness because that is where the openness reveals the depth of Pure Consciousness and its movement into True Love Forms.

You simply manifest your Being by being the presence of your greater Knowing amongst all of this. This is not here for you to identify; it all speaks to you of the secret of your mystery of the deeper entrances of your Being.

Black points to white.
White points to black.
All opposites point to Non-Duality.

All opposites point to Oneness.
All opposites point to Singularity.

It all points to the One who is knowing, the one who is laughing, the one who is smiling, the one who is Real.