When I say distortion, there's nothing bad about it, it's just that what You are is so fine and pure that as the innermost comes all the way through to the outermost, the vibration is pure and in existence it fluctuates which gives rise to the phenomena of the universe, to the stars, to the planets, to the phenomena of being somebody. It individuates Oneness into frequencies of Beingness evolving the Universe as itSelf - that's You and I. 
So then there's distortion when Awareness identifies with an object of experience when the experience IS I am Aware knowingly aware. Sounds like nothing to the mind but it is The Absolute.

So when Awareness identifies with a thought or a feeling, it is distortion and that distortion then begins to manifest the idea I am a particular someone and not actually Divine or God or whatever you want to call that. Distortion is Awareness vibrating at a frequency that maintains a separate sense. When you realise deeper, that distortion will get even more apparent and most beings, people, freak out at that moment and think something is incredibly wrong, and they can get all disorientated and always think it has to do with someone else. But it's you awakening to the pure frequency of you as a being.

As you realise what You are, those distortions begin to be even more prevalent. Lots of crazy thoughts, feeling and situations, it's all manifest. It's enabling you to see and know You more deeply as the Pure, as the Deep but with no judgment about the distortions. But you will see judgment everywhere mostly other people's. That's a distortion in itself.

When you're awakening, you'll be growing in the ability to discern so deeply and cleanly What You Are amongst the mix of what's undoing and coming through. And you'll find judgments coming though that but can you go beyond the judgment and not judge the judgment? There's a lot happening. Many are called but few come. To come, you're going through the eye of the needle. Everything that is a false perception, all that doesn't belong to what you deeply are, is quite disturbing.It disturbs that that is the illusion in You making it possible for you to know yourself, You who is Awareness.

Many are called. Most of them don't come; they keep away from this kind of fire and just want to remain a human but not in the sense of a Being, humanity. The moment you are called, you're called through all the distortion that acts and moves and pretends to be you. That's why very few come because it costs all your belief systems, the belief that you are a someone.