Love’s Longing                                                                      

In her fullness she came,
bursting from the nowhere – the now-here from within me,
immediate , radiantly in her full dancing form she shone before me.
Enticingly she drew me to know her,
experience her shifting light forms.
Deeper and deeper she sang me into her woman,
her womb of life experience .
Manifest me! Manifest me! she cried out loud.
Experience me! Experience me! she sang out loud.
Burn for me! Die for me! Do not let go! she screamed.
Until it is done, when you and I are One.
What could I do but hold her tight in my burning arms of passion,
until she and I burned no more.
As quickly as she came,
She disappeared.
Did she ever exist?
Was I just dreaming?



Oh Soft Kiss

Oh Soft kiss
Like a warm breeze,
Passing through my soul,
Is it you beloved?
Is it you?

Come, come, again and again
Until I awaken.
Awaken me dear heart
I beg you.
Do not pass me by!

For I now hear your sweet song.
I taste the nectar of your Being.
Oh! Beloved return me to the hive
I so wish to be alive
Alive! Alive!

You come! You come!
You come!  You come!

My heart is but butter
Melted in your embrace.
My mind a thousand doves in flight.
Beloved! Beloved!
How could I have ever left you?
I lay forever in the silken chamber of your heart.
For, I now know, only upon your breast can I truly rest.
Only in the love of my Lord God
Am I truly Free.