Some wonderful pieces and quotes from a satsang during the Bristol retreat 2018 where B speaks about ultimate failure...

"All your failures, whilst having a body, are bringing you to death - before the body drops away."

“Self-Realisation or Love is brought about through total failure.”

"The willingness to fail is to open and surrender to what truly is - Reality itself. "

“True Seeing has no centre or core - it is Pure You."

“When ALL fails you are returned to what You are, unqualified pure living Awareness.”

"You can re-imagine your self, your imagined self, but it is still not going to be 'You' and it will fail. What You Are cannot fail."


Total failure...

What if total failure is absolute surrender?” Even the surrender you are trying to succeed in is a failure. If it were to fail completely, for it surely will...

Failure is surrender and surrender then is the complete letting go of everything needing to work for an illusion. Reality doesn't need anything to work. It is already Real.

Where nothing works ...

Self Realisation or Love is brought about through total failure. When you are willing to totally fail at everything. Why? Because you are trying to get an illusion to work to be what You are and it can't. You are already whole. You are already bright. There is nothing to succeed in on any level, with anyone. Total failure is where true Love opens.

You have been taught the idea that you have to succeed and it is terrible to totally fail. It's a core pattern within the human psyche. Total failure takes you to 'where nothing works ever again'. Where nothing works is where Nothing works - Reality. Where nothing works is where Reality is working. Where nothing works is where Light is shining. Where everything is failed is where that that cannot even have a thought of failure already Is.


From seer to Seeing

Move from looking to seeing. Somewhere right there 'someone seeing' begins to fail. Seeing begins to live without doing anything. In that moment there is an expanse of bright Awareness. Someone seeing begins to truly fail and Seeing begins to truly live. Is there an origin of someone seeing? Yes. Is there an origin of Seeing? No. True Seeing has no centre or core - it is Pure You.

The failure, which is the surrender to someone seeing, begins to introduce the Seeing is Knowing. The knower begins to fail. As the seer begins to fail, the knower begins to fail and the Seeing sees and the Knowing knows. Awareness enters the Seeing and the Knowing. Awareness begins to see and know beyond a seer and a knower.


Allowing failure...

You are learning to allow failure, total failure with no need to succeed. Only then will the sweetness of You move. You can’t wait for it. You can’t manufacture it. It only moves in the failure, utter failure. It only moves in the 'no need to succeed'. You definitely become more silent and say a lot less but when you speak, you’re not 'someone' speaking.

When Reality moves Reality knows it’s moving. Reality does speak and there's a transmission within Reality speaking. The idea that that Reality is 'someone' is going to fail. When Reality moves, when Reality speaks and when Reality is seeing and knowing that is profound Life being lived ...through humanness with all its inherent difficulties, for this is a realm that is in constant evolution and development. That is why it is conditional.

In a thousand years time, the conditions will be different but they will still be conditional. But in the ability of Unconditional Awareness to fully live IN the conditions, the conditions turn into the living of the Unconditional. This can be fully lived right now.


Only the Real remains...

When the illusions fail, there is only the Real that remains. That’s the quietness that one knows when you’ve gone through so much. When you’ve gone through so much, it’s like sorting the wheat from the chaff, the corn from its husk. We go through the sorting as we are awakening, of all the false codes of Reality as being 'someone', until that becomes a place where it’s no longer failure. There just is what I deeply am and I have no need to succeed in it.

It becomes very simple. The Real only ever lived. The illusion I am a someone never lived; that’s just an idea superimposed on what really is Life, sustained energetically, forcefully, utterly for this to go to fail.

When we let failure happen with a soft open heart, we still discover the husk, we still discover the false. Awakening is realising what speaks, the illusions or what we are. All the voices of the illusory sense of self begin to be seen and allowed to fail but there’s still no one doing it. Then there are moments of openness. There can be moments of sublime openness and that sublime openness is Reality, is the one that is listening to these words now. The body can be so clean and open. Laughter might come from nowhere, joy from nowhere, tears from nowhere. Failure then is so wonderful. It reveals That that always IS.

- B Prior