A short piece from the Glastonbury Sessions 2018.

When Awareness chooses that the very experience of this moment is not what I want or need, then we create someone separate that can walk away from it. When Awareness, You and I, are in an experience and our conditional mind says, “This is not it. I need it looking this way.” Then what’s actually happening is: when what’s happening is not what we can be present in that right there is separation or division where what we are as Awareness says this is not the condition that I can rest in or be love in. Right there what we are in touch with is the conditional state of our sense of self and person. It’s a condition. It’s a like and dislike condition. We’re not actually in touch with our Being. The Love that we first are just below the body-mind idea.

When Awareness is one with its Being, there’s no condition up on the level of self or person that as a Being you cannot be open in. The moment that You as Awareness believe that this condition is not what I want to live in, you’re not in touch with your Being because your Being has no conditionality and it’s the very freedom that you really are, but you must be one with it.

One with your Being, that is Oneness. We are not one as Awareness appearing as men and women whilst we’re not one with our Being. We have to be one with our Being. Only being one with our Being, the Being will come up into our body-mind.

When we experience quite some opening, whether you call it Spiritual, whether you call it Love, it’s just breathtaking. When you as Awareness who appears to be a someone with so much conditioning saying, “You should think like this. You should say this. You need to feel this and not that. Things need to change here.” then that level, the contents of our mind, and you as Awareness are aligning with the conditional. So you’re being the condition. It’s your Being that’s the unconditional.

When you’re one with what you know to be true in your heart completely and utterly, then there is Oneness. Then that gives your Being immediate access to what you as Awareness are in in this conditional level. Suddenly there will be no condition there. You’ll see condition but you won’t be of the condition. It will be there in your sense of self and person but it won’t be of You.

When we’re opening in such terrible circumstances and we remain open, we’re no longer separate as Awareness saying, “I need this condition to be the Love I Am.” The Love You Are needs no particular condition to be what it deeply is. We can say we’re ‘Oneness’ but that’s not the truth unless our Awareness is one with its Beingness within and yet beyond our Heart. Then we are one and we can walk amongst this world and not be of it but not shun it as right or wrong. We can walk in What IS and the very power of what we deeply are illumes the objects within the personal realm of experience and the sense of self. That’s real healing, just walking as that openness is enough and we don’t need it to change.

In those moments when you’re really open amongst the problems, the arguments, the pain, whatever it is in you or something you’re going through with others, but you’re staying totally within your heart and open, you begin to see through the innocence of the light of what you first are. You begin to have clarity, the kind of clarity that can see the conditions and not judge the conditions whether they are in you or another or in our society. Everything then begins to be open. Rather than thinking it’s all you as what you are, suddenly it all opens and you’re able to see it and read it and you are the Perceiver, your are the Knower, you are Awareness.

In that manner where you can be fully present in those conditional experiences of this level of form, that’s where the magic happens, that’s where the Love happens, that’s where the living possibility takes place because there you do not separate what you are from what another is, separate your condition from another’s condition. Only when you’re one in your heart can you, as it were, touch on the Oneness in another’s heart even though there’s lots of conditioning moving.

 - B, Glastonbury August 2018