A few beautiful pieces from Glastonbury ...

The only agreement you can have is with your heart, your deepest interior, not outside. When you agree, you as Awareness, with what you know in your heart, then you know whether what you are matches what your Being is because your heart will open, and if it doesn’t open, then you’re still somewhere holding on to a conditional sense of ‘me’.

When you’re true ‘I’, when you’re truly the Awareness and you’re in total agreement with your heart, your heart will open. Your heart will only open when you as Awareness is completely aligned and attuned with what your Being is.


Each and every one of us can see what coalface we are working in at the moment in the self and person and the deeper knowing. How often we move away from the deeper knowing because we don't want to feel like this. We move away from the deeper knowing because our thoughts are driving us crazy and we want to give that out. If you stop giving it out, you learn to contain it all and that containing it all, which is not easy and is the highest difficulty, you will realize you already contain it. You contain IT, the Cosmos. It is an expression of what You are. And then you go deeper than that and you realize the Self is even an expression of what You are. Then what are You? Even if I said what You are, that would not be enough because I can’t say what You are. When you really get there, then there’s natural openings, natural tenderness and natural compassion. Everything that is natural comes through amidst the sharp knife, bits of hammer, bits of ladle on your head.  


When you are purely subjective you are knowing deeper within. You go within and as you go within, there’s no objective sense of self whatsoever. There’s only direct and immediate Knowing. You will come to I am That I Am and even the ‘Am’ will drop and you will know ‘I’. And when you know ‘I’ there will be no ‘Am’ whatsoever. So then nothing is needed to be known or spoken or moved. And then the ‘I’ will drop away and it is possible for an apparent human life, Awareness, to have no subject-objectivity within humanness - no Self. It’s not something you can work to; it is what is already opening.