A short piece about a glimpse of the Deep. 

We have a glimpse of the infinite nature of what we are and immediately the awareness that was self identified has a glimpse of that that it knows with no identification, and it captures You, captures your awareness. And because it is timeless, it's instant. Then you, until you no longer have to do this, you jump straight up to your sense of self. If you have a glimpse of the deep, that glimpse will point you back into your sense of self where that glimpse is going to empty and embody. 

So often when we have a glimpse, we have a tumble, we have a breakdown, we have a tear, we have an argument, we have disruption. Often when we have a glimpse, it's followed by hell, there's a disturbance of some description. That disturbance is that glimpse through you shone up to a level that it's undoing not through saying, "I am going to come and undo that"; it's just that's where it's going to go like any light, that's where it's going. That frequency of that glimpse through you comes up to existence. Existence is existence; it's not someone in a dress, it's not someone with a habit, it's not someone with a food allergy, it's not someone with a painful body. It's not. It's just that we think we are a name. We're not. We are the embodiment of the Cosmos already and beyond it. It's just that we identify with a zip of energy, which we say is our name or energy which doesn't feel good and we say is terrible or hateful, this or that. It's just energy moving.

The glimpse was the beyond and the beyond is black or deep. Then the Black or Truth moves and turns into Light, and that's the Light of Self. The Light of Self fills the perception and within that perception, the first instant, is the entire cosmic expression. That's what's going on. And the one that moved into Light is appearing now as you and I. 

So that glimpse is not of space and time; it was of You, Pure Awareness, and You moved. That's what Self-Realization is - You realising you doing this Now or you're the beingness of this Now. That's what Self-Realization is - the movement of Light right now. That glimpse when through You as Awareness, through the Light moved up into this level and it's already, as it were, earmarked a level that is under transformation, and you will experience that. And as you experience that and you think you're a someone, that's going to be awful because you don't want that to change. 

You know what you are doing in the deep. You are supreme intelligence. It's the Being that is doing this. There's no one doing this. You really do know what you're doing in your being. That is already transforming a level but you must come back to that glimpse. 

What was that glimpse? You can't look at that glimpse through a sense of self or person. You can only be still and know the glimpse. You might know it only as silence. That's enough. It might move in openness within. It's always enough. If you need to understand, you're asking too much. When you don't need to understand, you're going to understand. 

You try to grasp the glimpse through a sense of self and person. Relax. Open. And you will immediately know whatever that is to know for You are the meaning of this moment. 

 B, Glastonbury August 2018