Q: Can you speak about the choices we make and the experiences we have that are often the consequences of the choices we make. Do they have a purpose or aim to bring us to this ‘higher’ level of consciousness?

B: What You Are has no need to reflect off of any belief that anything is previous to What You Are. In short: You are not of time or space. Your Being doesn't function in a linear way. You, as Awareness, have identified with a level that believes it lives in a linear way. In a deeper place, previous choices have no reality although the forms of previous choices will still be moving through. 

In awakening, leave the forms of previous choices alone although uncomfortable when you don't do anything with them anymore. Leave them alone and belong to the deeper awakening you are knowing. You, as Awareness, will experience the death of previous choices within your experience. You will experience this death through your relatedness but you are introducing a depth of new Knowing to your relatedness. 

There are moments of uncomfortable sensations and experiences as you let go of previous choices because you are now no longer held prisoner to your old way of a sense of self. It is shocking to your sense of self and how you believe you know others. Others will say they don't know you anymore, because you are no longer supplying them with a familiar reflection. In the same way you are not supplying you with a familiar reflection.

You are dying to the known and deepening into Self-Realisation. You must belong to it, You Awareness, not you the ‘someone’. Your experience of what you once believed you needed will be dying. You must leave it alone. It only heals through you being deeply true to the deeper awakening of What You Are. You must go deeper, realise deeper, belong to the Deep and the Deep will become you, because it is YOU as Awareness. You can no longer use any familiarity.

You must die to the idea that you ever were a ‘someone’ and die to the idea that there are others. You must meet everyone as your Self, as pure Being at the level of the Heart, regardless of how difficult this is for your old sense of self. It sounds like it is a lot to undergo, because you are so used to fixing things for a sense of self but now you are awakening to your essential power of Love, although it might not feel like it.

The more you are true to your Being, the more the old levels heal and awaken to what you are bringing forth from the Deep. Stay bringing forth the Deep. Any moment you show up as a ‘someone’, let that ‘someone’ go.

What you really are is not locatable as a ‘someone’. This is why you are perfectly fine when you go into deep dreamless sleep. In deep dreamless sleep, you are not locatable. You are perfectly the Wholeness of What You Are. The awakening begins to fill up your heart, fill up your self and fill up your person. You will clearly see What You Are and you will love what is moving because you are awakening to True You. 

As a separate sense of self, you are supposed to be responsible for previous choices, but that entity does not actually exist. There is no separate sense of self!  It is all Pure Consciousness in its play. You cannot live two lives. You cannot try to belong to your separate sense of self and previous choices and at the same time belong to what is deeper in the awakening. That is duality. You must clearly belong to the Deep. Then you will see the Deep everywhere and you will be able to meet the Deep in others, the same as you are meeting the Deep in you. You must go that way to see how this wonderful Being that you truly are moves. Your life will change because you are bringing more of What You Are in the Unseen in your growing ability to be true to what you authentically are. 

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The Belief That There is a ‘Me’

The belief that there is a 'me' on this realm of conditionality is transformed by realising ‘I Am'. On this planet, there have been many beings that have realised ‘I Am Streaming’.

Can I live so fully that within this realm my form is filled with the sound ‘I Am’? I am Love. It is not a 'me'. This sound is the very sound of the Universe and it changes the vibration of this realm. Every being can realise it is the power that manifests the Cosmos. Maintaining the ‘me’ in the belief system, holds this realm tight in the conditionality that God or The Self is something other than What I Am.