In truth, You are Light streaming Reality. All 'this' is Life streaming. Your essential nature is streaming this moment. The belief that you have a past or a future is through the interpretation of mind only, the conditional aspects of what we believe belongs to this planet. We are told that we come into a conditional planet but we are not shown that all the conditions of this planet are true for Self-Realisation despite appearances, despite the experience of a seeming separate sense of self. 

This planet is aligned with our essential nature and its conditionality is ripe for unconditional realisation. If we look through our mind, which means looking through a separate sense of self, our conditional thoughts and feelings present to us a dualistic experience.

Awakening is recognising and moving only your heart, not relating to sense perception in thoughts or feelings of experience. By having a body, you have inherited a conditional sense of self but like when you were a baby that conditional sense of self is not for you to listen to or try and fix. When you were very, very young you simply moved in innocence. Where I come from innocence is radiance. You simply moved as a Being, not as a body-mind.

You were taught you are a body-mind. As a baby, the conditional functionality of a body did not bother you whatsoever but somehow as we grow up we seem to listen more to the condition of the body: "How my self feels, how my self thinks, who I think I am." Then we project ourselves outward. Now we are ‘someone’ having forms of experience.  

What you loved as a child was that there were no forms of outer experience. Your experience was profoundly rich and deep. You were rich, simple and already whole. You were not touching outside forms. Everything you touched was liquid to you because you did not see yourself as a body. You just moved in the innocence of Being. 

Awakening is when we awaken to a deeper Calling than a separate sense of self. Awakening is a very disturbing time because it brings us to true responsibility to only listen to the depth of our heart and not count the cost of what that could mean for our sense of self.

When we really awaken we begin to see how much we value true awakening over and above keeping our comfort zones safe. One of the things that really happen when we start to awaken is that we begin to see the stories we tell about ‘someone’ who does not actually exist. We begin to see that the stories keep us separate from what we are and we can be quite afraid to give up the story of ‘me’. 

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What You Are Is Instant 

You cannot realise Truth as You whilst you function as a memory of ‘someone’. You cannot realise the Absolute as that that changes.

That is why in being more still and gentled in each moment, you begin to know and see as Beingness and let go of this idea that you are somebody. Otherwise the sense of self and person filters out what you are hearing back to you as a ‘someone’. Truth points to You being ‘no one’.

The more you are open, soft and still you begin to see as Consciousness itself. The moment you begin to struggle, stop and be still. This way of awakening – being true, loosens all the stories of being someone. Look deeper than the sense of a story. What You Are is instant. You will not find What You Are in space and time.

Give each moment to move in openness rather than being ‘someone’ doing something. You struggle because the mind has an investment in knowing the Truth. When you see through it, the mind remains open and silently still. It only shines the Light of the streaming and forms the Light of streaming without past or future.

When we look into the Universe, it seems that it is billions of years old. That is the mind looking. The Universe is streamed Now! When you find your mind trying to get hold of something, soften, relax and open.

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