What Happens When You Dance The Form?

 The Form awakens you in more of what You Are as Awareness-Knowing in the Deep. That is the potentiality.

When you as Awareness-Knowing dance The Form, you are not moving as a body-mind identification, you are simply moving as Awareness-Knowing which has you moving in a deeper realm of Pure Being.

Awareness-Knowing is awakening to deeper and deeper formless levels of Being. As you move as these formless levels of Being, the past patterning in the self, the person and the mind begin to undo and change to match the frequency that Awareness-Knowing is moving into in the Deep.

Your experience of dancing The Form then is a softening and an opening at the level of the Heart and deeper. The mind becomes completely relaxed and opens into clarity. The body opens and the presence of that that is deeper than the normal level of self begins to resonate in your body from your Being. You experience the presence and aliveness of “being” true in the movement and the forming of this life in the presence of the Real You.

What changes when you dance The Form?

The Form helps you to:
• Undo the patterns holding you back from your deeper potential of awakening and creating True Form.
• Bring awakened conscious Awareness into the body-mind instrument and integrate it.
• Transform your body-mind experience and befriend your self.
• Integrate the Heart into embodiment.
• Bring real depth to your relationships.
• Become the master of your life and experience the flowering of New Consciousness.
• Profoundly read the universe, deepen in it and realise the light that you deeply are – the Real Self. This is Self Realisation.