The Calling is simply to undo this fictitious character called ME. That is the Calling...unfolding all that You really are. That allows All that You really are to fill up your cup of life, endlessly overflowing.

What is the possibility on retreat?

To discover your True Face, your True Heart and your True Self that you did not ever leave, cannot leave, which is the only Reality that makes anything real.

Who or What am I?

What you are is endless. You have neither a beginning nor an end. When you look into the bathroom mirror and you name that one, you believe you have a beginning and end.

That is just a belief-system. If you look deeper into the bathroom mirror, directly from your heart, you will know that there you have no beginning and end.

Keep living that kind of life and you enter a place-less place where Awareness meets Pure Knowing, its one and only opportunity, which only ever exists NOW, to be more than its self-experience.

What is more than your self experience?

The flow of endless Love that comes from Awareness marrying Knowing.


What is Evolution?

You’re returning to know what You are as Awareness. Awareness-Knowing is You. Your self is not You. It’s an instrument of perception that’s developing because of your evolving movement in it. Evolution is simply your return to coming Home, your ability to move what you know is the movement of higher intelligence which is also the movement of Love. Evolution then is you coming into your true Being and your ability to move it into form, to give it communion and communication through expression. That’s evolution.


What does it mean to be in the presence of Realised Consciousness?

When you come to a Living Master you come into the presence of a Realised Consciousness that realises Awareness moving as the entire universe.

You have come to One who does not relate to a finger pointed anywhere. Such a One does not see you as sitting ‘over there’; He knows you ‘in here’ and not separate from what He is. He moves to what He is in you - no finger pointing.

It is how the sun nourishes the stars, the planets and the earth. The sun does not wait for you to sit there, to say: "I'll give you some sun." It is constantly shining and it is already present. It is already present IN you appearing to be outside.

When you come, you realise that what you are knowing in the presence of a Realised Master is your own Knowing but it flowers in the presence of One who is fully realised in that.