The Cosmos is your big body and the human being is the big body made small. Both the small body of your  humanness and the big body of your cosmic-ness are inter-exchanging and evolving. They interact and affect each other.

Every moment is meaningful. You are not searching for the Mystery. You are the Mystery. You cause the universe to expand, you cause the cosmos to sing. YOU,the One here! You give your gift and bestow your blessing on all beings. You are the very Mystery that unfolds as you.

This is not related to a personal self, it just passes through a personal self. Like the wind passes through the trees but is not of the trees. The wind passes through all things and is of no-thing. Where does it come from and where does it go?

Your Being is very much the same, it is passing through the self but it is not of the self.  Your life, this human life, is about being touched by that frequency as Awareness-Knowing equaling Love and turn it into a life of action and creativity.

You, as Awareness-Knowing turn the Immeasurable into creativity, into your life expression, into what you do. You make the Invisible visible - you transform it from nothing into something. That is meaningful. 

If it is not made real in your life, your life will remain limited and will not be a gift to all. To be more Love, know more Love you must run your Knowing into action, turn your Knowing into service and into caring for the evolution of every human being on the planet. 

It is your Destiny to develop this body and all its instruments of perception for Beingness to constantly give expression to new forms of new bodies. God wants to be in form as a human-Being Knowing the universe and communicating with it.