A beautiful excerpt about Grace...

Grace is coming from your longing. Grace is connection with your longing for that that You truly are. And when one is truly eager for that right the way into the core, then Grace is simply the movement of your alignment in any moment with the deep, and it moves. That’s Grace.

Grace is the intensity of your longing for the depths of what You are and to be touched by it, You as Awareness. You can’t fool around with that. You can’t make it. It has to be real because then the level of the frequency of the deeper Beingness will only move to the conduit that can match its frequency and allow that frequency to move through.

If you love That that is deeper but, within your life, within your body, within your heart, there is still this clinging to this idea that you’re ‘someone’, whatever it is, any level within your self and person through your longing and your living of a more meaningful moment in life, then there will be levels of self or cells of the self that have integration. And in your longing for what is deeper, where these integrated levels are what You live for and you don’t listen to all the other levels that don’t have integration — thoughts and feelings not related to what you are in the deep and not related to the realisation of Oneness, then there will come a moment — we don’t know when that is and we must not look for it — when the matching of the moment within your body-mind matches the deep and then it can move. The uncorrupt cannot enter the corrupt, which means a level of form identified with time and space. That’s corrupt; it doesn’t match the open frequency of the deeper levels of one’s Being. But in any moment that you’re being true, Grace streams through. 

B, Glastonbury August 2018