An Excerpt From a Form Teacher Call With B - 1 April 2018

Turn Your Gaze To The Light Of Your Knowing

Whilst we relate to the Knowing of our Being within our heart, we see each other as the light of Love and Being and we will have compassion for the human levels of our self, always in constant transformation for we are ascending beings, dynamic in the manner of response to our Being and profoundly real and still in the depth of our awakening.

See that when you turn your gaze to the light of Knowing you shine IN it AS it. Discover, you can still shine in it as it even as a level of self releases. You will realise that life makes What You Are as a profound Being, physical.

Often when we go really deep, that shifts the energy of a patterned way of self. We have trained ourselves to read the pattern as our self.  Now simply be Awareness reading and knowing the patterns of the universe, the patterns of self and the patterned way of relating, be Awareness reading all that. Then you won't be 'it’ will you? And you won't hate it. You begin to understand what this is and know What You Are and know you ever deeper because you have no end.

By and by as we're true to Knowing it changes our experience of our body. When we practice The Form there is nothing that we love more than the Being filling up our body and our body being one with our Being. We practice The Form because we come upon the immediate embodiment as a Being. It needs to be integrated into the self by relating directly as a Being in our body in our self, though our person with each other.

Then we literally begin to realise with sweet innocence that we are a body of Being moving. Never have we been anything else. It's just that we allowed this idea of our name through mind and self to hijack the open experience of Beingness-aware-embodied.