A Shift Of Allegiance

All circumstances are the mirror of the movement of the change of your allegiance from a known sense of self to an increasingly in-depth belonging to Knowing. Every circumstance or event then is a movement of both the shedding or undoing of layers of past and the movement of where you have now given your allegiance to dream up to the surface as You. Everything is ground zero, always happening Now. 

It is still quite rare for consciousness on this planet to discover that everything is really Now. You are truly belonging to the Now. Through your mind you have configured the body-mind as being of the past and the future but it belongs to You as the Meaning of Now. 

Everything Is Made Of Here

B: In the morning when you wake up and let's say you realise you had deep dreamless sleep, is that a 'there ' or is that a 'Here'? 

Did you go anywhere? Answer with our heart not with your brain... 

Q: When you say "Don't answer with the brain,answer with the heart I actually recognise the heart…" 

B: Ah, is the heart a red thing? 

Q: No. 

B: Is it a green thing?  

Q: It's Here, that's all I could say …

B: It's Here, the heart is Here? Then if you removed the name of the heart, would there only be Here? And if you removed the body, removed all the furniture, removed every thing, would there only be Here? 

Q: Yes

B: Then that's what is Here! 

See right now, you're sitting down on the chair, you start to relax your body, the thought process starts to slow down, the emotions start to drop and you become nicely, nicely quiet.  As you become quiet there is no monitoring of the chair, of the bird, of the sound of the heat, of the sensation. It all just begins to disappear. Even your objectifying of experience begins to disappear. You get quieter and quieter. All the objects begin to disappear, the body disappears and yet you're still Here. You keep disappearing and yet you're still Here. Everything disappears and Here is Here and Here begins to be aware of a sweetness, begins to be aware of birdsong, begins to be aware of chair, of a person, of sound, of so many things. ... 

Everything is made of Here. There is nowhere else but Here and only Here is knowing Here. I am Here but no one is Here, the ‘Here’ is Here and within Here objects appear, made of Here. 

What you really love is the quietness of Here, because the brightness of Here is You, Awareness knowing. Everything is made of Here and You ARE that. That is Here. You will realise that you are never not Here so you must be the pure aware Knowingness that is infinite. 

Why make You a ‘someone' that is Here ? Just be Here. Some call that openness, spaciousness, some call it the deep, some call it the Beloved.

Realising Here re-makes all the forms of Here, the mind ,the body, the heart,  everything changes all on its own because Here realises it is always Here and it is never anywhere else. 

Everything is resolved HereNow. Make it about the past or the future and nothing resolves because it only resolves Now.  Here and Now everything resolves, which means it re-forms itself in the texture of the Here, which is the Now. 

"All the trouble that we seem to have is the undoing of the dualities we have created." 

Begin to really discern whether you are listening and speaking as 'a someone'. In self -identification, through judging yourself, you cannot realise the Self, because you're in the domain of thought-form that cannot enter the formless that doesn't think. The moment you drop that and turn your gaze deeply within, you're beyond your self. By being beyond your self you can know deeper than your self and when you then enter your self, the deep that you were knowing and that you entered, re-forms your self.

If you stay in your self, identified with your self in all its opposites, you are actually making those opposites. You are not seeing that all the polarities in your self is YOU being polar in your self. Your self doesn't make polarisation YOU do, by not knowing what you are: Awareness knowing.

When you know what you are and you know it deeply, your name falls away. Immediately you are the light of Knowing and in your self, as the light of Knowing your self forms that Knowing.  There is no polarisation in it, no like or dislike. 

When you really get this basic idea you can move deeper because you realise, this is not about your self, this is about YOU, Awareness. This is about knowing what you are.