Pure Love Does Not Need A Memory

B: Our heart is the first door to our essential nature but we often don’t understand our heart because we have emotionalised it. When we listen to our heart first, we move in life from a greater depth of Pure Being. It really does not matter what our memories are. Nothing on the exterior governs our life.

The true value of You is only in your heart. Fully belonging to it, listening, communing and communicating as the heart with no concept about what that should look like leads every movement in your life to open you beyond your concepts. You then are no longer concerned about the appearance of any form or another. You begin to be so opened within, that that openness appears on the outside too. 

Q: I disagree with the sentiment that it does not matter what our memories are that according to you are part of our 'exterior'. They have a huge impact on who we are and how we understand and experience the world.

B: Let's look at this together in real openness. Isn't it the other way around? 

If we think memory governs who we are and governs our experience, then there is a mixing up of our essential nature as a Pure Being that is already complete in the Deep and a sense of self that is in a condition of constant change. What we believe to be a relationship with our exterior is actually made of this confusion, of identification with our memories, the need to keep our past patterned and living and not aligned with our unknown depths of possibility to be revealed. 

Whilst we believe we are this limited body-mind self, then the world always reflects that conditionality of limitation and manifests that condition. When one realises one's own light of Pure Consciousness then our relationship with the exterior is either the relationship with our shallow interior or how deep we can reach into and realise our changeless Being and be one with it. In the East they call this Self-Realisation. 

Then within the condition of our self arises a new level of heart knowing. From then on, our relationship is with the Deep and this changes our relationship with the world. A name for this can be said to be self-transformation. Those memories are a part of the self in transformation for Pure Love does not need a memory. Pure Love is eternally now and all that it touches is within its ultimate care. 

This then is our true potentiality when as Consciousness we align what appears to be exterior with the bright light of heart knowing within. When this is our first relationship, we experience a pure forming of our exterior as an expression of what we are realising as Consciousness itself, often referred to as Oneness. 

The conditioning of the world is our own inner conditioning we relate to and move by conditionally, until we don't. When we relate only to the light of truth within our heart and it becomes our first relationship, the conditioning we experience has a brighter light shining on it and moving through it. This changes the conditioning. Then it really does not matter what our memories are, good or bad, because they no longer define who we are for we are the Light of Consciousness. 

- a written correspondence with B - April 2018