Light is looking for embodiment. Light is looking for legs. Light is looking to birth. Light is looking to action. Light is looking to become. Light must become. Without it becoming there is separation. Light is not real until it has legs then it is eternal because it has eternal form and eternal formlessness. Now it is genuine; it is integrated. Integrated light as consciousness in a man and a woman is God.

When we begin to bring our whole attention to our knowingness and we respond within the core of our heart to what we know, that whole-hearted response frees and liberates consciousness. If you do not whole-heartedly respond to what you know is true, you actually fear that kind of freedom. Responding in the deep to what your heart knows is true is liberating. You begin to awaken in ever finer intimate places of pure being that gets expressed as pure becoming.

You begin to live in an intensely alive place, intensely living, intensely moving forward, intensely consuming the moment and glorifying the nature of God. It is a beautifully full life. To know yourself without self concern is the blessing of the Oneness state . The blessing that is given when one knows oneself and responds whole-heartedly, serves the entire universe and liberates all beings.

You are ready right now to live from this deep knowingness place, from the highest place. You are the one to create the new universe. You are that One. You have no need to self-consider any more. Creating from this place is liberating, it will free you of all your bonds to mental, emotional and physical forms. In that moment of creation, you realize the profound Feminine, her dance, her supreme body and the ecstatic state of her oneness nature as the dance of real forms of love. You experience the power of the Masculine that already is holding the space for this to take place.

The Masculine IS holding the space in pure direction. The Feminine IS dancing in those arms. That IS already a oneness place and that is happening as pure awareness. It IS the truth.

Your beautiful body is the divine instrument and your consciousness is the power and the glory that collects more gold and brings it into this body. You are bringing in gold from reality. It fills up this body, heals this body and reality begins to manifest on the outside and in your life. A profound peace begins to descend on you, as you. A profound light begins to shine through you, as you.  Then when you move forward as the light that is the pulse that moves and creates the universe, it IS you. You are able to stay utterly what you are - creating the new.

You know how to move forward as an authentic original Self and you also know how to hold the parts of the patterned self and lift them into new places without getting disturbed or perturbed. You are in the caring state of the love that is able to embrace patterns without being them and you are able to care for those many parts of yourself whilst lifting them up into a new place of evolution.  You are able to do this in your self-structure and you are able to do it with another in the self-structure of this earth.

You are able to do all of this...

You ARE the House of God.