Those that are ready to truly live, are those that are ready to truly die. Those that are ready to truly die, truly live. Make your choice clear. See the enjoyment of that knowledge. This is you being lived as Being.

As we move in even just a taste of The Form this is exactly what we are entering. The Form is not something that you practice in the past. The Form is what you live NOW. It is not something you practiced last week or last year. It is you being so awake in your innermost, all the way out to the form of your self, that when you move, you are not moving through a sense of self, you are moving direct as a being. Then your movement is not a concern of how you move as a body, as a self, your movement is how you move as Being. No self-referencing.

When you practice The Form with no self-referencing you are free of all the objects, even though there is a person sitting on the chair. You are not objectifying the other. The other is in the dance of Being. That is the transmission, and that is the deeper unfolding.


Within the movements of The Form, you discover that movement is formless and then converted into form. That conversion of the Formless makes known to you an embodiment of what is deeper than form.

This unlocks the idea that you are someone in particular. It opens to the spaciousness that You Are - Pure Being. Everything. 

You begin to see that this body is a timeless movement of your awareness. The body then is no longer limited. It was limited by the belief that you are a body. When you are realising you are not the body, the body is no longer a fixed formed identity, it is able to move. You are registering levels of deeper Awareness, unseen levels of your inner dimensions. 


The Form is the expression of the realisation of the functionality of the universe in human form and its dynamics. To me that is in every cell of your body. Your body is a vehicle of cosmic expression communication and communion. The truth is that the cosmos is being poured out of Awareness right Now. Can you hear it breathe? Literally Consciousness is breathing, it breathes out its innermost chambers and then it breathes them back in.