Are we the ‘non-local’ localised ? Are we actually another realm of the cosmos made into form? Do we bring different gifts and abilities from another non local location of Being, here into this life? The alchemy is right here in the life as it is. Blood, guts, tearing, sinews, thoughts, feelings, they're all in the mix of the non-local made local.

To breathe the 'non-local' is to change the 'local'. That is awakening. And that change isn't done by 'someone'. It is a natural change by no-one -the non-local, localised. Then the old local-ness of identification with space, with time, with experience, with ‘I am someone having experience’, begins to open and there are unknown scales in this. Even the breaking of your skin is the tearing open in a black hole in the cosmos.

So when we breathe in the non-local we can expect change within the local but if you carry on breathing the oxygen of the non-local, the non-local begins to be the living locality of Consciousness itself.

There, our greater ability begins to live where we begin to see, know and experience experiencing far beyond what we call human but it is made localised as a human life, thereby making human life cosmic. A cosmic human. A universal human-ness. Divined. Divined meaning open to greater ability of the non-local to the local. Our only pain or suffering is that we know we're distracted by the old local - our selves, but we long to be non-localised in this location-whole.

This is our opportunity, always, always: to breathe the  'Non-local' into the 'Local'. You never know how that is going to happen. The ‘Non-local’ wants to breathe this locality, until every cell is a universe, until every word is cosmic wind, until we see as Light itself, unhindered by the belief  that we were ever born or will die.

And yet we’re loving this birth. It’s a paradox!

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