When we were very young, we had a fascination with things, not because they were things but there was a quality of joy in the knowing of Knowing. Your joy as a child wasn’t coming from naming things, it was not coming from you having a name. It was the joy of Being, for as a child self was not around as an objective sense of self. Everything was innocence, was streamed by Being. Things were not things; they did not have power.

When you were a child, you had a different kind of listening. There was no such thing as power. There was this fascination of life in innocence. You did not even know that you were innocent. Objects of experience did not have power because there was nothing arising that was not of the quality of your Beingness.

There might be touches of this knowing within your own body now, because it points to what embodiment is. Your body is a body of Being, a body of Awareness and through the genius instrument of the brain, Consciousness turns Being into sense perception.

In innocence, objects had no power. They were the streaming of Being. You just loved this life of being a child, the sensing child of the universe.

There was a little power in the emotion. You can see that in a very young child, but that is power of the instrument. There was no object that had power. Thoughts and feelings did not have power, your toys or your teddy bear did not have power. It was all the streaming of Being manifest. Everything was arising in Being, moved in Being. That is the Love you see and enjoy in a child.

The moment you were introduced into having power, you began to know the power of polarity, of like and dislike. You were knowing it in innocence but you saw its practice. You saw the practice of empowerment through duality. You saw it in the world, you saw it in what appears to be your mother and father but you did not recognise it. You were weaned off of being innocent and began to be taught the use of power. There is nothing wrong in this, we are just looking at how this is. You began to extract power from an object. Whereas before it was in Being, now it was ‘my’ teddy bear. That is power.

You began to believe that the power, the energy of what You are is in objects. All objects are actually animated with the power of Being present, but the moment that that power is taken for a sense of self, there is no Beingness in it. The power shifts, the awareness shifts from the power of being innocence, where there is no object, to having power for a sense of self.

Beingness is innocent. It does not do; it just is Pure Being. Pure Being literally animates the Cosmos and yet it is beyond it. It pours in and animates it.

So without knowing this, you extracted power from an object and you, Awareness, gave the power of that object, which once belonged to Being, to a sense of self. That is the first moment you knew power. You began to be in objective power and you built a centre of self out of objective power.

Within The Form Reality Practice, you experience power and tremendous energy. That is the power of your Being. The energy of the body really is the energy of the universe and how it manifests. In the practice of The Form, the energy of the power no longer belongs to a self that is observing the universe but actually becomes the power of the universe, the universe and its Beingness. It is a trinity. That power is not used. There is no one there to use it and that is empowerment returned to Being. The sweetness of Being begins to flood Awareness and Awareness is fulfilled by the fragrance of its Being. Power no longer used in duality.

In the movement of The Form and indeed in daily life, when Awareness is awake to What Is and the movement of life as It Is, it discovers where power comes from and returns to. You as Awareness discover how power follows You where You give yourself to.

You have to see that power can also be veiled. It is veiled until it is unleashed on you. If you have a sore point in the body, that is power leaking. It begins to unveil, not only Being Aware but reveals also power following where Awareness is giving its sense of self to. We are taught this but not in an awake manner. We are taught to have power but then taught to give power to a particular society, a particular relationship, a particular culture, a particular candidate. We are taught to give our power away with the idea that that power will be returned, but it is all given to a sense of self. I call that sense of self ‘the world’ and it is not the earth. This is very subtle but it begins to grow in our knowing of What Is.

To be all in in the practice of The Form is to be all in the moment, all in the life, all in What Is. When you are all in, you begin to discover where power goes, where it flows, what it is given to. In giving to Being, sweetness flows and Awareness knows its own fulfilment. Being one with Being Aware is the fulfilment everyone seeks but we tend to seek this as and for the separate sense of self.

Within this practice, we say: “Go to where this goes to.” We are not talking about the person, but about a relationship of Awareness to Being and Knowing and not to a separate sense of self. Power given to Being is powerful in that it returns Awareness to What It deeply Is. It is the only fulfilment there is.

You must be all in it. Every movement is power returned to Pure Being Aware. The power that makes all this possible is the same power that expresses the universe, moves the universe, is the life of the universe and evolution of all the beings within it. It is the same power and it is actually the power of Love.