The Invitation of Disturbance - Your Return to Innocence

“You are the innocence of the wonderful, mysterious no-thing that is moving every-thing. The something that One is belongs to the nothing that One is."

Imagine for a moment you being every human being on the planet. How is it that you have a body that is functional? How do you move your body? You move it with power. How do you speak? You speak by moving power. How do you listen? You listen with power. How do you think? Power. Everything is power, a constant movement of power.

Even a human form is power wrapped into form. It is a ‘wrapping’. You look at you and believe you experience ‘a someone’ but you are actually in the experience of power belonging to no-one. You look at your image in the mirror and know yourself as a body with mental attitudes and feelings but really you are power wrapped in human flesh or trapped in human flesh and ideas. You are a movement of power constantly but you don’t notice where your power comes from or to where you are giving your power.

Unconsciously you give your power to a make-belief person or identity with make-belief circumstances, situations and ideas that you make-believe are ‘you’.  You create a powerful belief that someone exists who is separate from the entire Universe and separate from Source. Your pure power is kept and contained in a self-image that is not the Real You. You are powerfully not being You.

When you are disturbed, your power moves and you are in the experience of your power moving. Disturbance threatens the very power you believe is you. What you are not seeing though is that disturbance shows you how powerful you are in your make-belief, powerful sense of self. Power that happens in disturbance is new power that can be given back to the Real You at the level of the Heart. Disturbance is your golden opportunity to return your power back to the true place of your heart, to return your power to your Being and not back to your self, reinforcing the powerful self-image that is not real.

It is in the disturbances, the upsets, the mix-ups that the power you did not realise you were using to make your self more powerful, can be returned to what you are in your Being. By you being True, you are giving that power back to your Being and right there you discover your self-image is false. You are actually nothing or ‘no-thing’ and as no-thing you can powerfully move everything. As no-thing or nobody, Awareness consciously is Real Self, Pure Power.

Now power is moved and moving as Being and you are the movement and realisation of You as Being. Now your power is removed from your defense systems of maintaining a separate sense of self. You are no longer using your power to keep your identity familiar and solid. Your power is moving freely and it is not found in the bathroom mirror but is discovered in the Heart moving as your life. Your self-image is replaced with the movement of what You really are and you are knowing Oneness moving, Freedom moving, Love moving. All that you believe you are is released in the moment of disturbance. You are returned to Innocence. 

Disturbance only shows you what power is. Disturbance is your invitation to return the energy that disturbs you back to your heart and realise You, the One who is innocent, the One who is real, the One who is truly here, present. The One who really sees, knows, lives, loves and who never dies ongoingly transforms, opens and realises more of the power of the innocence It is. Returning to your innocence is the return of your power to Love, freed from a self that is only about a self and not about the truth of what You are as Pure Being.

The opportunity you have in all of Life but most definitely in disturbance is to re-create your self from the source of your innocence. This is a very disturbing time on this planet. The disturbance is the return of power to serve what we all came together for so we can be a powerful movement of passionate innocence, re-creating the self of humanity in the Light of Love that we actually are and come from and which we can move by.  

When you clearly see: “Wow! It is true, whenever I am disturbed there is power moving and it is the power of my Being. Instead of being what I am, I create a self that is not of innocence, when in truth I love innocence. I am innocence!” When you really get this ever deeper, your self will then grow in the innocence, passion and movement of energy giving form to what You deeply are. Not only will you be in the enjoyment of what your innocence is but you will be forming what your innocence is and realising what You are in this innocence of Being - Pure Power held in a sense of self that is invited to form a deeper reality of passion and creativity. You could call it a power of healing that comes from power returned to the Heart and moving in existence between people, such as you and I, re-creating ourselves in the wonder and mystery of what we really are.  

Such an opportunity is given to each and every one of us on this planet. What appears as disturbance is really an invitation to return power, to re-make humanity from a deeper level of authentic, original innocence. Now you not only know the power of Love but you are the essence from which that power flows as Love.

We are re-designing what a human is.  We are re-imagining what a human is.  We are re-engineering what this body is. We are preparing it for the One who is really Here and that preparation is always Now, not in some future. It is in this moment.