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How much are you willing to see the illusion you are living? How much do you shield the illusion that you are living? How much?

If you look you will see that you shield an illusion of you throughout the day. You trade truth and honesty for comfort and familiarity. You literally trade it; you trade illusion with being true.  You actually prefer comfort and familiarity (illusion) to being true. Have a look!

You actually prefer to keep your self comfortable rather than move what you are into life on every level and with everyone on the planet. Look at today alone to see where you traded illusion for being true, where you traded honesty for having comfort, honesty for having familiarity.

You believe that you can be familiar with what You really are, but you can't… that creates an illusion!  So on some levels you want to stay true and on other levels you want to stay in the illusion and you keep the illusion moving when it is actually quite clear how to live a life of Truth in the simple honesty to what you are knowing is true, regardless of what you protect as an illusion, your sense of need of a security, your sense of need for security on any level.

Security is always about a ‘me’ - me in business, me with the kids, me with someone else, me and society... It's always about 'me'. It comes straight back to that.

Are you willing to surrender the totality of the illusion, letting go of all your filters, all your boundaries on every levels of life? From partnership to business, to kids to society and all manner of relatedness, to totally surrender the illusion that you are a me and be true? How often do you trade that during your day - still moving with the world, still moving with the me, still moving with structure, still moving with things that are just so illusory? You know and yet still do it. You're only true where you want to be true and you're only honest where you want to be honest.

If you are really intensely on fire with awakening, you no longer trade illusion for Truth and honesty. You gladly give away all the filters and boundaries that you use to keep your self dishonest and in the illusion that you are a particular someone that needs particular securities and particular comforts. You let all that go.  You start to live a Divine Life where you don't compromise purity and Truth. 

Not a little question is it?

See where you live and support the illusion of your self and of others rather than support the awakening of all Beings. Through simple honesty on every single level of life, no trading it in because you or others might feel uncomfortable. I am inviting you to blatant honesty, to have a look... 

Are you prepared to give that illusion up no matter what discomfort your self might feel?
Are you willing to bring True Love to this planet, which actually IS You? Are you willing to do that or do you still prefer being familiar?

How much would life change? How much would it change if you gave up the illusion? 

Do you fear that if you gave up the illusion in honesty on every level to your Being that there wouldn't be anything left for you? Or are you afraid that all that would be left would be YOU, ‘What You Really Are’? Life is not about sustaining the illusion. Why create an illusion?

We believe that we can keep things for a rainy day on many different levels, forever creating more illusion instead of moving ‘What We Are’ into this life. Truly consider how much this would change what you do every day. I suggest that it would change 95% of what you do. You couldn’t do ‘the same old thing’ anymore. You would be giving so much. So much! You would no longer count the cost of how much you are giving, what you are being, what you are moving.You would be LIVING What You Are. The illusion would fall away.

Ask yourself what are you waiting for?

From NZ Session May 2016 Shielding The Illusion.