You are Being. Keep looking deeper than the information given to you through your thoughts, your feelings, your nervous system, the exterior. Keep looking through it all. Discover what you are at the ground of Being, the place in which you return in deep dreamless sleep.

All this is a movement of you coming to the surface, you as Awareness knowing. You are the unseen now seen. You are so vast - 'all this' keeps changing. When you try, you will believe you die. When you give up trying, you are going to realise the vastness of what you are. 

But when you give up trying, all your trying will come home in your nervous system and outside. You will experience vulnerability more than you ever did before. You have covered up your vulnerability and that has covered up and concealed your love. 

You Awareness, super-imposed on top of the preciousness that you are, you have covered it up with stories of past and future and of the experience of somebody that doesn't actually exist.

What exists is the light of Pure Love and Awareness and that is the one that is listening to these words now. Yes, it is covered, but it cannot be touched by any amount of covering. On this level you need to awaken to it in the Constant Now. Never give up, but don't think it is an achievement. It is just you being true to what you are knowing you are. It will deepen. Otherwise you will think that you need to do things to be what you are and you will teach that to your kids. They won't know that they are eternal and they won't know that their body-mind is an instant creation and that their body-mind is as big as the cosmos. 

This is what you are for. This is not your destiny,  it is what you are! It is your revelation. You are moving towards the origin point and whatever is coming out of you is because you are returning. Look after the body-mind but not as a story. Look after those around you, not as a story but as glory! Begin to see the wonder of it all. There is much coming out of you and it's all ok. Find it in your heart. 

The programming in the body-mind, added to you and topped up by you, is giving you false information. Cease listening to the world. Let go of all story-telling, really enjoy the moment and open. Be utterly open when what you see is not at the same vibration as what you deeply know. Don't judge it but open to see it, and when you really see it, it will change just because of your seeing. You are returning and that is not in time. It is Now. You are unveiling you to you and the shell of what you have superimposed on what you are is coming off. 

You are going to see more and more people returning home. You will see that these shells are going to come off. We are going to discover that we do not belong to the world but to our True Self and the earth is the blessed place which forms the reality of our light. Teach that to the children. Show that to the shopkeeper. Speak that to the taxi driver.

This means that the illusion that you allowed to shape your sense of self and person into the belief that what you are needs to be fixed, whereas in truth you are eternal, is being shed. 

Begin to deeply enter what you are in every moment, through everything that you see and experience on this plane - don't push anything away. Open to it deeper than what it tells you it is. It is you. This begins to re-attune all this to what you are. 

When you say ‘I’, who is this 'I' you are talking about? Don't mistake that for your name. Don't mistake that for your country. Don't mistake that for your religion. Don't mistake that for your gender. Don't mistake that for any 'thing'. You are actually no thing, you are Pure Being and all things arise from what you are. 

When you speak, open and you will see whether it is a pattern speaking or direct Knowing knowing 'I'. More spontaneity will happen, greater openness will happen, less and less judgment and trying to be enriched by anything other than the richness of what you are, for you are rich! You are not a beggar. You are rich. To find that richness is to give up seeking it. Simply give up the false trail and simply open because you are there.

Really touch on this knowledge that the richness is here, you don't have to feel it, you don’t have to see it, you don't have to demonstrate it to you. It already is, it is the universe. It already is, you are aware and you have knowing Awareness. Keep going to that and you will find out how vast you actually are. Tonight, watch how you go to sleep and where you go to, become aware of it. Tonight, as you close your eyes, soften your whole body and fall into your richness.

You will begin to discover little bits of richness poking up through what you say, how you feel, what you know, how your body is and in meeting others. You will feel your richness begin to come through. It was always there. It was just covered up by our glad rags. We don't have to wear gold to be golden. Then what shapes and reshapes your sense of self and person, you begin to realise, is the light of you that has no end because it never began.

from 5 September 2017 - Dublin "Remaking from the point of Origin "