A collection of priceless short pieces and quotes from sessions with B in Japan.

Forms Reflect To Us Who We Are

When you are not feeling so good, practice not pushing that feeling away or needing to change the polarity of that feeling. Open to it as Awareness. That pain or feeling or difficulty is also a form. Forms do not have to be solid. They can be psychic. 

As you open to it, without needing to change it, it begins to resolve in Awareness. It does not mean it is going to completely resolve because forms reflect to us a lot about who we are. You may need more experience of a particular type of form before you can let it go completely.


What The Heart Is

The Heart is the first Form prior to existence. It is an electromagnetic field of bright knowing light. It is a landing place for deeper dimensions. Once those deeper levels move and land in your heart of Awareness, as Awareness you experience a subtlety of deeper Being. In fully being true to your Being, the familiar sense of self fades, dissolves. Only then can you as Awareness come into the unfamiliar sense of what is truly deeply possible. 

When deeper levels land in the Heart, you may experience deeper unseen levels opening and also the undoing of the patterned sense of self, sense of person, sense of humanness. Those levels are developmental according to your deeper surrender and recognition of the deeper truth. That is self-transformation.

In your response to what is deeper, the deeper levels come up into the chambers of the Heart. From there, levels in your body, your mind, your person and your self are being prepared for the expression of the unknown. This why a lot happens on the surface as the familiar self of self struggles to hold onto the surface or as Awareness the surface life and its forms and its power is given away to the deeper communion and connection. 

You must not be frightened of the change. Change is the preparation of the surface levels to embody deeper levels of Self-Realisation. Eventually you will be undistracted by anything familiar.


Deep Experience Empties Your Usual Sense Of Self

When you have had deep experience, be clear of all the usual distractions that begin to move you. Often when we have had deep experience, that empties our usual sense of self so that the Heart can be filled up because now it is empty. But if you get distracted by the distractions, you block up the passageway once again. Stay with the practice of openness. 

Be clear about any distractions that may arise. Stay attuning your whole body into your Being.


All Meanings Converge Into One Meaning

You will find myriads of meanings. There is endless and endless search for meaning. Just find the deepest one, that will be You. 

You are the deepest meaning for universal life. Right where you as a Being exist, all meanings converge. Right at the root of where you come from, all meanings converge into One Meaning. Otherwise you will be dealing with lots of levels of meaning. 

Everything that has meaning points to whether you are meaning to be eternally You. Is your life in this moment of breath aligned with the profoundest Calling? 

Let me show you the profoundest meaning: Opening is the deepest meaning in any breath.


The Light Of Being Is What You Are First, Last Is What You Are As A Human

You are the first movement, you as a Being. As you as a Being come up through the levels of Reality, form begins to form. What a baby is is a Being coming up through the levels and it forms. It comes from a multi-dimensional womb into a woman's multi-dimensional womb. The mind will be able to tell you the biological fact of birth but it cannot give you the dimensions of the spiritual birth. 

Movement is first of You as Aware Beingness and the Light of Being is what you are as a Being first; last is what you are as a human. The human dimension cannot move without the support of deeper dimensions of Light and Being.


Deeper Levels Of Consciousness Open Deeper Levels Of Embodiment

When we go deeper, often there are two stages or levels of experience. Sometimes you will experience the deeper levels of Consciousness, the unseen levels of Consciousness. When we have the unseen levels being revealed and moving in the consciousness, that is then followed by sensations moving in the body. 

Sensations in the body moving is the entrance of the higher levels you are realising entering the body. Sensations in the body are deeper levels of the body mostly unseen and not known. 

Deeper codes of consciousness open deeper levels of embodiment. You can experience those as movements of sensation. That is the integration of the higher frequencies in the deeper body, in the nervous system, in levels of the brain that most beings may never open.


When Another's Opening Inspires Us, We Receive It

When human consciousness compares with others’ experiences, there is a closure at the Heart and in the body. When an other's opening inspires us, we receive it. The deeper levels of Being do not hold on and own. The deeper levels of Being expand for all to be free. 

When the mind begins to compare, do not listen to it, do not judge it. Your Being is calling you deeper and you will open. This is you remembering where Home is deep inside. Then the human levels begin to full of Light of your real Home.


True Form Has No Past

True Form is form not encoded from reading the past. 
True Form has no past matter in it whatsoever. 
True Form has no reference to the past. 
True Form is like a beacon of Light. 
Where one who has his or her presence of form in the Deep, that is a True Form and they are able to transmit the Deep with their bodies. 
True Form does not have any past reflection in it. 
I call that the Body of Presence.
This is what I'm interested in building with everyone I meet -- Bodies of Presence, because those kinds of human beings walking amongst everyone else are transmitting a Body of Presence.


Listen to the Deeper Voice

When our hearts begin to awaken to our true nature the light of our awareness, instead of only relating and functioning in the form of the familiar, our light turns in. We begin to get Knowings and glimpses of a deeper dimension of our true selves. But that knowing does not have a loud voice. The surface has a very loud voice: "Do this. Do that." Your interior is much more quieted, gentled and open. You need to truly soften, become more tender in the heart and listen to the deeper still voice 


The Familiar Is Not What We Are

I feel that when my eyes are closed, I am closer to The Self. Can you speak about this?

B: We are so familiar with the seen, with our bodies, in the mirror, with our likes and dislikes in our life, how we see formed Reality. We open our eyes and everything becomes so solid and so known but really it is not solid and it is not familiar. It is all glowing with the Light of Love. Really! It is just that we keep identifying with the seen as us, as a body, as a person.

When we open to a deeper space such as in meditation when our eyes are closed, we come into the unmanifest realms of our Being that are actually made and moved in Light. But because we see the forms so solidly and we look through our brain and our mind when we close our eyes and go into the Deep, we are still trying to see the Deep which is made of Light through our brain. So we can't see -- we are looking for solid identification.
We are actually able when we are not so familiar with our surface life to travel in the worlds of Light or Pure Being because it is what we are. While we are familiar, we can only speak of our formed experience but you see this one can speak of ALL that he comes into formed or formless. That is what I will show you in the practice of The Form...how that really is.

Those levels will come to you. Take the opportunity to be true to your heart. Then you know where you are: "I am actually in the Deep and it is forming in my experience, alive and it is Love."


The Tree Of Life

The finer frequency that comes through your heart and travels up the spine into the brain because the spine is like the Tree of Life and its branches are the expression of Pure Self as the cosmic self. As you begin to rest in this and belong to this, it further activates other levels of the awakening of the body-mind to your real consciousness. It's a real change of Heart."


A Depth Of Inner Presence

When you listen with all of your heart, with all of your body to all of Life and all the Deep, then all of your body moves in the movement. Dimensions of your innermost Being that you never knew existed will come into your inner experience. You will find that whatever you do or move, there is a depth of interior presence that moves as you too. You are growing the ability to move the unseen levels all the way up into forms of expression. Your body becomes a wonderful listening ear; it listens to the Deep, listens to the stars and listens to the people. 


Not Scared Anymore

The dimensions you came from and the dimensions you passed through, they are all clothing you now. Your flesh are those levels seemingly human with the Love, Light and intelligence that comes with you that you have simply forgotten. The more you open, you will find your body becomes whole because you have incarnated fully. You are not scared anymore -- you are not scared to get it wrong, you are not scared to get it right, you are not scared of having your heart broken however many times. You are not scared anymore because you have realised you are eternal without beginning or end. Now you really can realise the deeper levels of you and they can come up into embodiment constantly in an integrated fashion. Integrated means deeper ways of intelligence, extraordinarily different from human can come up into your brain, your mind, your nervous system as yours. You are able to function as a deeper being transforming the way you move in your humanness. 


Seeds Of Potential

When Awareness is true in a human life to its heart, seeds of potential come from the Heart in a possibility of building a higher self intelligence and the higher spheres of your intelligence begin to light up. Those seeds are activating the deeper levels into your human possibility and will initiate higher knowing as You, deeper seeing as You. Your perspectives about Life will change; they will deepen, open and begin to reform. Like any seed that you put into the ground, if you don't water it, it will not grow. The water for this seed is by being true to your heart.


Short Quotes

"When a thought is about 'me', it's an illusion and distortion of our consciousness because this identify that we've masked ourselves with is based on personal conditional experience but our Being is unconditional and has no duality in it."

"A hug is the deeper levels of the divine nature meeting in the bodies."

"The Light of Knowing by which you know pain is the same Light by which you know Love."

“True Freedom is not needing any comfort.”

"The Middle Way: No positive, no negative, just openness. Openness resolves everything and the entire Cosmos arises in the openness."

"In Awakening two things are essential: Know your separate sense of self without judgement and love the Deep in your heart. Be true to your heart."

"The moment time doesn't rule you, it works 'for' you. This is sacred and holy, that all Beings can be free, not bound by time."

"All our fears are only locatable in time. You are here to live a fearless life of Self-Radiance."

"As you sit quiet and still inside, your deeper levels reflect back to you deeper Knowing, deeper knowledge of What You Are."

"I will keep pointing you to the stillness and the silence because these you are Timeless Awareness. Timeless Awareness is where Light comes and moves from. It is your real Home."


 "When you give up trying, your Being comes and claims you. You merge with your revealing, remember more of What You Are, and re-emerge a different human being."

 “Evolution is to lovingly not filter out your deeper Knowing.”


Quotes on The Form Reality Practice


"The practice of The Form un-blinds your heart, unfolds your mind and unfolds the greater reality that you actually are." 


"When we dive into the practice of The Form together, What I Am will show you how to function the deeper levels up into the human surface of experience. That is Self-Realisation, self-transformation, self-transcendence and the making of new life on the surface of humanity."


"In the practice of The Form, we are changing from identification with movement as physical or mental to movement being of Beingness. Most people will not make this change until the body dies. Those people who are wise enough to make the change before the body drops away, are the beginnings of a new human society moved by their Being and not by mental old ways. 

Essentially the practice of The Form is the letting go of old ways and the movement of Being developing the new way -- the true way of Being. It is a subtle change. The change is from thinking: "That's my hand." to: "Prior to that hand moving, my Being is moving and the spaciousness that I am as Awareness is without beginning or end."


"In the practice of The Form, I am not teaching you to read the person on the chair. I am demonstrating something. You are reading the lights of everyone's Being and how much that light comes out of your body. It would not matter whose light you went into, it would land you back in the same source.”


“In the movement of the hands in The Form, you are reading deeper than your usual way Home. Instead of your way home being outside, down the street, to the station, when you are practising The Form, you are reading your way Home inside, reopening the pathways from which you poured from." 


"The Form is you entering selfless deep spaciousness that is You. There is no one dancing it and there is no other on the chair. There is no room, there is no planet, there are no stars, there is no other. I am in What I Am and I'm discovering in What I Am. That is deep dreamless sleep. That is The Form and how instantly in this level of form, it forms, and it is Goodness moving." 


“When you're practising The Form, you're touch that that is deeper than you or the one on the chair. It's those deeper levels when you're open which stream through the human system of lights.”


"In the dance of The Form whenever you're distracted, just breath and recognize your presence at your heart. You can have a million and one distractions in your life but one meaningful connect to your heart will master them all."


"When we sit and turn our palms up and when we close our eyes, that is a vast spaciousness that is your True Self. It looks like you are looking into the blackness but truly you are omnipresent, the omnipresence within the space. You are not looking from a point out. You are the whole endless vastness -- Awareness. The practice of The Form is turning your reality inside-out. Come inside. All forms are manifesting in your total awareness."


“When Awareness moves, it moves profoundly. That allows us to practice The Form and its codes as an awakening inner reality inside that begins to change our perspective of Life as someone separate from everyone else and the Universe."


"Your body is your first mudra or code. It requires you as Awareness to go in it and beyond it to open all the codes.

As you practice the codes in the dance of The Form, you'll begin to have a sense of quiet powerful opening within because whilst you're familiar with your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your body, your life, no code can open for you. You will not recognise it.
There needs to be more quiet gentle openness that starts with your heart. Then in the practice of The Form, the codes will open deeper levels of your Being."

"The Form invites you to come deeper than whatever is separate." 


"When you are practicing The Form, you are the movement of the Deep. In sense perception, the movement of the Deep is the transference of that Light through sense perception. Sometimes you get heat in the hands, in the body. So many humans are so closed that they are frightened of these energies but they are the deeper level of You coming up. When the deeper levels come up and form, we trans-form the human nervous system by belonging to our heart."