There is only one place to be and that is the heart. Unless one functions from the heart, Beingness is not authentic love. If not in touch with profound Beingness, life has no meaning. If we do not allow the heart to truly feel, life is lived for survival. We try to keep our self images static and close down our heart further.

When the heart is truly open, everything changes and evolves in the light of love. We are invited to manifest a life that is nothing short of the creation myth. At the core of Self, we are creating the universe of experience. Everyone is an image from that core, a fragment, a light from our own heart. God is everywhere.

Heart is the door to God

The whole purpose of life is to constantly change and be the creator pulling up a new level of beingness from deep in the heart, giving it form, flavor and a song to everyone. Human beings fear change and being who they truly are with their untold gifts; yet this is learning to be what you first are, pure Being. In your hands are the Masculine and Feminine principles with which you weave life to bring glorious change. You are constantly bringing in new levels of reality that as a child you played in. Most of humanity is practicing keeping the heart closed. Yet heart-space is the door to Godhood, love and your lovely essence.

As we return to the heart, we also can experience how painful it is. The pain is simply the undoing of the covers of the heart, opening the door to our God nature. In embodiment of the heart, we become incredibly vulnerable and sensitive. Yet that sensitivity is the very nature of love itself. There is a complete reorientation when you return to the heart. You go through a process of extreme sensitivity and see change as a new opportunity to grow into true God heart nature.

Weaving a new self through The Form

When we dance The Form, we are dancing home into our heart. Every movement is from, and as, our Being. We dissolve into the heart and return home, practicing The Form with complete forgetfulness of our mental, emotional, limited nature. An unlimited presence begins to arise. That is why we feel so free dancing the Form. Sharing with another we experience love, experiencing other not as other but as myself, the one love we all come out of.

Dancing The Form, we begin to weave a new self that is not confused. It is of a finer vibration that has the capacity to download more potential of the universe into the heart. As we begin to share that many changes occur. An illumined mind and open heart are being grown, bringing the deep to the surface. Wisdom grows, enabling the seeing of how transformation works; through not judging self and others. Heart wisdom and power open the ability to be real love and offer it to all.

Give yourself totally

This can be slow or speedy. It depends on what one values; essence or the life once lived. When we want real love and to change the world, then we are already plugged into a different space. You begin to realize you are not your history; who you are is incredible potential. You begin to learn through discernment, that what takes place in awareness is a lower pattern rising up to the next level, or your next gift to bring in.

When you bring your gifts in, it always involves others, because everyone you meet is someone you share your love light with. In your life now you will know what is new. You will be discovering how you can bring that about by using your heart knowledge, purpose to exist and love light. Or you could know what is next, but not value it as much as your patterned life, then that will cause confusion.

The practice of The Form is simple. Give yourself totally to it, disappear into it; discover who you are in every movement. Open, and your ability to receive love will be amazing! Live in the heart; feel, taste, and experience it. Look around and when you feel something is not fully embodied, move towards it and bring it home. Everything outside is to be loved inside. You are alive in me, as I am in you. Everyone around is a manifestation of you. How much do we love that knowledge?

In relationship with the whole of humanity.

In relationship, discover the profound purpose of why you are together. Let go of relationship with ego and see yourself and those around you as God-beings. Life together has to be at the edge. The freedom in which you move in The Form is the edge to your relationships and represents the edge all humanity could live from. Your first relationship is to your heart; discovering everyone you meet are fragments of your heart coming to life. Then you are in relationship with the whole of humanity. Acknowledge only God here, no matter what mind says. Be in relationship with your heart in every movement you make.

The Form is a vehicle in heart-hands to bring great love to life. The practice is to stay attuned to the sacredness of that. You will be an offering to a complete stranger. Your willingness to live that with each other and to bring that beautiful edge to everyone you meet is a wonderful gift to open up the potential of all human beings.

The true healing power of the heart

Your heart is tender, but not limited or damaged, or anything that can be taken away. It is the true healing power; power of the heart that the world cannot touch. If there is pain in the heart, know that pain cannot touch tenderness, but tenderness can touch pain. In the heart you may still have pain in the undoing of patterns, but no longer pain that belongs to anyone. There is no need for damage control because you have a relationship with the real you that is untouched by any experience; it is love. If any experiences touched that love, it would turn into love. So in experiences of pain moving through, align self with the knowledge that heart is love and the doorway to the real you. Then you will not be doing damage control, you will be more available to life and newness.

We practice The Form, not to get away from the pain of life, but to awaken to the knowledge that we are life and consciousness itself. When that begins to awaken in you, discover pain is a figment of imagination of the separate self. You are pure aliveness and radiant awareness; align with that. Practice the Form; live those principles and keep discovering your next level - more love, potential and possibility.

Transcribed from a conference call with The Form Teachers Gathering in Ireland, October 2011