The more I remain true to who I first am in this field of experience, I ignite the whole field with what I am. Therefore I am able to lift any being into the same place of ‘I’ that am. That is what happens when any one of us is true to the pure Self. You are a current, evolving a magnetic field to be directly in the pure consciousness of what ‘I’ authentically am – then that is a unified field of experience for each and every individual.

You are able to do this. How are you able to do this? Please do hear me when I say ‘you’ I’m not speaking about your manifest form and attachments. I am talking about the real you. You are able to do this because firstly you are the knowing. The knowing will ever increase when you be what you know but this is the crux – do what you know. That is a different thing altogether and seems to be the most difficult thing for human beings at the moment, because of the energetic, magnetic attachments to their current field of limitation.

And yet the current field of limitation is a mirror of profound unlimited Being and expression. Isn’t that amazing? Can you hear the divine in that? We are knowing, being and doing from the apex of our profound knowing and bringing it into experience by actioning it. Does that make any sense to you? That is no easy task unless you are falling profoundly in love with what you know to be true. Two people doing that can fall into an amazing relationship. Whole groups of individuals doing that can fall into an amazing relationship. The whole planetary intelligence doing that will turn this into a star.

So you have to believe in that, not as a belief structure but as a knowing that is arising in you in the deep, even though it keeps touching your self-structures. This time you are learning NOT to run to safety. There is no safety in your running; the safety is in you knowing you are eternal and remaining as It. That brings us back to the pulse. Each moment is a pulse of real potential, of reality expressing. This is your entrance to reality - your entrance to reality now as a profoundly awakening Being. You are re-entering your apex, the real you; you are opening it. Reality is what you KNOW to be profoundly true; it does not have form. Its only form is the impersonal universe - that is the possibilities and potentials only.

Your entering reality is the moment you begin to know truth. To enter reality means for you to act on what you know. So you go two ways – into reality and into form. Eventually you will marry the nothing and the everything as the constant light of love. That is what you’re learning at the moment. You are learning how to move as That amongst the selves, in your self-structure appearing as every communication and relationship you are ever likely to have. That is what you are learning. That is what The Form – Reality Practice is. The Form is the profound practice of knowingness in the interior beyond all things - the profound practice of being that, the acknowledgment of that is what I am and the profound practice of giving that form. That is the trinity. And your heart is the jewel hanging on the necklace of That.