How thirsty are you for the real? How thirsty are you to discover the profoundly real inside of yourself? How thirsty is your heart for what is awesomely whole, for the call of the earth and the call of your Authentic Self which brings something more original and finer than your current experience? Do you really hear that call for real freedom, freedom from an egoic mind which instantly brings freedom from the body-mind as an identity, opening up reality as the Self, whereby everything suddenly becomes brightly alive and you see so clearly. How thirsty are you? I am asking you this question - Are you completely done with that that is not touching you in a real place?

No matter what field of creativity you are in and where you are in life, are you feeling something bigger is happening than just ‘me’? Just through that kind of acknowledgment “I am thirsty’, doors open that would remain closed and parts of you begin to transform without any effort. Nourishment comes in, in the form of opportunity, in the form of inspiration, in the form of a meeting – some real signs to see the way and be the way.

The energy of this acknowledgment enters you on a transpersonal and personal level; in fact it enters you on every level entirely. It creates a flow within which spills out into existence. It lets in that which will quench your thirst. As you let it in, sometimes the body quivers and shakes as this power undoes stuckness and holding inside. Suddenly there is a release into a finer place.

However the release of energies is not enough. You can have much release of energy whilst still having resistance to where that energy is taking you into a cleaner, more purposeful life - where what touched you begins to ignite more of a cosmic vision, and claim you and your space entirely, for its purpose. Basically we are all egocentric, caught in the dream of ‘me’; prior to acknowledging ‘I am thirsty’ we just stay that way. Most people do not even recognize what the ego is because it masks itself so cleverly. We get on with living thinking that it’s just about paying the rent and avoiding what we don’t want, and trying to get what we do want.
Even though we read the newspapers and listen to the news, and we see suffering around the world, we do not recognize our own suffering, which is our self-imposed separation from ‘Reality’ or ‘God’. We think this is the natural way - to continue as we are in limitation and not discover That that is free of suffering in ourselves, for all beings, as a way of life and creativity. Everyone is looking for a holiday.

I want to encourage people to transcend this old patterned way of life, a very old dogma that doesn’t serve anything true. It is not what the earth is about within the cosmic play. Until you acknowledge you are thirsty you are still going to remain egocentric, but the moment you acknowledge your thirst for the real a higher possibility begins to dawn in you immediately. We become aware of a bigger life altogether than we could ever possibly know whilst still stuck in the egoic way. Suddenly life is quite challenging because it asks us to move into a bigger space, a larger responsibility; it’s like we have to grow a few more arms to be able to do this. But that power to be bigger is already in us – that power to drink a real light, a real vision is already within our interior. But if we do not practice reality - the acknowledgment of who we are in the deep - and acknowledging the bigger picture of having a body, then we will just stay in the domain of the mundane and we won’t be inspired to give, to move into the new. Even if we have a little inspiration we will still be looking after ‘my life’. This must be set on fire by an all-consuming passionate giving all to the pulse of our inner inspiration, to serve the whole of life.

When we really acknowledge we are thirsty we begin to enter the cosmic picture; what could be called the cosmocentric picture. This is the living knowledge that the entire cosmos is an evolving conscious Being with countless cells interconnected on every level of experience, from the highest frequency of light to the densest of matter, all evolving towards higher frequencies of experience, higher manifest experience.

Suddenly something big shifts within; a great thirst begins to take place to actually participate in real growth in your life and within the cosmos, which also means within our manifest world. You begin to be inspired directly from this deeper place when you start to drink the bigger picture; real transformation is taking place because you begin to invite circumstances that will most definitely push you off many edges you were holding onto, that kept you separate from true participation in real evolution. Realising how thirsty you are is a crucial turning point and acknowledging it is essential if you are to really ‘know’ and really ‘grow’.

Article created from a meeting held during the Australian 2009 The Form Retreat.