The cosmic game is a dilemma; a dilemma that everyone is in. The cosmic game is to catch up with the authentic, original ‘you’.

An awakening to the real ‘you’ occurs through the friction of evolution in our human consciousness. I am referring to the ‘you’ that does not identify itself with the contents of itself; the ‘you’ that knows itself through the consciousness developing through ‘you and I’.

This ‘you’ is not identifying with forms within its creation because it is Self-illuming. It came out of Absolute awareness. Absolute awareness is actually the illumination of the Self. The fuel of the illumination is awareness, not consciousness. Yet without consciousness there would be no awareness of awareness. Do you see the paradox? That is the cosmic game. And it only happens through a commitment to evolve. Without the commitment to evolve, you will get lost in the objects of consciousness instead of creating new forms, thrilling new forms. New forms that are brightly coming through you in ever growing light and pure awareness.

Without commitment you will not lead a meaningful life. You need the commitment to evolve and to illume all objects of consciousness as awareness. To illume means to bring honesty to all your relationships – for instance, the relationship to your mind. The mind is an instrument. It is a vehicle of this pulse, this creative pulse. To illume is to bring enlightened relationship to your will, your choice, your feeling and your emotional body. All these vehicles are wrapped in flesh which is an expression of what is beyond the flesh.

If you do not awaken to a more meaningful life you begin to fall short of why you exist. You begin to create more doubt and fear of why you exist. Without commitment, there will be no passion and aliveness. You will get swamped in the objects of egoity - the multi-dimensional, little personal dreams of egoity. But if you respond with commitment to evolving, stepping forward into life with real purpose within each moment, you come alive, also awakening the sleeping areas of one’s life. Most people do not live this profound step forward each moment, because along with this commitment, comes the truth that you are responsible for the universe. Responsible as that one Self. If you do not commit, and yet you love truth - the pulse of the Authentic Self - more fears and doubts arise in you. Without the energy of commitment it seems a huge task to be so responsible. When you are not living this commitment - the invitation of life to step forward in a new, unknown way - the fears of the limited masses will grab you. The fears of egoity will anchor you back into the ordinary and not allow you into the extra-ordinary.

With commitment you are practising openness, no guard. You recognise the enormity of the response-ability to gift yourself to humanity. With commitment there is nothing holding you back because you are practising a profound openness, a way of being that demonstrates your great love for God, who is the only goodness. It is said, and I resonate with this, “Only God is good.” This simply means: only pure awareness, the authentic pulse as an expression of the entire Cosmos, is the good. Yet underneath all our fears, doubt and pain there is this sense and knowing: ‘I am good’. That is a touch of the one and only Good. That touch brings about the truth: this is a good life.

How easy it is to pull that commitment back; to step back from our impulse to evolve and know this goodness as our Self. Why you do that is simple. You believe there is an opposite to the goodness of God. There isn’t! Egoic ‘good and bad’ is not one with this goodness. But it is the necessary friction for you to open up into the one and only Good that frees your consciousness, your mind, your heart and your life. Through this friction you begin to discover the real impulse to exist which is developing your life. You begin to merge into it every time you commit to it. Do you see how awake you have to be in that?

Until you commit and become radically more aware of life and source, you still have conditions. You have conditional attachments to the way things are. They are demonstrated through those attachments that appear outside of you but are also in your interior. Those conditional attachments are dissolved in your commitment to evolve. Your deep interior is the cosmos and your deeper interior is the Self. When you commit to be the fineness of That, you do not identify with anything in form. You identify with the source of all form that is beyond form. That is the invisible ‘you’; the real invisible ‘you’. If you look deeply, you will see you know the invisible ‘you’. But often you do not choose it -because along with its radiance come fears and doubts. Without the commitment to evolve, those fears and doubts will not be transformed in the light of the real you.

Most human beings are committed to a separate sense self. Everyone wants to be and experience the Goodness but still refuses to give away the old self. To move on you have to be passionate about life. So passionate that even if you do not sleep all night, when the birds sing in the morning you experience them in yourself. The birds are also being a pulse of this Authentic Self but as yet without the reflective capacity to be That. You are all grounded birds ready to fly, when you commit to evolving consciousness inside and consciousness outside as a reflection of your inner response.

Have a look. Are you moving forward? Are you aware whether all of you is moving forward or that parts of you are moving forward for the separate sense of self? When you are really moving forward you are letting go of all fear and doubt of moving forward. You can only do that if you are opening more to what your Being is.

Your Being has no relationship whatsoever. Try now; close your eyes and see if there is any relationship there! You will discover there is no relationship whatsoever to form; there is nothing and yet it is absolutely free.

To truly evolve you must be rooted in the ground of your Being that has no relationship to what exists as an attachment or as a condition. That is you being fresh. That is you being bright. That is you being Self-illuming; being the real ‘you’. Then you begin to discover this human body is only possible through awareness and ever growing consciousness of the recognition of awareness. You respond to all life as growing awareness, the light of which is new consciousness. Everything becomes fresh and there is a passion to create new. New in a relationship you have been in the last forty years. New on this Earth, that has been around for countless time.

The real relationship as a human being is a relationship to the real ‘you’ - and in existence a relationship as the real ‘you’ to ‘other’, who has in them the real. Everyone has that. It is a relationship to the real in the other whether you see it there or not. Clearly that is not easy if there is not a commitment to be true. Not just to be true but to be living on the edge of creating what truth is alive as you. It is a commitment to the real ‘you’ inside but actually to bring that alive on the edge of human consciousness.

You are being so fresh in all of your life. You have entirely new perspectives every moment and the willingness to open up beyond the egocentric self even though it still exists in some part in you, in others and in this world. You understand the egocentric self is not going to go away; it will develop, but only through your participation directly. You live right on the edge of your life, gifting to all that you come upon. You will be a challenging individual to be around, or you will be an inspiring individual to be around. As you burn in this way with commitment you discover your own transformation through evolution.

You begin to have living knowledge of how this is done and that knowing is transmitted in a dynamic way. It is something that keeps on moving, discovering more reality. Your willingness to transform yourself and all the objects of your consciousness by growing as awareness being aware of itself in the movement of your Universe is powerful. It will bring awesomeness up in you when fully received. But if you step back one centimetre and doubt what you know to be true; if you turn around and listen to your ego or another’s’ ego, the universe is not served.