One of the basic lessons we are all still endeavouring to learn and integrate in our lives that so many embodied enlightened beings have expressed over thousands of years; is that everything passes away. Every thought, every feeling, every situation, all moments of joy, bliss, all the hard work for career opportunities. Even the great love and connectedness that we may experience through relationship. They all pass away moment by moment. And the big one, of course, is - so do you.

If we look at this we may discover that we will never be fulfilled for very long or very deeply by having a relationship as ‘a you and a me’, a subject and an object.

We must be available to hear this and take it in; otherwise we try to strive for union with someone, something out there. We could become wiser and bring all that projected energy of ‘you and me’ home within ourselves to experience oneself as the vast openness of love which already ‘is’ our true identity. This openness is the space in which all things appear including our embodied self. This is why we can never know love or be given enough love whilst our attention is focused on, or aware of, anywhere else other than this vast ‘space’.

We have simply misplaced our identity as some egoic identity instead of clearly recognising, ‘I am the authentic Self, the first cause principle that created the universe and further more, I am awakening ‘inside’ my universal expression as a human being. When the individual really ‘gets’ this, then the potential to go beyond all self concern and separateness and create from the place of authenticity ignites the passion and purpose of being in a human body.

So you may be asking; Why? Why be in the body in the first place? The Self, the Universe can only know itself through YOU! Not as a linear experience, but a moment to moment opening; which the Self guides us towards as the development of intelligence and actioning as pure consciousness. Through all our weaknesses, our stubbornness, our holding on, the Self directs us as life to surrender our comfort zones of ambiguity and calls us to live fully now (this being our only true moment of existence).

How is this done? Well, as individuals we are being grown from within. We need all of the experiences that are coming our way. Each and every one of them is tailormade to reflect back to us our light of enthusiasm, passion and depths of pure knowing, as well as our shadows of fear and doubt, holding energy to look a certain way. In fact, while we are spiritually immature we unconsciously use energy to keep us in the known identity of our past, in the belief that this keeps us secure. Look deep and we will discover that we mold this moment into imitations of our past - no matter how beautiful or how terrible that was - misidentifying ourselves as a being of linear limitation. Inadvertently we manifest the pain and pleasure syndrome until we surrender any need to remember experience, and come to real experience now! In this place there is no need of self projection and the need of security, that which obscures our divine nature anew in each and every moment.

Our divine nature being radiant love and depth of consciousness. This is the authentic Self knowing itself as a human being. We then learn to integrate our deepest knowing by giving it fearless form, not as a process but surrendering into this power of love as ourselves now. Of course this can be tortuous, but in this way we are not allowed to go back to sleep inside our limited, dreary dream. Our love of something greater and of more meaning pulls us to dissolve all substitutes and be as loves fullness and openness, no matter how we feel and what we think. We learn to rest deeper and deeper into the heart of love’s light.

Resting within our experience as total and utter surrenderedness, fully awake in whatever moves through. Here we learn to feel through all things of mind, emotion and body. Feeling through as the sensation of consciousness running through our bodies, opening and breathing through all experience as love’s longing to meet itself, into the already completeness of the pure Self, appearing as ‘I’.

Only from this place can we change culture to reflect the awesomeness of love’s universal light as one global expression. How is this? Simply because as we function from the place of truth revealed within, the living of this unifies us with the Self. It is this divine intelligence that dances as life giving true form.

As our whole life becomes the fire of transformation and purposeful intention we begin to clearly see and experience Oneness is the only thing that is ‘happening’. Our consciousness is then freed of all expectations and distractions, as we begin to experience directly manifesting life as ourself within the universe as an ordinary man and woman.  The golden glow of pure consciousness has now arrive on Earth as a Godman and Godwoman.