"When we come to meet together in a deeper place of awakening, then it’s the awakening and your functioning from what you’re awakening to that becomes your life." 

“You are an Eternal Being, the body-mind is just one small level of What You Are. “

"We come together because there is more than just being happy and that is realising what we FIRST ARE, which is our fulfilment." 

"I Am the Awareness with a moving field of multi-dimensional light or Being. I am able to read it because I Am it." 

"You are going to find the greatest resistance in your awakening. You will go through all the resistance that you created to not be what you first are, which is crazy because what you first are is Love."

"Where I am there is no other, I am speaking to myself." 

"Right where you are is where you find out What You Are for you are seeking What You Are." 

"One’s willingness to come from the deep transforms the present as the movement of the deep."

"When you’re home as Awareness every experience is home in your Awareness."

"Your only real experience is that you are knowingly aware you know." 

“Be true to the deep Calling of your longing to realise what you are"

"It looks like all the trees, all the stars have been there forever. That’s not the truth. YOU have been here forever. You are the ever, ever, ever. Eternal. "



One Constant Thread of Truth or Love Moving, Knowing and Forming

If we are all sitting here together then we must be more interested in a deeper meaning to have form, to have life. Otherwise why would we come together?

 We’re not together to ‘fix’ life. The parts we believe need fixing are the best parts because they‘re not there to fix they are there as entrances into a deeper meaning and a deeper space to move from.

When we come to meet together in a deeper place of awakening, then it’s the awakening and your functioning from what you’re awakening to that becomes your life. Just within this meeting place there are endless frequencies mix in form; such a mix of frequencies in this formed level of Awareness. But through all this moving there is one constant thread of Truth or Love moving, knowing and forming. 


Beyond All Things

Mostly in this world, which is one small level of your essential nature, we are taught to relate as the movement of thoughts and feelings related to past and future. It is reasonably easy to move on those levels, because those levels believe they maintain a sense of self in terms of control.

You see, we can have wonderful conversations in the time we are together and still not fundamentally realise what we are. We can sit and listen to 'him' (B) and listen to him through a known structure, so we will continue to be moving as a known structure endeavouring to move the Unknown as our true nature. 

What we are is beyond all things, even the word 'Love', yet what we are, moving on this level, can be called Love. It only seems a little complicated because we are taught to listen and function through our known sense of self but the One who is listening including the One who is speaking is the One you are looking for - that One does not move or function from the known. 



Prayer is the discovery  of what is deeper, the dissolving into what is deeper and  the response to what you deeply know at the level of your heart. When your response matches or fills out what you are deeply realising, the deeper level of your realisation moves up into form . It is the answer to your prayers as it were. 

When we respond to a deeper level of Knowing , which we are awakening to, there is already a surface level that is coming into change to facilitate a new form of experience . 



My experience of this moment is transcendence. This is actually my experience, meaning where I am speaking from and where I see you is beyond this place.  It’s where already you are awakening to a deeper level of Awareness than you currently function from. If you are really awakening you will notice that on the surface life there is movement, trembling. disturbance, change. These are all the signs that what you are awakening to has a finer frequency, a finer vibration and your surface form of experience is ready to change to match your awakening.


 Form Free Of Past

We love form that matches the heart of our Being. It has no past in it. It is free. It has no need for future, it is free. It is a form perfectly matching this moment of pure Now. We love how form free of conditional past or future moves the pulse of our original heart. We love how form formed by the movement of our heart matches what we absolutely know we are.  

Before you were introduced to space and time, forms simply formed the perfect-ness of your perfect nature. You recognise it in the birds, in the bees, in the trees and the stars. You recognise that form freed of any condition matches your eternal light perfectly. When Awareness begins to awaken to What It Is, it passes through all the conditional form and undoes the condition from the forming. 

You will pass through the conditional form. One realised Being said you will pass 'through the eye of a needle'. We so long to realise that we are the eternal light. But when we really awaken our old way of movement function begins to disintegrate. We come together because there is more than just being happy and that is realising what we FIRST ARE, which is our fulfilment. 


We Don't Have to Attain The Beyond - We Are The Beyond

This level of reality builds form at the level of where we come from. If you see a child's body build, you will hear this surface level saying that the dexterity of that child is getting better, so it is able to move its toes, it's able to move its hands but where that child moves in the deep, it's goring the ability to move the deep on legs. Its enjoyment is being able to move up into form and move up What It Is on two legs. It is not learning to walk as we believe it is learning to walk, it's learning to walk as a pure being on this level forming What It Is. 

The body is a transmission of what we are on deeper levels. That I can actually move the deeper of What I am and offer it to you with my own hands, with my eyes, with my voice, with my heart, full of What I am coming immediately into forms of that fullness. So my body then is not a worldly achievement,  it is an achievement of forming my Being, where what I move is What I am and it forms. This is what this body is. Deeper than what we see in the physical it is an electric-magnetic field of movement of lights. This body is a movement of the beyond. We don’t have to attain the beyond we ARE the beyond. 

Then what is there to do in awakening ? Let go of the belief that you have to achieve enlightenment . Let go of the belief that you move in terms of time and space. You are remembering the movement of  you as a pure Being but as you remember, which means to awaken, the body-mind and the life restructures itself in the likeness of what you are realising.

The body begins to be re-patterned in the emptying out of the old patterns. Not only inside, but outside. Not just ‘your life‘ but Life. You begin to see and awaken as a Being that transcends form but includes it. 


Awareness Coming Into Its Own Light

Q: When you speak of the surface and the depth but there must be intermediate levels too? For example when the child come sot the surface what is the level on the surface that the child touches? 

B:  We’re not actually speaking of a child, we’re speaking of Awareness and its growing ability to come into its own light, for light is a movement of profound Awareness. Awareness is no-thing or black and out of the black or the deep came light.  I can only kind of point to this  but it must be in whoever this is's experience . I am clear that I am not someone who experienced this but the experience of the non-experience is here. 

So out of nothing came the light of Knowing,  that is The Self . Out of that light came multidimensional expressions of what light is but each light or expression is the same light with no change. The Knower of that light is realised by Awareness being aware. So then as Awareness , this Awareness is aware of this room. But how far are you? Are you aware of this room or are you aware of the Awareness that this room is in your Awareness. Can Awareness know that naked of light? No it can’t. Light is its means of knowing it knows it is aware.

So it is dependent on where whoever this is, is. Where I am there is no other, I am speaking to myself. Where are you in realising What You Are and the wonder and mystery of what is actually here? 


Q: What is quite obvious when we speak of Awareness is that Awareness comes from Presence, it is the consequence of someone or something that finds it. What I am saying is like a prelude to my question, which is: If Awareness is something that one acquires  at a certain time  how is possible then that Awareness is the first substance , that that constitutes Reality itself? 

B: No, it is not what you're acquiring! As Awareness you are shedding what you acquired, that reveals you are Awareness. For instance you are aware of the room. If you removed all the objects that are in the room , you would still be aware of the room. If you could remove the room, you would be aware that you are aware. You begin to realise you are the Awareness Itself and from that Light moves and creates the cosmos. 

The moment Awareness wants to know it is aware, Light happens. That Light is filling the perception Now. That Light is the singularity of all Light throughout the cosmos. So that Light that is throughout the cosmos, on this level is condensed into forms of experience, but it is still the same light.

As whoever this is realises this, the immense purity, the immensity of Love, the Goodness that is Real, is the one who is listening to these words now. It has objectified its reality but one may realise that all objects are made of the subject that is knowing the objects  so we are only ever realising the light and Awareness that one is.That is quite something but it is quite nothing . 

Right where you are is where you find out What You Are, for you are seeking What You Are. So whilst Awareness has form, that changes the forms of its experience. Most people function from the surface world but we didn’t come in like that, we are a function of that that needs no function.

In a way, we return to being innocent like a baby when we awaken. Within this a deeper level of what you are begins to have form and function and you are a movement of a greater light than you ever thought possible.   


The Surface Is A Construct

As we open to and awaken to and merge into a deeper level of our own Awareness a lot of how we perceived ourselves and others begin to dissolve or disturb. Much can happen when you realise deeper.  The surface is a construct either of what you are realising, so it becomes a fluid Beingness, a fluid vehicle of expressing the constant deeper awakening or it remains fixed in the known. To awaken so deep and be able to move in this world , you really need to be clear as to What You Are, because your function, your movement will be totally different that this world's. But then you have integrated more than the conditionality at present.  Then you will be able to move in this world but you wont be of it, but you wont be against it. New possibilities begin to arrive, because what one is, is manifesting what you belong to and we are either re-manifesting the stuckness of our personalising identity or we are realising so much of what we are going through is the transformation of all of humanity, not someone sitting on the chair. 

When your Awareness is a little out of the ordinary you will be shedding ordinary Awareness and expanding into greater depth of what your Awareness is capable of reaching, moving and forming. You might have once thought that is someone 'doing' that but you are now awakening to seeing that there is no one actually doing that. You are simply the awakening of a profounder state of Being. 

You will be letting go of a lot of identification with a lot of your forms. 1:12:47 The way you think , the way you feel , the way you know , how you move , how much still has past in it . How much you need a future to get rid of the past, all this is wonderful mystery until you come to a place-less place and realise what you are.  Whilst all this is in movement - all levels are changing because Awareness is realising What It Is . 

You are realising what your essential nature is but your entire involvement with apparent others is also evolving their levels. Your life is a big building – pull out a few bricks and the whole building begins to be destabilised. That is the evolution of the whole not just of a particular someone. It is all there! It is total transformation but nobody is doing it.


When You Wake Up In The Morning

Every time you wake up in the morning whilst you have a body, you wake up in this level of conditionality. But did you actually go to sleep? Or did you just go to a deeper level that does not have form? The deeper level you cannot relate to in a formal way but someone has convinced you that you go to sleep but you simply move on an unrelated formed level. What we are pointing to here is as Awareness to relate to the deeper unformed Knowing and relate that level direct to the form of this moment. That is Presence. 

Relate this conversation to where life is for whoever you are at the moment. Everyone in this room is searching levels and levels of experience and those level coerce, come together and we call that ‘me’ but it is not What You Are. If you removed your address, if you removed your parents, your children, if you removed your past and your future then you stand naked and be the very profundity of What You Are. You long for that to be Here as You.


Relate To What You Know Totally

Q:  For someone who has actually realised this, how  does this someone relate to what he knows and to what he is ?  

B: You have to relate to it totally and here are moments when the total relatedness to what is realised has pain on the level of form. There is pain in it. Most people don't want to hear this and may run out the door. Most people want their life to be fixed but not to be transformed by deeper realising . But we have to realise, if we're ready for this, awakening costs you your old habits and your old ways. That's what it will cost you.  When you are prepared for that and you dive into the moment of Truth, what opens is all that you knew was possible. 


Clear Mind

There is so much more to you than mind, for instance your heart is an entrance into what is far more than mind and yet what you are in the depth of heart expresses what it is through clear mind. Clear mind is no mind. No mind is simply when Awareness doesn’t relate the moment to the contents in the experience within the sense of self.


You Don't Go to Sleep

What remains with you after deep dreamless sleep is that you know you slept well, but that was an interpretation of mind. As whatever you are awakens to whatever you are you will have this crazy notion that you just don’t go to sleep. You are wakeful on every level you pass into. But the level in which you evolved your sense of self, your sense of person and your sense of relationship can only interpret where you go, until you no longer function from the contents of thoughts , feelings or being a somebody.


Form Is Liquid

As a very young child you knew form isn’t formalised, you knew form is liquid! For you're were no fixed objects ..for you there was no 'cup' your hands the cup and everything it was all liquid movement. For you there was no hand holding the cup, there was Being moving and forming. And every cell of every thing was glowing with the light of your pure heart Knowing. 

No you must hold it like this , your parents said ..and you began to forget who you are and what things are made of.  As a young child your mind wasn’t formalised. It was trans-formed, your mind didn’t know objective forms. There was no separation between form and you. It was liquid. But you began to identify with form of mind , form of body, form of someone, form of this and form of that. You cannot understand what you are whilst you formalise form. Whilst your form of learning belongs to past formed learning you cannot learn what form is. Form doesn’t conform to anything but what you are being with that form.


All That You Ever Need Forms Now

You are the Absolute but when I say ‘You’ everything falls open where I Am. In that moment everything is wildly void. That is profound prayer and then... form happens. 

To realise What You Are you will have to go through the forms you still repeat, the forms of your past that you still are repeating, because what you are capable of is forming the Now and not just form the past. That is self- transformation. You are going to feel terribly alone whilst that is happening until you realise What You Are – then you will be full of What You Are. 


Q:  What Am I ? 

You are pure light Awareness, but when we say that we’re not pointing to someone. 

Right now as Awareness you hold onto understanding through having past and a need for future. So this genius level of your light will form the immediate experience of what you are being on this level. Your mind or the brain is there to give you the formed experience of what you are being. So if you are being sad, your body will produce what sad feels and thinks like. If you are being untrue to your heart your body or mind will form what that feels like.  

This level of your light will form the immediate experience of what you are being on this level. In the deep you have no need of that experience. 

On this level this world identifies with experience but your only real experience is that you are knowingly aware you know.  

What You Are is the first light forming the cosmos. Deeper than that you are the Awareness from which that light emerged. So, What You Are, You have the ability in awakening to awaken to the depth of your Being and respond to it and it will form. How you are and what you relate to and where from where form evolves this level of your light. 

You are the original impulse that moves forms and evolves the intelligence of all spaces. It makes no sense to this level of humanness unless as Awareness you awaken to the Beyond. This is just one level of your multidimensional reality. What is undivided in that is You. You are not divided. 

You cannot understand this unless you live this direct as that Heart Knowing. Otherwise the mind stays with the known, the sense of self stays with the known and the body simply repeats the known.

As you awaken, whoever you are, all the known will start to come out of your body, as it must, and it returns to What You Are and you are invited home and it goes through our ‘I” and it is transformed. But because you are infinite, in the return there is still the outpouring of the Now. So in reality, there is only ever the New. 

Somehow you are aware of this but you can realise that you are the Source of all of this. You are not someone sitting over there as I am not someone sitting over here. There are no someones in this room. This is a divine play and a real possibility for every being. 


You Begin to be Terribly Aware Of Your Self

Maybe you are realising that your level of self and its development doesn't match your Knowing as yet. There lies your ability to respond to that knowledge at the level of self development. Then it will change , but it may kick and scream first and as Awareness you will begin to realise what you put together on that level. But from then all of life will put you in touch with that level , for you to be IN that level and transform it from within. 

I am not telling you , you are a someone who is going to do this but Awareness awakening to a deeper understanding of what it is steps into the transformation of the level of self it has. That’s how this level is evolved and transformed. Otherwise this level completely just lives the known until it all collapses. It will all begin again but you will be that that is the beginning and end of all things. So that is a level you will be facing transforming and moving from your deeper perception.

As you really awaken you will begin to be aware, terribly aware, of that level of self speaking for you, of that level walking for you, of that level pretending it is you. You will be quite terribly shocked about it, more than words can say. Now that’s your self. You will be needing to know your self to realise your self is not You. You are the light that knows no beginning or end. Truly, You have no beginning or end. To realise this your known life will fall into ruins but in the same moment new flowers will shoot through those ruins. 


You Are Eternal

It looks like all the trees, all the stars have been there forever. That’s not the truth. YOU have been here forever. You are the ever, ever, ever. Eternal. That’s why it seems like all this has been here forever. 


Knowing Is Light

Q: When I listen with my head this you that you speak of is still this sense of identity as 'me' . 

B: Yes that's true until you dissolve this sense of being a someone . I could say You as Awareness. I as Awareness. If everyone said 'I' then where is the identity? There is none . All the content has fallen away for I is the Knowing .It doesn't know subjects , objects. It is the very light that knows it knows. 

Knowing is the Light, the Beloved. It is not separate from the one who is hearing these words now. So when the body drops away you will realise YOU still ARE. Now simply but terribly, drop the body away now, then there is only 'I'. 

Q: How do I drop the body? 

You see, I am pointing beyond your misconception. You have the belief that your body was born x-amounts of years ago and it is a physical thing. But your body is a metaphysical movement of the deep. It is a movement of light energy encoding the surface in the language of the deep.  We have many bodies more and more subtle, until you realise you are not a body but you are the light that streams through all bodies, You ARE the Oneness.

We are used to thinking as if we are a body. How difficult for instance, is it for you to let go of your entire belief system? That's what’s needed. Do you need the planet to flip over for you to forget yourself? Do you need the wipe-out of all humanity for you to forget yourself? 

The 'How' is to be true to the depth of your heart and not to your body-mind thoughts and feelings


Be True To Your Calling

Be true to the deep Calling of your longing to realise what you are.
Be true to your Calling – that’s first! I am not someone who is going to tell you that this is going to be comfortable. In fact to your self experience that is going to be VERY uncomfortable.

If you can stay open and let the past come through the eye ('I') of your heart, you will be dying before you die and you will be reborn in a new place. You need to be really devoted to that for that to actually take place. Because clearly there are levels of your own awakening that really want this but the moment you get close to it, the levels that are undoing, you will clench and hold onto.  It is if you come to the abyss of your unknown self. You hold on because the depth of you has no form to relate to. As you awaken you are called to relate to the Knowing within the heart. 

You can pass through. Why? because on the other side of this IS You. You came through that way and as a Being you just traveled at the incredible speed of Now but as you began to relate to conditioned forms you closed the 'I'. You began to stay with the formal and the known.

As a very young child you would express the unknown. In truth you are still endeavouring to express the unknown but it is not easy amongst so much old forms that you are still holding onto and yet tonight you will go to sleep and you will go through that 'I' without any difficulty - you can do that now. See that at night you do, you completely let go of all this body-mind idea. 


What Forms Are You Transforming Right Now? 

What forms are you transforming right now ? Take a look ! You will know them. They will be the forms of experience that really difficult for you, that are right up front at the moment. What is your latest hassle? They will be relationships that are causing you a lot of difficulty.  They’re not about the outside relatedness,  they’re about the inside relatedness. It is the inside that is to soften and open from your nature of heart and Being . Then right there you will now that that inner change changes how you relate outside. Go deeply and with honesty ...

Q: There is a pain within that I cannot ever remember being without . It is always there and I am not sure what the cause of it is ..

B: Well, You are the cause but you are not causal. You said this pain has been with you always and all the time.  So what is the pain?

 The pain is the belief that you’re not the light of all eternity, but you know you are but you dare not fully live it . Your pain is not fully living what you know to be true. That creates duality in you. You dislike duality because you know you are whole and complete already. 

You are causing that, rather than responding to the knowledge that you are already whole. When you live that knowledge your self-transformation will come straight and clear and easy. When you don't fully live that knowledge then you will be very mixed up in your sense of self, body and mind and your relationships will be a mix of pleasure and pain. Live the knowledge that you are eternal.  

Find out how that is. Your pain will go but what takes place on 'this level' will be very interesting. You will really be living a different kind of life. What falls away is the fear of what could happen, what opens up is the love of deeper possibility. 




"You didn't even begin. You cannot. You always are the One."

"You are the impulse of Light itself, finding itself, moving itself, evolving itself." 

"Light is the means by which you know you know you are aware. You know no objects. You are totally subjective. You are the 'I Am That' and you stream up to this level and it forms." 

"Awakening is letting go of the idea there are objects in your life. Everything that you can possibly ever see, hear, taste, smell, touch is made of your Light. You have objectified what You are. everything is You, all made of Light." 

"You are the Here. The Here contains all that can ever be formed. The Here contains more than just form. The Here is your infinite nature." 

If you objectify the subject, you begin to be duality. If you cease being dual, you'll know what You are. You may pass through the levels of bliss and you realise you don't even need that! Bliss is simply another manifestation of your light of knowing you're aware." 

"Always be the heart even amongst all the undoing that happens as you're being the heart. Then the heart isn't an excuse to protect your self from being undone. Your heart then enables all the illusions to be shed until you're totally naked which is your pure state of Love."

"Give up immediately using thoughts to work out things for yourself. The moment that you do that, your mind belongs to the light of your heart, and it will shine and never ever disturb you again. But if you need to use your mind for yourself, you going to have a lot work to do. Why not let the Beloved show you the way." 

"Always speak clearly from what you are knowing in the heart. This transforms the level of self."

"The moment you start to turn to know the truth of You is, all your self-images in your nervous system, in your mind, in your heart, in your life, they begin to shake, empty and change."

"You are actually the light of the Self, untouched by anything that happens in existence." 


You Are Always A Manifestor


You are moving right now as Awareness knowingly aware within the light of Reality which is your True Self. You come up to the surface level of your self and this level of your bright Awareness turns your subjectivity into objects. You're always a manifestor, whether it if of light, energy moved into form. You are That. 


Love Your Heart More

Love your heart more than loving your self, which will lead to loving your self from your heart. Then your self will become your heart and your heart will become your self, and your forms will be aligned with what you deeply are. There will be no difference between how you walk in the deep and how you walk with these legs. No difference from the body of Love to the human body. 


Turn To Know What Truly Is

Whatever you're being in your life, you will be being it in your life. The body gives you the feeling of what you are being. If you're being limited, the body will give you feeling and thoughts of limitation. If you're being against somebody, as if there are others, the body-mind will give you the feeling that there are others and that you are angry with them. Whatever you're being in this life, your body will manifest that in sense perception. So you will keep your perception on the familiar.

The moment you turn your light of perception inside, then your sense of self will start to shake. You're no longer perceiving your self; you're perceiving where you're coming from. Your sense of self won't be given the energy you're giving it by believing you're a self. The more you turn inside to know What truly Is, the body-mind begins to undo and eventually align with where you're looking into.



"Pay less and less attention to the surface, the familiar surface and more and more attention to the deeper unseen Knowing. Soon your inside will be outside and your outside will be inside. You begin to be aligned with the deeper impulse to have life." 

 "Rest open in this conditionality and the universe transforms just because of your rest.  And your joy begins to simply flow. Forms don't offer you anything other than realise you are the Awareness in which all forms form." 

"Discover in every meeting, what is the invitation of this life, to be more than the patterning you are meeting! Be your heart."

"There is no point in struggling, the whole point is dying - dying to be open."

"We are That in which everything arises, forms and disappears."

"The belief that you lack comes from the identification with forms of experience on the surface level, the body-mind, because your surface self will lack when you are not the fullness within it but identified with it." 

"The surface life is not an expression of its own, it is a forming, a movement of what is deeply unseen and beyond." 

 "The one who is listening to these words has more formlessness than form. the beyond is the one who is listening to these words now. yes the beyond is manifesting in the existence and I who is listening AM the existence." 

"The moment we as Awareness turn our gaze to the unseen we are no longer objective but we are purely subjective and within our subjectivity we come into the experience of the openness that we first are." 


Lost in Doing Instead Of Being

When we are really awakening we travel back through our forms. We empty our self, our body and mind of ownership and we learn to return it all to the love of Pure Being. This is where our mystery comes alive and it is within our return into and beyond our heart that our unseen mysteries come into true form. As we return, the deep come up and forms. We are moved by the deeper movement of our eternal mystery and become capable as beings to move in this life in the purity of our heart.

turin-68620-7541214 (1).jpg

We learn quite fast that it is not what we do that fulfils us but how we reach into our unseen pure depth to move that doing. Not only do we realise our eternal nature but we begin to experience it in true form. So much happens with this real movement. We really let go of the surface of being of any value of its own. Its value is only in where we will come from in the deep, in Being here. We are evolving the universe, we are moving it evolving it from out deepest reach. We are already what we are looking for. We just got lost in doing, instead of being.


Are You Willing To Go Through The Eye Of A Needle? 

When You Awareness stay with what you know, then the body mind empties out of the duality. Sometimes we have a deeper Knowing but you must move and function that Knowing even if your self-experience doesn't like it. Most people won’t stay true to their Knowing because of the discomfort of their deeper Knowing.

The self will empty the moment you are true to what you are. Sometimes you are so true that there is immediate freedom in your body. Then there times you are really true and your body-mind will give you the information that something is wrong but there is nothing wrong, you are simply being true. That level of truth will empty the body-mind of separation.

Are you willing to go through the eye of a needle? This is what it will take - to go through the eye of a needle. 


Being is Doing Without Doing Anything

Mostly our grasping happens because we still want to hold onto thus idea that we  are somebody. We won't let go of this idea that we are ‘somebody’. So we have deeper Knowing, particularly if we are awakening but we hold on to being somebody amongst it. Yet in deep dreamless sleep we don't hold on to anything.

You simply go. You are no longer a small self but you have gone into pure Awareness. Clearly you are aware in deep dreamless sleep because you know that you have slept deeply. 

If we just let our self experience not be important anymore and we lived for our deeper Knowing, we would realise the light of our own Love and see that it is already illuming the universe. This is crazy stuff to the familiar mind, to the mind that thinks it does everything but it is Being that is doing without doing anything.


Why We Suffer

It is not that we're confused. We are too lazy to let go of  this idea that we're  a somebody. So we hold onto it, even though we know what is deeper and we wonder why we suffer. We suffer because we won't live what we deeply know to be the Truth. So then the truth has no access to come into form. That's why we suffer when we're awakening .We won't give full response to what we know in our heart. Because we want to know what is going to happen…We don't want to be the chrysalis that then at some points starts flying. But that is the mystery. Stay true to the Knowing. Your self will think you are dying but no, you are just letting go of being familiar. 


Where You Relate From Within

It is not your outer relationship that changes the forms of your experience. It is where you relate from within and how deep you will relate all the way in, that forms true relatedness without. In that you are no longer moving as someone 'doing'. You're now moving and realising pure Being and pure Being forms and moves the universe. The one who is listening is that Pure Being but that one must awaken to that truth. 

Then you will see you don't need a choice , you will actually see that choice is an illusion, Now made real by the belief you are someone and not pure Consciousness and Freedom already. 

This will take some time to kind of seep in but the very relationship that you projected out comes to you to bring that relatedness from outside to within. And within You , you dissolve the old form, you dissolve the illusion that there is anything real you can relate to outside. Because clearly the outside passes away but as you begin to relate only to deeply within, you begin to discover that that relating does not have a beginning or end . 

And not only that, it forms that relatedness on the outside. Then someone that you had difficulty with on the outside, was simply the lack of you relating deeply inside. The world believes everything is exterior, that our relationships are all outside but no, they are all within. 

See the implications of this, it means , not only are you creating your experience, but you are actually the light of the Self and untouched by anything that happens in existence. I am saying to you, you can realise this. Realisation then is not something mental, it is direct and immediate and it is the kind of experience you cannot mistake because it is full of your original light of Goodness. 


I AM Evolving All Experience

All pain is a lower frequency, simply because you are realising a higher frequency. So one is awakening to the higher frequency of Being. Pain is the difference between what you are realising and your need to still have familiar self experience. 

What you really are is pure aware Beingness and your self, person, body and mind is NOT You but it all comes from what you are. If you want a bigger picture, the universe is also your self. No different from 'this' self. This is it manifest in human form, the universe is it manifest in much larger body. Pain is the belief that your self lacks, so whilst Awareness identifies with the bodymind, it believes the bodymind can give it what it IS and it can't. 

Pain is we expect our bodymind to be what we are and it cannot be. But when, as Awareness, we are true to the depth of our heart Knowing within self experience , this begins to realign the self with the experience I AM aware and knowingly aware. 

It just gets wonderfully mysterious and bigger. There is not 'me and my body', no I am the light of all things, so I am not just evolving this body, in terms of humanity, in that context ,I am evolving human experience. Please don't put your 'I' in the speaker - I AM evolving all human experience - where I come from and move from within my sense of self will evolve and manifest divine Being . In the belief we are someone we want results. You have no need for results, you have been taught that you do. Just keep softening and opening. Stay true to the Knowing, let go of this idea you need comfort to be eternal. 

You are awakened , realised,  but if we love to be special, we will make our pain special. I have much more pain than you! That makes me special. You know it's not the truth. It really is not the truth . We are the Self evolving the Universe. This is the real wake up . You are not limited. Your self is only limited by you not being fully what you are In it. 


So Much More Than The Surface

We are so much more than just our surface. Most of what you are is totally unseen. It doesn't yet have form. As Awareness you are the openness in which all is arising. Just observe a little and you will see. 



Pain doesn't point to anything other than possibility. Stay open with pain. Don't make it a personal problem. Where there is pain, there is a deeper level at work, coming up, emptying the self to fulfill the level of the self. Discover this. So whatever arises, stay fully open to it and you will reveal What You Are to you. 


No One Has Patterns

Everybody believes they have patterns - there is no one that has patterns. No one whatsoever. Pattern is the nature of form, patterns is the nature of the universe. Even patterns are made of light. If there were no patterns, you wouldn't have a body. If there were no patterns you couldn't speak and through a body. Pattern is a weave of light, energy and consciousness because the One longs to have form to realise what It is.

So there is no one here that has particular patterns . You are the light of Consciousness streaming and within that streaming forms appear. You take on a form with all its inherent patterns because you are the Constant of evolving the universe into new forms of new light.

You have taken on the form but you have also taken on the form of your family, the form of your culture, the forms of humanity the form of the universe. By You just BEING in this, it is evolving. You do not have any forms that are yours as a separate sense of self. The entire universe is arising in your Awareness. So you become response-able to transform these forms in your awakening to what you deeply are. It just looks like you are sitting over there, but you are the light that is evolving the entire universe.


Reality Itself

It is hard to see that we're arriving right Now in this form. We so believe that we exist in time. But the dimension of time exists in what we deeply are. I experience in you the 'arrive now'. Yes, you are arriving now. You are manifesting Now coming up to the surface. That space is what we are. What we are is Reality itself. 

We struggle very much to be present, mostly because we don't truly believe we ARE the very presence that we long for and because we function through feeling and sensations . It is like the surface tells us what we are and it doesn't.

Satsang is about engaging What Is in life and seeing that the surface is like a garden for what the Deep is and the Deep is You. The only reality on the surface is the truth that You - Awareness are in it. Awareness moved up to the surface is the reality that causes everything to move.


Subconscious Activity

Whilst we are not realising what we are, the formed expression of yesterday, for thousands of years, builds a subconscious activity within the psyche of the planet. We all begin to function like robots from the subconscious. We don't come upon this depth of Love and mystery that is actually our true nature. We then move on the surface to create a feeling sense a satisfaction for an illusion. We have no access to our own divinity but we are divinity. 


Stay With The 1 Percent

99 percent of our surface life is a distraction. Stay in the 1 percent that is not. Be true to your heart. You are all awakening, however that is for you. You will realise what you are. Leave your self alone . Its is he hardest thing you will ever do to leave your self alone. But you go to get back up and move again as a Being. There is no remedy that is not what you already are. 


Being Cooked In The Presence Of A Realiser

 Q: I have this sensation of being utterly cooked in your presence and I want to know if and how this helps in awakening.

The ‘cooking’ is being in the presence of a living Awareness that is not interested in the surface, that is, anything that is not moved by Awareness direct. That is your Calling.

It brings Awareness to really know itself and on a deeper metaphysical level it will bring your attention more though the small self, the subconscious into the metaphysical. It will help you begin to know that YOU are the streaming light of Awareness through all the levels that you are awakening to.

It seems that I am over here, but I am in there (within the questioner) but in there I am not 'this' (the body), I am a living Being of Awareness and you are awakening to that level of Awareness.

When it is embodied on the surface you have access to the stillness. This presence or stillness that is not ‘someone over here’ parts the waters of your self and your ego into the realising. We are in a shared Beingness. That is what you love. That is how you are able to cook.

Don't come out of the oven until you are ready. You will become more aware of what is on the surface that is now available to come from the Deep. Don't push it to the side. No rope. Leave it to come home .It all comes home and as it comes home and you are staying open, this allows the deeper level that you are realising, to stream up through. 

Q: I don't understand much of what is happening to me but recently there is a very deep and fast transformation. 

B:  So then you are understanding what is taking place: transformation.

But the manner in which you are realising it will deepen. As you become more fearlessly open to allow what takes place, you will get very, very clear as to what you are. You will realise you are not a body- mind self. There will begin to be wonderful loving form. No longer will it be separate. It will be the fullness of what you are. Little by little and then much by much you will realise the More of What You Are. It's a very delicate place you are in. Because if you look back, just one little bit now and use any of the past to determine What Is, that movement will really register in your life because there is more power in what you are awakening to.

Be true to what you are knowing you know. And what you're Knowing will inform you what it is that you are knowing. So as you move to Knowing and moving it in the form of your self, you begin to understand what you are in in the deep that is now forming. We are speaking as aware Being. You will be getting really honest to the truth that you are not some body. You're a pure Being. To your mind pure Being is being nothing. Pure Being is not a thing, but Being can move in form and the form begins to have pure Beingness. You really have to be deeply attuned to what your heart knows. 

You're at the beginning of a deeper understanding . And although you are using the mind to understand , I am knowing your coming into the mind, knowing the mind  can't understand. But somehow it supplies you as Awareness the mirror of understanding . That's because what you are moving more in is a Beingness. I am knowing this although you are still using the kind . Eventually you will let go of the mind ..

Q: I feel like I am an actor in this

B: Everyone is an actor! Yes, it will really get terrible for this actor, until your Being gets hold of it . Then Real acting starts. Life becomes full like when you are a child and the act will keep falling away. Bring Beingness into the act. It is beautiful you said this. There is a real discernment. Don't judge the act but do allow actioning of your Knowing. You are returning the body-mind energy to the awakening of Beingness. 

Sometimes whilst I walk in the streets I see bodies are blueprints. Consciousness comes in and it takes that blueprint. I see people are a blueprint, a cardboard blueprint but not actually that self. You are dissolving yours. The shell of your humanness, the idea that you are someone will start to fall off. You are describing it as an act. Have you not been loving yourself much recently? Sometimes that happens because you see through the act. That is because your are awakening UP into the form. You, who is Awareness. Keep seeing that this whole room is within profound Awareness. You will begin to drop drop beyond The Form, which brings loveliness to the form.