There is nothing you can loose but your story, which is unreal. You are eternal. There is no risk, you don’t have a story. You are both in the revelation and the making right now. 

If you are moving from stories you are full of stories instead of brightness, full of pain instead of fullness, full of fear instead of freedom. One belief in a story and it gets wrapped up superfast in super-flesh and has living form, which means living pain and separation.  This is actual, it is real!

We, as Consciousness can move without belonging to a story. We can step into a vast unknown space of wonderfulness. The Eternal pours into such a step and form is instantly made. There is a true marriage of form and formlessness having formed, moving life in constant clean revelation of who we really are, brightness - no story none whatsoever. 

Imagine a moment so full, why would you need a story, why would you need a future, why would you need a past? If you were that full you wouldn’t need anything. You would be utterly fullfilled in the moment of stepping into the Unknown. 

One story and suddenly that fulfillment is blocked by a belief that you need a story to hold onto, a story to push away or some form of story to share, when in truth brightness is being known, communed and moved into, in this only one and only Here and Now moment. 

The moment we have a story we loose connection, we loose heart connection with each other. The moment we have a story we create fear between each other, we create expectations. The moment we have a story we actually believe we know each other on familiar levels.  No story can reveals who one is and who the other is in the story-less meeting of our Consciousness as beings in the heart, in the freshness of a life full of unique Love forms.