A beautiful enquiry with B:

Q: There is this experience of Non Being setting me free and laughing at the joke, the comic play, of existence -- this secret, a paradox, what we search for that doesn’t actually exist yet is everywhere. The joke is on us. There’s always laughter if we allow ourselves to be laughed at. There are currents of laughter rippling through everything and as I laughed at myself I became part of life’s wonderful love-filled cosmic play. So full, so full-filling. Who is laughing? What is laughing? And in the fullness such emptiness, all happening within the Black. Existing and not existing at the same time. So real existence can only be experienced through non-existence, through annihilation, through walking in both, and not turning away from either.

B: Exactly! But there’s no one there who can do it! The best you can say is there is response or there is reaction. It’s an appearance that someone is there doing it. Non Being through not doing or existing is creating Being, is expressing forming and instantly returning. All in an instant called Now! Tremendous energy coming from nowhere creating everywhere collapsing into emptiness.

Within this is immeasurable openness. Its non movement movement is called Love. In an instant, it appears as you and I, but it’s an appearance only.

The not naming which is non doing collapses the illusion I am someone separate from the display of the cosmos and separate from the mystery it comes from and IS. This response of Awareness to its own pure knowingness opens vast endless energy pouring from its own openness, which creates in an instant its expression of nothing appearing as experience of life Now, all made of this mystery and is the mystery living no matter the experience.

Non duality.

The naming collapses, the un-nameable appears. The energy contracts through naming and so does its intelligence. The energy expands through not naming or identifying, the deeper mystery comes through. The contraction appears to be someone, the expansion appears to be someone, but it’s all the same one, which is no one, appearing as everyone.

An intelligence grows through not identifying with personal experience whether it seems to be a person or a star system, it grows in Being and returns to Non Being in the same moment. Funny enough this is fulfilment experienced as fullness!

As this Knowing awakens through a “system”, the beings within it grow and return but even that is an appearance or a play of what is. The cosmos is harmonious no matter the experience. The experiencer doesn’t actually exist!