...a few beautiful excerpts from the London sessions...

" When all the naming collapses, the Unnameable appears. "

" 'HERE' is the Infinite Awareness that 'I ,who am listening, AM."

"Withdraw your Awareness from specialising in needing a particular condition to be what You are. Whether you are a man or a woman, you have to become unconditional in this realm of conditions and then the conditional will form your unconditional nature and that's Love. Fruit will grow and fruit will fall - and you will see it All - but You are never 'someone'."


You Are Presence

You might think you are a man or a woman but you are Presence and you are aware. You might think you are aware of being someone and you might think that you are present in the room but you are the Presence in which the room is in. The magic of what is FIRST and not last is Here Now. 

It is appearing as You and I right Now. This profound Love and intelligence is calling. Listen!  It calls itself to itself and everything is made of what that Self is, regardless of experience, action or otherness. It is That. Nothing cannot be That. This is the Calling! 

That's why we are sitting together. We are together because this Pure Intelligence is being what It is and it gathers itself to itself. It is like a field that it is planting, a field that it is growing, a field that it is, as it were, reading. 


What is real is: 'I AM Real'

Understand that all this is a level of your own Awareness. What is real is: 'I AM Real', this 'I' that everyone calls him/herself. YOU are Reality. Whatever you experience is a manifestation of the Light of Reality. This is why everything that you ever do or say, to you, will become real because you are the core of Reality - whether it is real or not, positive or negative makes no difference. Because You are Reality whatever you believe in will become real in your experience. Whilst you have a body-mind, the body-mind makes real what you are believing in. 

All 'This' is a level of Reality which is forming the deeper realities. As our hearts and then our minds open to a deeper knowing and a deeper seeing and as we plant ourselves in the deeper fields of Knowing and Seeing and whilst we as Awareness have form, then the deeper response of belonging to what is unseen makes itself seen.  It is immediate. It is Now. 

This  realm will always be  a conditional realm because its condition is: it will form unconditionally what You are being. This realm of You, which is conditional, cannot be anything but conditional, because if you are infinite Awareness without beginning or end, this realm has to constantly change to form what You are as Infinite Awareness. It always changes to form what you are being. This is why it has to remain conditional. 


The World is a Reflection Of What You Belong To

The world is a reflection of what you are being. The deeper you are being, the world will change. Not because you want it to change but because You, Awareness, is awakening to What You Are. Don't throw out the world, open to What You Are. Be What You Are and the world will change because the world is simply a mirror of what You are belonging to as Awareness. The world will mirror for each and everyone of us our Being and what we belong to but we are the same One! The mystery keeps revealing that we are the same One revealing Itself to Itself ! 


Love Without Duality

Love without Duality means Love without adding your personal experience to it - this is what I want, this is what I don't want.

The undoing within your relating is appearing on the world scene. What is happening in your world is happening in you as man and woman and yet we are much more than this, for we are the pure Awareness that is seeing and knowing.

You are taught that this man or woman, this partner, should look like this and do this. The 'this' being 'what I want'. But when you really get this, when you step towards another, you have to know exactly what this is really about.

This is really about self-emptying. It was never about self-fulfilment. It is about the fulfilment of you as a Being. And for the fulfilment of you as a Being, your self-distraction will end. Your mind will tell you: "This isn't working!" but that is exactly when it is working. Everything will go down the drain. It is not just 'like death' It IS death. It is death to who you think you are...


It is possible for two to become one. It is possible for two to go through the same plughole. But you have to be sincere in that you love what is deeper than your sense of self. You really need to know what you are called to. 

She will undo your lack of consciousness and the deep possibility of you being Pure Awareness. He will undo your need to have past-form experiences still in your life. He will undo your forming; She will undo your old consciousness. 

It is like a Koan, it all leads to what You deeply Are. What You deeply Are knows nothing whatsoever and yet there is Light that moves and it is the One that is listening to these words now.

Photo: B signing books at the author talk at Watkins Books.